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Odin Gaming Stellaris Mod Roundup
I feature a few Stellaris mods every month on my blog These are mods that haven't necessarily been released or updated in that month but have nonetheless caught my attention for some reason.

I don't offer any guarantee that these mods work particularly well together, if at all, but it serves as a convenient collection nonetheless (for myself, at the very least!).
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Cuelan Species Mod
Created by dogkisser
A new species mod that I wanted to get ready before Banks comes out! Unsatisfied with the limitations of trying to make my own animations (in short: I suck at it!) I tried to make due with pre-existing animations and assets. I think it turned out pretty we...
Synthetic Portrait Pack
Created by dogkisser
I thought there was a lack of synthetic portraits, so I added a few of them! Nothing else, just the portraits in their own group. I may add to this as time goes on, but for now there's six different robots to choose from, multiple colours for each!

Choose Syncretic Species Appearance
Created by artifex
This mod allows you to select the portrait and name of the species created by the Syncretic Evolution civic.

It should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change the way the initial pops spawn on your homeplanet. Unfortunately, only Paradox-created...
Guilli's Planet Modifiers and Features
Created by Guilliman

Guilli's Planet Modifiers
For version 2.8+ of the game.
Compatible with all DLC. DLCs not required.
Compatible with virtually all mods. Build in compatibility for mods such as Real Space, Planetary Dive...
Dynamic Borders 1.9
Created by Pode
Borders are defined by your military's position and move with your fleets.

"He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing." -Paul MuaDib

This mod lowers base border range from planets and frontier outposts to 30% of vanilla ( so they claim 9% of the a...
Stellar Fleet: Fleet Based Empire
  • At start of game, choose version you want to play.
  • To build more ships, build a mining or research station to a habitable world.
  • Energy version must build on stars instead and turn them to black holes/neutron stars dependi
AlphaMod 1.7
Created by AlphaAsh
Updates and support of AlphaMod 1.7 has ended upon release of v1.8 of Stellaris.

AlphaMod has been separately re-released for v1.9 of the game. This version is legacy.

AlphaMod 1.7 WILL WORK FINE with v1.6.x or v1.7.x of the game.You may IGNORE
EG - Stronger Advanced AI Starts
Created by ButtJunkie
Compatible with 2.0

Potentially gives the AI more fleet, more resources, more planets, higher planet development, and more pops.

On average the advanced AI civs will start with 5 planets (as few as 2 to as many as 10), up to 70-80 pop...
EG* - Colour Coded Messages
Created by ButtJunkie
Compatible with 2.2+

Part of Dark UI (so if you use Dark UI, you don't need this). Colour codes messages as following:
  • Blue for non-threatening diplomatic mess
Horizon Signal Fix
Created by Red Aria
EDIT: As of 2.0 this mod is once again needed to fix the broken quest chain. It has been updated & should work. Enjoy!


As of 1.5, the Horizon Signal chain is broken. What was, unfortunately, will never be :(...
Plentiful Traditions - Outdated after 2.x and up
Created by Birdy

Use "Expanded Stellaris Traditions" by Girion instead
Utopia Expanded Legacy
Created by Scarecrow
This is the legacy version of Utopia Expanded, for Stellaris version 1.9. For post 2.0 versions of Utopia Expanded, go HERE.

Utopia is finally within our g...
Animated Synthetics Portraits - Expanded
Created by silfae


-The mod now has two separate "species_classes" containing the same portraits: Bio-synthetics and Synthetics. The former is availabl...
Adv. Custom Empires Pack - Extended First Contact
Created by zoston
Adv. Custom Empires Pack - Extended First Contact

Adds 42 hand-crafted custom empires, and gives each an extended first contact event.

