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Satanism Plus
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May 4, 2017 @ 8:53am
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Satanism Plus

Bored of having to be a (mostly) secretive Satanic cultist? Well now you can announce your heretical beliefs to the world, and purge the non-believers (or be purged).

Current mechanics are:
-If you're High Priest of the Satanists you can officialise a state Satanist religion. A religious head will be spawned who can call Black Crusades
-Once it's officialised, lesser priests in the society can convert for a prestige and power cost, as long as they're independent
-Can take 20 concubines (arbitrary value, but it's still a huge amount compared to others)
-You can loot non-Satanists just like unreformed pagans
-All Abrahamic adherents will despise you (-15 opinion penalty)
-Incestual marriages fully allowed, to hell with morality
-A Satanic Empire that's formable after creating the religion, it will merge any landed secret Satanists and overt Satanists into your realm
-Half a dozen mercenaries and holy orders
-System for secretly converting provinces whilst playing as a religion besides Satanic (have to be part of Lucifer's Own)
-Characters in your realm who are part of Lucifer's Own when you convert will also be converted
-Province emancipation/slavery system, There are three possible states: neutral, enslaved, and liberated, affecting tax, levies and revolt risk of Satanic provinces.
-A couple of minor flavour events (burning Catholics, and some trait related).
-Conquest casus bellis with low truce cooldowns against fellow Satanists and other religions
-Made Hermetics available to Satanists
-Demon summoning event chain, depending on your sins you can summon a demon of your choice once converted to Satanism (and you meet the other requirements).
-Necromancer, witch, minion, medium minor titles. The first two have associated traits, and prestigious necromancers can become liches, and eventually allow their liege to summon an army of the dead (all for religious Satanists).
-Sins and virtues are now inverted in terms of how the Satanic church views them (ie, sins give piety, increases church opinion, vice versa)

A common question: Is it compatible with other mods? A: It should be, unless the mod alters societies that already exist, or religion icons.

CK2 version: (Jade Dragon)

NOTE: THIS MOD MAY BE BROKEN CURRENTLY AS CK2 HAS RECENTLY BEEN UPDATED. I'll update it as soon as I can, but I have other stuff to attend to until then.

Leave any suggestions in the comments please.

Forum Link:
Old version for people with old saves: Check the forum link, it won't let me post download links here.

Credit to Hart for making all of the icons and flags (all graphical stuff basically) used in this mod.

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Jan 3 @ 10:33am
Possible glitch?
Sir Angle
Oct 4, 2017 @ 8:43pm
A satanist horse...
Sir Angle
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Papa Emeritus Jun 18 @ 4:04pm 
Is it possible to make this compatiible with After The End?
IronClad1o9 Jun 18 @ 4:04am 
I can not declare invasions on the Empire of Lucifer. I get the "they have the same religious head as you". Bizarre. Otherwise good work.
Luzilyo Jun 2 @ 12:50am 
mod does not seem to be broken, apart from a few missing artefact names (example: "foot of a saint." converted to "foot of a ." when i stole it). apart from that i haven't really noticed any issues.

suggestion: make satanism act a bit more like cathar heresy, so that women will also be allowed to lead armies, etc. it's satanists after all, and i think it would fit well for their "whatever, idgaf, i do whatever i want lol" mentality. also, if you haven't done it already (too lazy to check right now lol) maybe it would also be fitting if satanists had access to the full cognatic succession law, for the same reason.
lokomoko  [author] May 31 @ 10:01am 
NOTE: THIS MOD MAY BE BROKEN CURRENTLY AS CK2 HAS RECENTLY BEEN UPDATED. I'll update it as soon as I can, but I have other stuff to attend to until then.
TTCM Apr 29 @ 2:23pm 
Could you consider making a ck2plus compatible version, otherwise great mod!
lokomoko  [author] Apr 24 @ 6:32am 
It would be nice to have something like that for pagans, but it was out of scope of the mod when I started it. I'd like to add it, but the main issue is creating unique flavour for them. Unless you wouldn't mind it basically being a rehash of the Satanists with slightly different nomenclature.
FlipsNChips Apr 24 @ 6:08am 
With "Does the mod work for pagans?" I meant can devil worshipping pagans also form their own empire of Hel/The Cold Ones/etc. Also pls try the secular + religious leader thing. That would be awesome.
Steel Delvin Apr 23 @ 6:40pm 
I sorta wondered why you dont become the religous head for satanism sorta like caliphates or germanic stuff.
lokomoko  [author] Apr 23 @ 8:41am 
You can still play with pagans, but it didn't seem like much sense to me allowing them to join an Abrahamic Satanist cult. About the secular religious head thing, it was indeed my original plan to allow something like that. Unfortunately there were some technical problems I wasn't able to overcome. I might give it another shot when I have free time
FlipsNChips Apr 23 @ 8:16am 
Does the mod work for pagans? Also as a suggestion if your character is a grown up demonspawn could they be granted the title of religious head while also being a secular ruler like the germanic Fylkir?