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SFP: Sturkö
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SFP: Sturkö

On the 27 October 1981 at approximatly 20.00, a Soviet submarine ran aground on a skerry in Gåsefjärden, just 10km from one of Swedens largest naval bases, Karlskrona. The Russians sent a "rescue" party while the Swedish primeminister gave the order "Hold the border", instructing the military to shoot if any ships crossed the border.

Luckily, after a few days the submarine was returned to Russia and the crisis was over, but this was Sweden's "Cuban Missile Crisis".

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About this Terrain
Most of the work has be done by Grip and was focus for ArmA 2 but converted to be used in ArmA 3.
It features a "fictional" road base in the north east corner but other than that most houses, military placements are based on the real island.
Underwater wasn't possible in ArmA2 and haven't got the attention it should deserve but might getting an update later but no promises.
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May 25 @ 3:29am
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BadTrip May 23 @ 5:23am 
@ War It's like how you sould pronounce it in Österreich.
xiaobie May 21 @ 12:22am 
I'm a Chinese gamer. I want to play this MOD. What do I need to play? Can you tell me?
[1RW]Carlson May 11 @ 6:55am 
love the map i love the mod you guys make and the road base on the map the hangars it seems they are more for the AJ-37 viggen but you havent added that to the SFP mod could you please add that
[OG] ErAs3´er Crank Apr 30 @ 7:26am 
yeah ofp music ! is the best music
@ War Apr 29 @ 2:11pm 
in swedish, is the O with the umlaut pronounced like in german, or is it different?