The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Aug 25, 2012 @ 7:05pm
Dec 20, 2016 @ 7:29pm
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I have finally conquered the bane of all modders, pale face Glitch, The files should upload to your computer so Bethany AND Maria both look incredibly beautiful now :)

I need you guys to tell me if you like the idea of lightswitches inside my house!
Please help :D

*********NEW MOD COMING SOON MORE BREEZEHOME II be ready! (Compatible with More breezehome 1.)**********

By the river in Riverwood There lies a nice cozy house...
It's got Soulgems, Followers, armor, Beds, and Much more.

Please Comment and Rate, Tell me if you need more or an idea for my next mod.

Tired of Huge houses when all you want is something just above a shack? Well Look no more the Riverside Cottage is here to stay!

A follower (Wearing Hide armor)
-She is marriagable
-Her name is Bethany
-Marked Essential
-Treat her nicely or she will follow you to Oblivion and back shooting arrows at you.
A full set of Hide armor
-Much more Economical choice than Daedric Don't you agree?
Enchantment table and Plenty of Soulgems
Steel sword with Fire enchantment
Test Dummies
Personal Storage Chest
Fully navmeshed so you can get your followers to stay here if you need them to.

Recommended Mods for Custom Houses:
and My favorite...
Have fun!

Made Bethany Not have flames anymore since she would use that instead of here weapon
Added a Hall to test your skills ranging from Lvl 1 bandits- Daedric Lords and they will all come in time but it is not finished yet so you will spawn in a FULLY navmeshed Room! :D

-Progress will be continually made on the Basement and I will update it for you to explore and fight what appears Please Rate what I HAVE done and not what Is not finished,

-Dungeoun is Completed but is a little smaller than Previously planned, It ends with 2 lvl 60 players who can shout and will prove a challenge for anyone Use pie if Lvl 30 or below.
-Added a new follower who has a full set of Steel plate armor and is marked essential
-Her name is Maria and is a lvl 10 2 handed swordsman.
-Added Amulet of Bob, Instantly Recharges you shouts for those of you who want shouting to be primary means of attack.
-Replaced shandeliers on lower level of house with ground mounted lamps.

-Bethany and Maria will now interact with everything inside their areas
-Gave Bethany and Maria Ability to shout
-Makes Bethany and Maria have a sisterly relationship

-Dungeoun is darker( I am no fan of interior lighting and think dungeouns should be dark as they would in real life)
-Removed amulet of bob from the final 2 bosses
-Added scripts to Bethany so she sleeps

-Changed the outside appearance of house
-Added dragon marker so Dragon could land on roof

Thank you everyone for your support!

Please please please! rate and comment!
Your comments help me fix this mod and improve it.
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scorgh Dec 9, 2015 @ 1:54am 
nice bit of war there, died a lot on lev2,so i cheted Modded the iland, got Poke of death, DEAD,toto dead frodo dead. restart go back in with low amoer big sword, toto dead, frodo dead. level 1 was more of a game.
Jan 30, 2014 @ 11:36am 
thanks a mill, will have a go, not done ck before,may take a while. thanks for your help .
Weak1ings  [author] Jan 26, 2014 @ 3:05pm 
Well... I don't know a way to put it ingame and like cast a spell but in CK you go the Characters section and find the NPC you want, Ctl+F4, then say yes. That wil lfix it :)
Jan 26, 2014 @ 2:14pm 
would it be easy to impart your knowledge of the pale face glitch or could or would you mod a book of it i'm sure as you know it effects numerous mods, thats why i ask i'm not a modder or on nexus , but would be willing to link other authers to the info to effect fixes for their mods. thanks for your work.
Weak1ings  [author] Oct 8, 2013 @ 7:19pm 
YES! I have finally conquered the Pale face glitch!
Jak14 Aug 7, 2013 @ 12:58am 
Okay, it recently said that he got bored of waiting and went home, i'll look for him there, thanks! Loving the dungeon feature!
Weak1ings  [author] Aug 6, 2013 @ 8:36pm 
Try waiting or fast traveling if your follower disapears... or it died and was blasted by a fus roh dah blast by frodo. and in that case your doomed as I don't know who it was :)
Jak14 Aug 6, 2013 @ 3:22pm 
Looks greaet, got to Todo and Frodo before i got destroyed :D (i'm lvl 10 atm) but i don't know where my current follower went to after i entered?
jb1000 Jul 29, 2013 @ 3:47pm 
not with the tweak follower i have 5 aela,lydia,maria,bethany, naja
Weak1ings  [author] Jul 28, 2013 @ 4:13pm 
Umm Unless you have UFO, You can only have one follower :) And even if you have UFO I presume an aggroed Maria won't follow you :)