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Brigand: Oaxaca
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 8, 2017 @ 12:05am
Jul 11, 2017 @ 5:12pm

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Brigand: Oaxaca is a highly difficult post-apocalyptic RPG/FPS set in Mexico. The story will take you from a banana plantation to dark toxic caverns, to the sprawling city of Pochutla, to the flooded coastline, to deadly demon-infested jungles, and more.

There are 14 unique skills to upgrade with skill points, ranging from agility to firearms, hacking, hardware, voodoo. Unlock up to 80 special abilities that allow you to do things such as throw your weapon, upgrade your guns, and control the weather.

Dangers include rival tribes fighting for fertile land, mutated ghouls that emerge from their caverns at night, vicious demons that hunger for your flesh, a flooded and irradiated coastline that eats away at civilization, disease, insanity, and hunger.

You will die often, and you will like it.

Key Features:

- Branching story with dynamic characters, dialogue trees, and multiple endings
- Total freedom of movement and action: jump from roof to roof, steal things, blow things up, or murder friendly characters (if that's your thing)
- Extensive character customization with 14 skills to upgrade and over 80 abilities to unlock, ranging from firearms to crafting, hacking, and voodoo
- Crafting system largely based on the Anarchist's Cookbook: make various grenades from empty beer cans and the proper chems, etc.
- Explore a vast region of Oaxaca, taking you from a banana plantation, into toxic caverns, bustling cities, disease-ridden jungles, and a flooded coastline
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brianlancaster45  [author] Jun 19, 2017 @ 8:07pm 
Game's store page is up on Steam, and the full polished version will be available on the 28th:
brianlancaster45  [author] Jun 6, 2017 @ 2:49pm 
Well, now that Greenlight is dead, why not check out

There are now two separate exe files: one is normal mode, and the other is exclusive mode, which offers improved performance and graphics, but cannot be minimized. Thanks for all the feedback, even the trolls.
Joe Smiling Jun 5, 2017 @ 5:03pm 
Graphics remind me of the old half life and coounter strike games
DinkinFlicka Jun 3, 2017 @ 12:59am 
Lmao what is that gun sound design
lentic catachresis May 27, 2017 @ 7:20am 
Enjoyed the demo, lots of skills, abilities and playstyles, good map design. The text in the conversation windows was kinda buggy for me and didn't always appear though. Better than Minecraft :^)
anthonyjason15 May 21, 2017 @ 10:43pm 
AHHH! Non-triple A graphics! Kill it with fire!

Just kidding. Quite an interesting concept. And the graphics actually remind me of the original Half-Life (AKA not a bad thing in the fucking SLIGHTEST).
brianlancaster45  [author] May 17, 2017 @ 7:49am 
Ah, I compiled the game in "windowed full screen mode" instead of "exclusive mode" because it allows the game to be minimized without crashing. I guess I could include two separate executables.
boo May 16, 2017 @ 7:11am 
I have dual monitors and when I move my mouse right it goes onto my second monitor
brianlancaster45  [author] May 16, 2017 @ 7:02am 
booboy, any bugs that you noticed?
boo May 15, 2017 @ 6:57pm 
I actually really enjoyed playing the demo and I will consider purchasing once it goes through a few updates and bug fixes, Good job and keep up the great work!