The extended first contact event fires immediately after the normal first contact event, and allows you...
Citadels - Tier 4 Defensive Stations
Created by Dragon of Desire
Everyone knows how much defense stations suck without modding. And even if you get one of the really amazing station mods out there, the sheer power of endgame fleets utterly butcher most station flowers on hgiher difficulties. I'm taking maybe 10k fleet p...
Elves of Stellaris
Created by TheGrandN

Adds custom space elves with new: portraits, outfits, hairstyles, ships, city styles, flags, name lists, megastructures, traits, civics, events, and way too much more to put in a tiny blurb like t...
(-NSC2 Season 5-)
Created by CaptainX3


  • New Ship Classes: Strike Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Escort Carrier, Exploration Cruiser, Carrier, Dreadnought, Titan (Upgra
SGM Supply Lines for 1.9.*
Created by Soulbinder
Newer version of the mod: Supply Lines for 2.6

This mod introduces a new gameplay mechanic: Military fleets now need supplies. If a fl...
SGM Fleet Logistics
Created by Soulbinder
This mod alters the fleet operations by introducing a logistics mechanic. The more ships you amass in the same star system, the higher your upkeep costs become and the less combat effective each individual ship will be.

SGM Battle Survivors
Created by Soulbinder
This mod introduces a new balance mechanic: If you are fighting an empire that is significantly military superior, your ships get a chance to escape an engagement heavily damaged, instead of being destroyed.

SGM Warscore [outdated]
Created by Soulbinder
This mod has been retired in patch 2.0.

This mod is part of a series that tries to enable a different strategic playstyle for Stellaris. It complements the mechanics introduced by the linked mods, to allow ...
Real Space 3.7
Created by Annatar
Real Space v 3.7

This version is compatible with patch 2.8.1 Butler.

Compatibility Patch Collection

Advanced Ship Behaviour Modules
Created by [REF] Issen
Advanced Ship Behaviour Modules is a mod that aims to improve the current state of ship combat maneuvers.

If you are unhappy about corvettes always charging forwards and battleships always sitting in the back, or you would like to...
Automated Behavior Ajdustment
Created by folk
Corrects combat behaviors to something more realistic.
Please test, review, and let me know how it works. I desperately need detailed feedback.

I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have fun. Sin...
Enhanced Gene Modding
Created by ParasiteX
Enhanced Gene Modding by ParasiteX

This mod will give you an extra menu that will pop-up after successfully gene modding a species, and will give you extra customization options.

These options...
Created by GwenBlanketKnight
This mod adds new subject types that you can force enemies to become as a wargoal. These are in addition to the standard Tributary, Vassal, and Protectorate.

1) Civility Subject Type has:
-75% Naval capacity.
+100% Planet fortif...
Pirate Codex Government Type
Created by BrutishMrFish
NOTE: This mod is no longer being updated, but I will list alternatives that include it for those who want a something up to date:

Government Overhaul Open Beta by xnadu27:
Planetary Shields
Created by Malthus
***Achievements will be disabled***

This mod is a standalone version of the planetary shields feature of the More Events Mod. Do not use it if you already use MEM.

If you like this feature please show it by rating it up, ev
Buildable Ancient Buildings
Created by MikeWe

EG - Slower Hyperdrives (ex Make Space Bigger)
Created by ButtJunkie
Compatible with 2.0

The Stellaris 2.0 update made the border changes for this mod redundant, so for now the mod just adjusts hyperdrive FTL speed, windup and cool down.

- Hyperdive FTL speed is 20% of the standard game.
- Windup time is 3 d...
Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks
Created by Girion
Featured in Odin Gamings top 10 Stellaris Mods of 2017!

This mod adds 45 new Ascension Perks to the game. Designate your planets as Forge Worlds our garden worlds, find new mineral deposits and unlock special rare technologies to be discove...
Expanded Stellaris Traditions
Created by Girion
  • 23 new slots for Traditions Trees
  • 48 new trees added including traditions swaps.
  • Extensive use of Tradition Swapping:
    • Not using Robots? Robot bonus traditions will be swapped for other things. Same things for
Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Clouds
Created by Dwaine



PDX textures are quite good, but they lack variety. Continental planets feel all the same, with little personality and color v...
Innovative Civics
Created by BurningTemplar
The intent of the mod:
Well, I always though that Stellaris civics lack of personality. Like Shadow Council, the concept is cool ok, but in the end they give only +/- % on stuff. The more unique civics are mechanists, syncr evolution, fp and few other one...
Logical Circular Habitability
Created by MiSHiMa

Mod version: 1.0.0
Game version: 1.8.0 Čapek
Last updated: 2017.10.06


+ Stellar Catalyst
Created by Djohaal
Stellar Catalyst

A companion mod for Real Space

This mod introduces a minor megastructure that can be built by any empire that researches the appropriate tech...
Galactic Wonders
Created by rocket2guns
Adds three Galaxy Unique wonders that can only be built on Gaia Worlds.

