Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

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The Gauntlet [Challenge]
Created by V01D
Human! You must now test your skills in a gauntlet of every single enemy you've come across! Battle your way to the top and claim your reputation!

Should be easy if you are able to get the first attack. Good Luck!

Update 2
-Added walls to last stag...
Created by Like, 43 Ninjas
Notice me MattShea-Senpai I'm The Wizard of Sheaville on your discord...
Robot Army V2.1
Created by MegaMole
Defeat wave upon wave of robots with superb last level! Update: Last level made slightly more interesting...
Blue neon challenge
Created by Young Maestro
The challenge is done in tones of blue neon. Hope you like it) (wait for new levels)There is a 1st jetpack, 1st bow, 1st energy capicity, 2nd hammer,sword, 1st block arrows, kick and get up on start!
Help, these robots put me in the body the sam...
Zeus' Temple
Created by Coconut Pineapple
Assault the temple gates and take over the realm of the gods!...
The Cats' Arenas
Created by Deside
A varity of crazy levels. Goodluck!...
Infernal Kick Challenge
Created by Faze_AminYashed
Look at your inferno challenge, now back at me, now look at your kick challenge, and back to me, and back to those, and back to me, what do you see? the combination of those two....
All Upgrade Madness
Created by Xx_ChosenOne_xX
You start with every uprade, and fight agains the most powerfull robots in five sickening battles....
Campo de Treino Para ARCO v 3.0 (Bow)
Created by Dudu3000
Você terá que passar por desafios com apenas seu arco, é possivel melhorar o mesmo, mas você não poderá adquirir as outras armas....
The Factory [Challenge]
Created by Pudding
Something is wrong with the elevator. It keeps taking this human robot to our robot robot factory.

Someone stop them. They do not meet the required safety protocals.

(10 Level Diamond / Titanium challenge)

Challenge is Doborog & Bribrobot approved...
Way Of The Sword
Created by Some Random Otaku
I think you can guess what this is, if not then here is a quick description. All enemies and the player have a sword and thats your only weapon plus a bit of bombs on the side. Have Fun :D (btw just a heads up some levels might cause frame rate drop)...