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Mysteries of Fence
May 7, 2017 @ 10:15pm
Jul 27, 2017 @ 6:35pm

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【Game introduction】
It is said that there is an Internet addiction rehab center that saved countless families, and professor Yang, who takes charge of the center is regarded as the savior of the world.
You play as a disobedient girl who always fights and plays truant. Your mother coaxes you into the center for treatment, but you don’t obey the rules and exhaust all means to escape from the center.
You need to collect evidence that can put professor Yang in prison, and find proper props to help your escaping.

【Little game in game】
Electricity shock
Steal torch
Simulate film editing audio frequency
Pick up money
Drive and flee

【Game features】
Magic Realism
To explore the puzzle
Multiple endings

For more information, please follow us:

【Game evaluation】
After sending flowers and mission completed, I wrote a long evaluation for the game.
First, appreciate the author can make such a realistic theme game, the game is delicate, many black-tech and backpack system are very nice, I really admire it as a writer.
Second, the writer want to write more, not only professor Yang event, but also kidnap of women, including xushanwa’s mother is also a victim, then she become one of the inflicter, the women get assistance but can’t leave, these things are all true.
After playing the game, my only thought is it’s good if the reality like like the game.
Whether it's professor Yang and his agency, or the women being trafficked to the mountains,In fact, they all fall into hell. It’s impossible for the patients in the internet addiction rehab center to commit suicide, like the plots in the game, if they have the chance to jump off a building, 80% of them might jump. There is one more detail, the 86th of professor Yang, no door lock in toilet, so the plot that protagonist know roommate is in compartment but can’t open the door is not existed in the real world.
The pain of being electric shock is not very clear in the game. If you have interest, you can see account in Sina micro-blog of weixiaoshideqingchun2015, it said the personal experience of being electric shocked. ( I believe the writer saw it, because the ending is the game’s name)The description make me feel scared.
Why is the behavior of abduct and traffic woman didn’t get forbidden. Because in some counties and villages, cops grow up there, maybe their moms are kidnapped there. Police and people standing at the same point, It’s useless to call the police, it’s not easy to escape like in the game.
And students need to kotow to professor Yang, someone needs do 200 times, a normal person only can do 50, if you don’t make enough, you will have electric shock.------this point also didn’t show up in the game.
In the beginning, the girl was arrested in the treatment center, professor Yang spit to her, in fact I have doubts. Because I feel professor Yang is a person who looks always courteous and accessible, he might really feel he is good for these people, but not insane. But this is a side issue, not important.
As for the girl become reconciled to her mother. I'm not saying that it is wrong, but if there is a choice in the game, I will not forgive my mother. There is a friend who go back home after learning, the first sentence to their parents is "the rest of my life is to make you suffered. I don't do anything, just let you die without descendants." this damage is really unforgettable.
And the "medicine" they eat, which can cause a lot of damage to the physiology, and even cause incontinence. This is true.
After speaking these, I do not want to find author’s trouble or criticize the game. On the contrary, I can understand the various considerations of the author, in order to increase the gameplay and tempo, many heavy and tedious reality might be deleted. I just want to write a long comment, for those who are interested in this game, to those people who focus on the event and will continue to follow this. Thank you for your attention, your every forward and click is a kind of social force, I hope you can know more about the facts, and know how anti human, anti civilization the event is.
At last, thank you for the writing. I wish you can write more good works.
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