This allows three special buildings that there can only be one of in the entire Galaxy at any time. They function like Empire Unique buildings, but instead of unique t...
Gigastructural Engineering & More (2.8)
Created by Elowiny
If you encounter an issue that you think needs urgent fixing, please contact me directly on Discord! (Elowiny#7047)
I am usually much more responsive there than on Steam.

Do you like megastructures?...
Improved Megastructures
Created by Red Aria
Might work on 2.2.3 as well

What this mod does:

1. Allows to construct multiple megastructures at same time
2. Removes limit on number of megastructures.
3. Allows construction of Ringworlds around black holes
4. Mega E...
Legacy of the Sun
Created by Alex FRD
Warm nights be upon you, Star Travelers. Stellaris is a game that can take place in any given moment. As you know, it's possible to encounter Earth in 4 different stages, Medieval, WWII, Early Space Age, and Star Nation. This mod aims to add even more ambi...
Planet-Wide City Mod 2.1.3
Created by Emperor Scorpio
I am uploading a new mod that is an update to this. It is called Ecumenopolis Types 2.2. This mod will remain up, but will not get new features. The new mod is fully updated, but because of the way the game is updated, not everything will be the same as th...
Potent Rebellions
Created by Caligula Caesar
This mod significantly expands the Vanilla rebellion mechanics to make them a more significant threat to established empires. As it is, rebellions are fairly rare and pose virtually no threat whatsoever to your empire, as the revolutionaries start with hug...
+Star Forge
Created by Djohaal
Star Forge

A new megastructure. The Star Forge allows the conversion of large ammounts of energy into minerals, by tapping into the gas reserves of its host star. Sadly it can't automatically produce ships, but it looks damn cool.

+Stellaris Involed Policies
Created by Djohaal
Stellaris Involved Policies

A series of custom policies that allow you to tweak the economy of your empire by trading off bonuses and happiness.
Standalone element of a larger mod I'll be relasing soon-ish. Most factors are adapted from the or...
Ticking Warscore
Created by Barbariccia
Recent Changes
Compatibility update for 1.9.

A small mod that adds ticking warscore to the following wargoals:

* Cede Planet
* Liberate Planet
* Cleanse Planet
* Dismantle Habitat
* Make Tributary
* Make Protector...
War Sectors
Created by MikeWe

War Sectors

Don't want to spend time clicking through each sector to build up your fleet or worry that you won't have enough minerals left for buildings and no energy to support them?
Then this mod ...
¡Glavius's Compatible AI mod for 2.1.*
Created by Glavius
This mod is offically abandoned and will no longer receive updates. You can download the current version of this mod here:

Reuse Information:
EAC: New Additions
Created by The Dadinator
This mod contains things my son and I thought would make the game more fun to play, including new strategic resources for planets and for the galaxy, new traits for admirals and governors, new buildings, new technologies, and more.

First 2.2 Mod Release...
Primitive Robots
Created by Violent Beetle
To celebrate 1.8.0 Capek update and Synthetic Dawn DLC, allow me to intoduce Primitive Robots mod. Maybe it should've called "Primitive Machines", but Robots sounds better.

