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Elves of Stellaris
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Apr 29, 2017 @ 6:23am
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Elves of Stellaris


Adds custom space elves with new: portraits, outfits, hairstyles, ships, city styles, flags, name lists, Avari worlds, fallen empire elves, random primitive elves, traits, civics, and probably several other things I've now forgotten.


SCX support included natively!!!


  • Elven Ship Style
    Naboo meets Imperial themed ship set. With elfy vines. Or something. All vanilla ships, civilian stations, and megastructures included. Starbases and Apocalypse stuff on thier way.
  • Drow ships coming as soon as they're all done! (The style will match their homeworld.)

  • Elven/Drow Portraits
    She Elves/Drow
    • 9 animated phenotypes, 6 color variations. (My stuff along with three Chinese elves based on work by the amazing Bluezima![])
    • Over 200 hairstyles and growing (including crown/tiara versions). Long hairs have elfy ears sticking out. Because that's important.
    • Over 250 outfits and growing. All by me now. Tend to be fantasy themed rather than sci-fi because: elves have better fashion sense. Sort of.
    He Elves/Drow
    • 6 animated portraits, 5 color variations.
    • Over 70 hairstyles (including crown/tiara versions). Absolutely NO MAN BUNS. EVER!
    • Over 130 total outfits and growing!
    Variable Clothing
    • Civs with Technocracy civic now have modern elf sci-fi clothes.
    • Civs with Eilistraeen civic, have martial type clothes.
    • Pops on cold planets have warm clothes. (In case of Sidh, warm-er clothes.)
    • Pops under Chemical Bliss have... less clothing.
    • Enslaved pops have slave clothes. Now depends on slave type. (Utopia only!)
    • Primitive pops have primitive clothes!
    • Fallen empire elves all have spooky color coordinated clothes!
  • Elven City Style
  • Two Drow City Styles
  • Avari Rings
    A new Elf Only™ megastructure. A giant shiny, spinny, planetary ring that: increases habitability 200%, increases ship construction speed 100%, increases happiness 10%, increases fortification 100%. It's not cheap and requires the Galactic Wonders ascension perk.

  • Elven Names Lists
    5 Elven and 2 Drow namelists. Ayleid-ish, Quenya, Sindarin, and some randomish stuff. Drow have Dunmer mixed with real Drow.
  • Fallen Empires
    Elves or Drow have a chance of showing up as Fallen Empires. They're... a bit beefier than the vanilla variety. (Not too much. Usually.)
  • Primitive Elves
    Occasionally a primitive elf system will spawn. (Sometimes binary systems, sometimes not.) They sometimes have special savage trait that makes them quite nasty as soldiers. All primitive worlds have guardian armies. Invade at your own peril.

    Don't want any Fallens or primitives? Use this patch!

  • I want a patch for X super cool mod!
    That's great! Go make it! :-D We found supporting too many patches seriously cut into the development time we had available for the main mod. We will be happy to post any patches people make up at the top of the description however. Let us know about any patches you make in the comments!
  • I want the version of this mod for some silly past version of Stellaris!!
    There is no past version of stellaris. There has only been and only will be THIS version. Suggestions of past versions are clearly Blorg conspiracy theories.
  • Hey! The games says this mod is for some stupid OLD version of Stellaris! What gives!?
    Try deleting your <My Documents>/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod folder (but make sure you don't trash non-steam mods if you have any). Then verify integrity of Stellaris' files in Steam. That's the best way to smack Steam into shape! :-)
  • Will you do ships of X, Y, Z, or Q?
    NO! Because I'm already busy enough with 3 ship sets.
  • Why do Drow/Ilythiiri ships look just like stupid elves!???
    It makes it easier to update the mod without having to deactivate half the ships every time. We'll announce when the drow ships are ready for use! In the meantime, pretend those ship styles aren't there.
  • Can I has just the ships!?
    No you freak! This is an elf mod! The ships are for the elves!! ... OK fine, install this and don't make any elf nations. Insta ships only! :-)
  • I don't read stupid FAQs so I'm going to ask a question covered here!
    OK but some of us may have a little fun at your expense.

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< >
Krovoc 15 hours ago 
@Teneb Kel Also, I do remember, now that I did get Dark Matter research.
Krovoc 15 hours ago 
@Teneb Kel I loaded up 2300+ save and can see that YC are indeed showing. Sorry about that.
Teneb Kel  [author] Jul 19 @ 1:21am 
Not really. Avari ring is an ambient object (just like vanilla debris) + planetary flag + planetary modifier, you can't remove such things via console. The only way to remove it reliably is to edit the save game file. There's an article on the wiki about that.

You'd have to purge the avari ring ambient object (which disappeared anyway), "has_avari_ring" flag and "elven_avari_ring_modifier" from your planet.
It's kinda tricky though.
Teneb Kel  [author] Jul 19 @ 1:13am 
Arcaéna is set to always spawn high tier anomaly (Tree of Life) and YC. You can't access or even see YC before you research the anomaly. This is intended.

About research techs not appearing... I'll investigate this, thanks for reporting.
Krovoc Jul 18 @ 5:06am 
To solve the yurantic issue I tried removing the "clear_deposits" flag, but that didn't help. I then moved the deposit onto Teron'dîr and it now shows. I'm not sure if this will solve the research not showing issue. I doubt it, but. . . *shrugs*
Krovoc Jul 18 @ 5:00am 
Oh, note that I'm getting the proper event saying that "our researchers have found. . ." so that's triggering.
Krovoc Jul 18 @ 4:57am 
Also (as a separate issue), while I got the notice that yurantic crystals were found in Polydora, there aren't any actually there. I started a new game 3 times, and used "observe" and there are no deposits of the crystal on Arcaéna. I then panned around to make sure it wasn't a game-wide problem, and it is not. I found other planets with YC displaying properly.
Krovoc Jul 18 @ 4:49am 
It seems as if those resources initially found in starter systems (at least the Lunari) will never have the appropriate research pop up. In my last game I was churning away at repeat tech, but never got Yurantic (Polydora) or Orrilium (Home system).

I'm, assuming that if this is a bug, its not on your guy's end, but rather has to do with how the research spawns now which assumes no such resources will appear in a starter system.
Ven Jul 17 @ 5:45pm 
@Krovoc Nope
Krovoc Jul 17 @ 4:44pm 
@Ven, did the planet change size?