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Building Anarchy
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Apr 24, 2017 @ 2:55am
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Building Anarchy

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Version History

0.1 Beta 24/04/17 - Initial realease.
0.2 Beta 26/04/17 - View change log
0.3 Beta 04/05/17 - View change log
0.4 Beta 06/05/17 - View change log
0.5 Beta 30/05/18 - View change log

Allows you to plop buildings anywhere.

With this mod, you can change the placement mode of buildings as you plop them.

This way you can place buildings before you place roads, you can place buildings in water, or on steep terrain, you can place buildings that are meant for water on land, etc etc etc. You get the idea.

You can also disable terrain flattening, a well as setting Full Gravel or Full Pavement options.

What is placement mode?

Placement mode controls where you can and cannot place a building.

Most buildings have to be placed next to a road by default.

Others must be placed on water only.

So on and so forth.

With this mod you can change the placement mode for any building, thus allowing you to place any building anywhere you want.

Placement modes are:

  • OnGround
  • OnWater
  • OnSurface
  • OnTerrain
  • RoadSide
  • Shoreline
  • ShorelineOrGround
  • PathsideOrGround (new in ParkLife)

I think they are self-explanatory, please experiment and you will soon understand what each mode does.

How to use it:

  1. Select a building in the menu.
  2. UP and DOWN Arrow keys or K and L keys change placement mode. Set your preferred keys in options menu.
  3. T key toggles Flatten Terrain.
  4. G key toggles Full Gravel.
  5. P key toggles Full Pavement.
  6. Placement mode and other information is displayed in the Contruction Cost tooltip. Customize display info in options menu.
  7. Plop building.
  8. Connect roads, as necessary.

NOTE: This mod does not remove the need for a road connection, it just lets you plop the building first. Buildings that require a road connection will still need to be connected.

IMPORTANT: Please read the Discussion below about mod usage. Important points:

  • Buildings of the same name/asset share properties.
  • Pick one configuration for each building, or
  • Set the most demanding configuration last, and save with it that way.

For example:

Suppose you wish to use this mod to change a rock asset's placement mode to OnWater (in order to disable water collision).

You go to a nice river area in your city, change the mode, and start placing rocks in the water.. all looks very nice.
Then you think, hmm, I want to place some of these on the shore too, on dry land. So you change placement mode to OnTerrain and create an awesome shoreline.

If you were to stop there and save now, all the other rocks you previously placed in the water will also have had their mode set back to OnTerrain. Thus, next time you load your save, there will be a huge mess. To avoid this problem you have several options.

  1. Set the required mode/settings for the asset. So to continue our example, we set it to OnWater, then you can use MoveIt to copy the rocks and place some on land too. This way, the mode will still be onwater and all will be fine.
  2. Place the things on the ground first, then do the water one, and leave the mode OnWater when you save/exit.
  3. Place in any order, but remember to finish by setting placement mode to the most important one, in our case, OnWater, so next time you load all rocks will be fine.

The same goes for FlattenTerrain and the other options. You can only have one configuration per asset. Pick if you want this specific building you're setting to flatten terrain or not, to have pavement, gravel or none, and leave it like that from now on. If you set something with flatten terrain off, then you change it to on and place it somewhere else, it won't be immediately apparent. but they will both have changed to flatten terrain on. The reason you don't see it right away is because terrain needs to be updated near the first building before the changes appear. But next time you load, they will all have flatten terrain on.

NOTE: When you load a save, water will take a few tics to settle to its proper level around building's who's placement mode you change to OnWater with this mod. This is normal and not much I can do about it. Just let simulation run a bit and soon water will reach its balance.

Bugs and reporting
This mod has not been extensively tested, please report bugs in the discussions section. This is still a Beta version. Please be patient if you find errors. Report them, then I will fix it.


Thank you alborzka for giving me this idea. I don't know how no one thought to do this before.
Cheers mate.

The statue I used for the screenshot is an edited version of The Motherland Calls by alexzzzz; edited it to remove the pedestrian paths.

Source code[]
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Jun 9, 2017 @ 6:28pm
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Shadow Chris Nov 26 @ 6:01am 
I have got the same error and here is the log file.
Pawisiek Nov 24 @ 5:42am 
gold digger
Santa Groot Nov 23 @ 8:08am 
first picture's statue mod name?
vilamno Nov 18 @ 3:16am 
@gomark I always quit the game before next loading, but the error still existed.
LemonsterOG Nov 17 @ 3:11pm 
@gomark Can you please provide the author (TPB) with the output.log file? You can paste a link to it in this comment section of this page. Here are instructions on how to get the log. Also, you'll need to subscribe to this mod, load the saved game to trigger the error, then follow the directions in the following link. Thanks for you help. Click Here
gomark Nov 17 @ 2:41pm 
I just came here to subscribe to this mod for the first time, and I can report that I was already getting the 'out of range' error every now and then, having never had this mod. I always figured it was something to do with the memory leak if you don't quit to desktop between game/map loads - that's when I always seemed to get it. Same with 'object is not blah blah to an instance' error. Only happens if I try to start/load a game/map edit without first quitting to desktop.
vilamno Nov 10 @ 11:39pm 
I have met "array index is out of range" error twice. The error message look similar, and they have some phenomenon in common, so I present output.log of both.

I solved it by turning Surface Painter OFF and Building Anarchy ON

It occured again, after use Move It to move some road. 10 error message after loading, blue strip on the map, and the canal was filled. I solved it by turning Building Anarchy OFF. (Surface Painter was OFF)

Feel free to ask me if you want more details
Glad to see you here and thank you for your efforts!
T​​​P​​​B  [author] Nov 10 @ 7:10am 
can someone give me a output.log file with the errors in it? I see only a lot of complains but no real effort to try to help me fix them :D
shiholude Oct 26 @ 10:22am 
I, too, have linked this mod with the "Array Index" error. I'm thinking its a conflict with 81 Tiles mod, but as I will not remove that one, this one loses out, unfortunately. I do like this mod, but the annoyance of the error (and subsequent 10 clicks to get rid of it) every time I start a game leads me to unsub from this. :(

Hopefully a work around can be found. As always, I appreciate the hard work that all modders do to make my gaming experience better.

TPB, pay no attention to those that demand things from you (*cough*sgtsnodawg499*cough*). You owe nothing, and they can have a plate of humble pie and shut their yappers.
vilamno Oct 14 @ 1:54am 
@Redbeard This also happened to me, the screen freeze for 1 min after loading, and "Array index out of range" kept pop up. Then my terrain collapsed with blue hole. And I havent found any conflicting mod in Avanya's doc.