WARNING: This mod required Synthetic Dawn to work. Without it installed, ...
Real Machine Worlds
Created by LogicSequence
Real Machine Worlds v3.1.0
Now with 6 MORE new Machine Planet Textures!

~~~> This is the multi-color version! <~~~

Original Monoch...
Animated Space Unicorns
Created by Agamidae
It's a horse. With a horn. It's a space unicorn! [2.*]
Mod-friendly. Sadly, not achievement-compatible.

My other mods:
Alien Suns: Atmospheres
Created by S.C.Watson
->>Planetary Diversity IS NOT compatible with ALIEN SUNS: ATMOSPHERES at this time.
If you want...
Alien Suns: The Outer Rim
Created by S.C.Watson
The long awaited expansion to Alien Suns has arrived!

9 new alien race portraits, and 14 new name lists!

Enjoy. :)

The ALIEN SUNS Universe
Animated Silicoid Portraits
Created by silfae


Animated Portrait Set
Four fully animated silicoid portrait sets.
They twitch, and blink, and look around, and breathe, just like vani...
AutoBuild (only space stations)
Created by had
For Stellaris 2.7.*

Hi guys, I played stellaris, and after 20 years my hand started to hurt (this is not a metaphor).
Unfortunately, the developers removed the command for building of buildings in the patch 2.2. So I can not return a
Enhanced Robomodding
Created by C1CK
This mod is designed to enhance the late game robomodding by adding more advanced versions of existing traits

Note: This mod makes robomodding a starting feature, therefore you do not need another mod that adds this feature.

Partner Mods[/
Machine Ringworlds
Created by Fervid Dragon
I, like many others, was sad that I could have a machine planet but not a machine ringworld, so I went ahead and made this! This mod lets you terraform an existing habitable ringworld segment into a machine ringworld. It has the same +25% to production tha...
Syncretic Plus
Created by Alexthe666
For 2.1.X
Welcome to Syncretic Plus! Syncretic Plus seeks to expand upon Syncretic Evolution by adding 6 new, interesting civics.

Livestock Ranchers - Start with 2 pops of a species that has the delicious trait. For organic,...
+Star Forge Mk2
Created by Djohaal
Star Forge - V2.0

After a lot of work I came up with a design that could mimic better a giant industrial station. So I present the new starforge.

The new megastructure spawns a habitat inside the sun which can be colonized by any sp...
[Out of Date] Stellar Resources
Created by Audie

So I think I've got a rough idea of how I'm going to update this. Since resources work completely differently now, I can no longer tie bonuses to resources. Ra
[OBSOLETE] Starvation - Rationing & Death [2.2]
Created by Toaster
Broken! Would require too much work to rework to the new pop system.

The AI in Stellaris can struggle with food- if it loses a planet and winds up in starvation, the unhappiness and unrest can bring its mineral production so low it can't afford...
[OBSOLETE] Smart Modification - Traits by Tile [2.1]
Created by Toaster
Obsolete as of 2.2

Version 2.1.*

Ever found genetic engineering to be a bit of a faff? Managing 4-5 different species working different tiles is time-consuming and awkward. Enter Smart Modification!

Smart Modification
Autonomous Assembler
Created by folk
Fully autonomous construction ship for players
It never made much sense to me that you could build robots, but not autonomous construction ships.
With this mod, you can.

Compatible with all addons I can think of, and also explicitly cr...
Ethics and Civics Classic 2.8
Created by petruxa

Here is the PayPal link you can use to make a donation to support the development of my mods -

Для тех, кто хочет финансово поддержать дальнейшую поддержку моих модов ...
Choose Syncretic Species Traits
Created by Satire
This simple mod makes Syncretic Evolution civic more roleplay-friendly by removing forced Serviles and Strong traits from secondary species.

Compatible with everything that do not modify Syncretic Evolution civic....
Combat Balancing - Game Balance Improvements
Created by Doomwarrior
This badly needed balancing mod fixes many major flaws which can be considered rather game breaking:

- Technological Progression creates weaker (or not much better) ships rather than stronger ones! - With this mod Its fixed, now you get ni...
Dwarven Advisor
Created by Dimosa
Now that we have new humanoid species availible to us i was really missing an advisor with a proper dwarven voice.

Now there is one.

Works best together with the dwarf fortress names mod:
Enhanced Primitives
Created by MikeWe
Enhanced Primitives (1.9.X)

Do you think that primitives are too weak for your fancy ships? Think again! They will shoot you down with era unique weapons and boost their resources...
