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Ash of Gods: Redemption
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Russian
May 5 @ 1:55am
May 23 @ 6:55am
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Ash of Gods on Kickstarter
Release date: 2017

Ash of Gods is a mix between a roguelike role-playing visual novel and an online turn-based strategy game. It has been heavily inspired by The Banner Saga series, Japanese visual novel games, and the spirit of The Darkest Dungeon.

The game is being developed with Unity and will be available on PC in 2017.

An emphasis on roguelike storytelling. The choices you make, the paths you take and the battles you fight inevitably affect the story and the world around you. Your team’s resources and time are limited, and on your journey you will face many choices. You decide who lives and who dies to ensure that you continue steadfastly along your path. If you rush forward mindlessly, you will gradually lose your characters, including the major ones. But even your party leader’s death will not lead to “game over”! Currently our story has 7 endings and only two of the endings are “good” and you’ll have to weather many storms to find them.

PVP and PVE multiplayer modes. Live through the story and top the global ratings with your characters in multiplayer mode. Unlock new characters and cards, upgrade them and build your own unique strategy and tactics. Create clans, form alliances and do battle with your friends at your side.

A new approach to tactical strategies. This is a unique combination of TBS, RPG and CCG in which your choice of cards and character classes determine your strategy and tactics on the battlefield.
  • The game is entirely devoid of any element of chance such as dice throwing. When you launch an attack or put one of your skills to use, you know exactly what the effect will be.
  • Many skills use up HP instead of the more traditional MP. For instance, an archer can kill his enemy with one shot, but he will lose a substantial portion of his health and become extremely vulnerable in the process.
  • HP and MP are equally important. Any of a character's resources can be damaged, and if you attack the MP, the character could lose one of his abilities. What's more, if a character doesn't have any MP left, any damage he suffers will cause him to lose double the usual amount of HP!
  • At the beginning of a fight you will receive five cards with different amounts of power, and their effect can turn the outcome of a battle. Each card has its own power that may only be used in a specific round of the battle.
  • А small team needn't mean a weak one. Opponents take turns to making moves, either performing some action with a character or using one of their cards. After all of a team's characters have made their moves, a new round begins for that team. This works to the advantage of small teams, as they will begin a new round sooner, which gives them the opportunity to use their strongest cards before their opponents can do so.

Smart AI that steadily improves as it learns how to defeat you. The AI automatically adapts to your style of playing. This is the one game for which you’ll never be able to invent “imba” tactics or find an “invincible” team build.

The visual style of Ash of Gods has been inspired by the work of Ralph Bakshi, The Banner Saga series, old-school Disney cartoons and the Soviet animation studio “Soyuzmultfilm” of the 60s. The character animation in combat scenes is based on live actors’ motion capture.

The music of this project is the result of collaboration by these wonderful game composers: Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz and Michał Cielecki (who wrote the music for such projects as Bulletstorm, Painkiller, The Witcher, EVE Online, Call of Juarez and Shadow Warrior).

A huge thanks to everyone who supported or plans to support us here, on Greenlight!
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По какой цене вы купили бы Ash of Gods?
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Benks Jun 10 @ 3:17am Попытался привлечь немного внимания аудитории с реддита к вашему проекту со своим ломанным английским, надеюсь, заинтересуются. Успехов вам!
King Diamond  [author] Jun 9 @ 12:05pm 
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HuJouren Jun 8 @ 3:39pm 
OMG Game that sets in a fantasy world? Game like The Banner Saga? How can I not be impressed? I've been waiting for games like this. I need more and more games like this
Giopeppe Jun 5 @ 7:15am 
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very good
Pé de Pano May 28 @ 9:34am 
AurumDust  [author] May 26 @ 2:34am 
@Apricot09 awesome! Thank you!
Apricot09 May 25 @ 7:33pm 
Awesome! I am a huge fan of Adam's work!
Happy to support a worthy game like AoG and I will definitely be donating! :)