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Additional Creatures
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Apr 26, 2017 @ 4:29pm
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Additional Creatures

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This mod is sponsored by G-Portal! Click the link below and get 5% on an ark server order! These guys are AMAZING server hosts for Ark, Minecraft, Dark and Light, and more! Check them out and see how they work!

These models are not made by me, and are purchased from online stores.

MOD ID: 913884181

This mod is Additional Creatures. The intent is to add other species to ARK which i feel fit the atmosphere of the game. SPOILER: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR REALISM, I DO NOT MAKE THIS MOD WITH REALISM IN MIND, SO LOOK ELSEWHERE. Some will have unique roles and fit certain niches. I've tried to make aim offsets and use the animations i have available to make these creatures as fitting as possible. These include torpor animations, level up animations, cuddle animations, startled animations, etc. I dont have animations for everything, but i am taking college classes in game design. When i get around to my animation class i'll see about adding new animations that are custom.

My Discord for my two mods, come hang out!:

/////What's New?////
Additional Creatures Mod Quality Purge. See the steam discussion for full details on what's happened.

-Find the full list of controls here:

///Discord and Forums////
Mod official Discord:

Mod Official Forums (brand new!):

////////SPAWN CODES////
-Go here:

I'm adding more creatures eventually and will try to keep this mod updated, so long as real life does not bog me down. Any bugs, be sure to let me know!

Feel free to donate below. 100% of this goes straight to getting more models for the mod.

Mod mentor, true great friend.

-Scanova the Carnotaurus
Mod community manager and official biologist

Mod Official Artist

Mod Official Composer

Mod Official Skinner/Texture Designer
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Jun 9 @ 9:58am
Something wrong here ?
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Jekyll and Hyde 16 hours ago 
great job, beautifully done
Dolchgeweih 23 hours ago 
has Ryu a spawn id?
bradley112720 Jun 18 @ 9:53pm 
At the max level which is 600
bradley112720 Jun 18 @ 9:52pm 
@shadlos can you make a list of every creature in the mod so i can do a mega battle to find out what is the strongest thing on my server
Dolchgeweih Jun 18 @ 5:51pm 
I play The Pyria Mod On the The Center Mod with not additional Creatures
Dolchgeweih Jun 18 @ 5:49pm 
Pyria Did I download but additionally I have to remove additional creatures?
Shadlos  [author] Jun 18 @ 5:34pm 
Pyria has Ryu, not additional Creatures.

Ryu are extremely rare river/freshwater spawns. Especially on ragnarok.
Dolchgeweih Jun 18 @ 5:25pm 
Searching for hours find Ryu but doesn't anyone have a tip? Yes I have the right mod
Shadlos  [author] Jun 18 @ 4:59pm 
i removed them since people complained about them.
bradley112720 Jun 18 @ 4:51pm 
i can not get to the spawn codes