TALL WHITE 2.X ships and stations
Created by COLA
It is simple MOD just to add new choice to ship appearance.
I made it with the concept of Tall White's[] spaceship.

ship set(only)
modeling and textures by ncmod3d

Technology Tree
Created by Sakuya Minagami
It is a mod to add vanilla technology tree information on the technology of the description .
Achievment compatible.
For better visual effects you may need this mod: [url=
Distant Origin
Created by mzilli
This is the current version, updated for 2.8. For the legacy 2.5 version, use this one instead.


“Life out here began out there.”
-- Commander Adama, Battle...
Shroud Expanded(Legacy)
This is 2.0 version, to gain access to the newest Version, check here

Please check change notes for recent updates and changes.
Have you ever wondered: "Damn, the Shroud is awesome...
New MegaStructure: Mega Shipyard (2.0)
Created by DrBLOOD95
Compatible with 2.6.X ✔️



The Mega Shipyard is a new mega structure which allow the player to build new giant space fleets at an amazing rate.
I am aware that Stellaris has done their ow...
Homeworld: Ships
Created by Pangolins
Adds ship sets from the Homeworld universe

17 May 2020: Updated for 2.7.x (hopefully, I haven't thoroughly tested it since I'm not playing much Stellaris any more, but the issue with missing weapons should at least be fixed)

Self service:
If you wan...
More Insults
Created by .Del
Updated for 2.7

"You wouldn’t dare!"

Ever wanted to deliver some burns the strength of a thousand burning suns to some star slime? Wish to tell that fanatic spiritual moron next door that their god doesn’t exist? Tell some pacifi...
Psi Civics: Soul Eaters & Touched by the Shroud
Created by Violent Beetle
The mod is currently in development, expansion expected. Feedback regarding the balance for Soul Eaters would be greatly appreciated.

As the name implies, the mod adds two civics. They are easily identified by their magenta coloration:

Touched by
Backgrounds+ Loading Screens
130+ elegant space-faring loading screens for your Stellaris enjoyment !

Feeling bored with the default loading screens and menu background of Stellaris? Or maybe you have a mod that installs some new ones, but they are just...
Created by Sklunstu


Mass Effect Civilizations - Mass Relays
Created by Princess Stabbity
This tiny and relatively non-invasive mod replaces the Gateways introduced in Stellaris 2.0 with very shiny, very glowy, very animated and very enhanced with custom VFX Mass Relays from the Mass Effect Universe!
KUROGANE 2.X ships and stations
Created by COLA
         Modeling and textures by Grafxbox[]

             Add new choice to ship appearance.

  This MOD is not compatible with achievement.This MOD is compatible with ironman...
FTL Scout Probe 2.0
Created by Arcalane
Currently Beta/WIP - Apocalypse/Distant Stars Edition; 2.0-2.1 compatible

Adds FTL-capable scout probes, buildable from game start. Simply go into the ship designer and design a probe. They're simple reconaissance and information-gathering device...
Masters of Nature 2.1
Created by starchitec
This is the legacy 2.1 version. Find the new 2.2+ version here

Land Clearance Improved

Tired of mastering nature and thinking, all I got was one lousy tile? ...
The Utopian Dream (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Tweaking and expanding Utopia.
Requires Stellaris: Utopia DLC.

This mod includes specialised habitats and a huge terraforming world-shell.

Genesis Initiator
World-shapers can construct this around...
Automated Trade
Created by ScepraX
Stellaris version supported: v2.1.*

Automated Trade
Introduces automated trade ships which your planets and offworld trading companies will build of their own initiative. A galaxy-wide trading company will manage these trade ships as a neutral...
Cultural Overhaul - No Traditions 2.0.2 with Localisation Update
Created by FurtiveUncertainty
This mod is an edit of Petruxa's Cultural Overhaul found here:

It began as a simple localisation update. While I appreciate the great work Petruxa has done with his Cultural Overhaul, many...
Dynamic Difficulty - Ultimate Customization BETA
Created by Gratak
Release Version is now out!. If you want a clean switch in a running game, I have updated this beta: The next time you start, you will be asked if you want to uninstall it. If you...
Stellar Council 2.0: Federation Policies and Laws
Created by lyndonguitar
I revived the original Stellar Council mod created by Narcoleptic Insomniac and made a version for 2.0.*
I added more stuff and fixed the issues i can find, hopefully i didn't break anything. comment here for any bugs.

A Federatio...
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