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The Doctor Is In! | A Complete Guide to Medic
By Hootlicious and 1 collaborators
Hey you! Do you want to be a good Medic main? No...You wanna main Soldier...okay. Well for those of you who do want to become a good medic this place is for you!
First and foremost I DID NOT CREATE THE BRANDING IMAGE FOR THIS GUIDE. Check out this man he can draw better than me and he made the branding image.

Big thanks to Nofux for making the posters for the Medi-Guns, the Syringe guns, and the Misc stuff.

Make sure you share this guide with friends that are new to tf2. Medic can be very easy to play at a beginner level since he doesn't require mechanical skill and more mental skill. In this guide you will be learning about the Medic's different weapons and secrets (like crit heals where you can heal 3x as fast)!

EDIT: Glücklicher Freitag meine Freunde! I updated the guide with the new section, Staying Alive And Using Weapons Properly and I also finished the heal order! For the rest of the day, I will be working on adding suggestions in the comments to my guide!

As the Medic, you mainly use your secondary item, the Medigun, and unlike Demoman mains there's actually a reason for using the secondary more. THE MEDIC SECONDARY IS BASICALLY HIS PRIMARY!

The Medi-Gun heals people at 24 health per second (72 with crit heals but we'll get into that later) and after reaching 100% CHARGE you can kick it into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE makes you and your life partner invincible for 8 seconds. This is a great tool for pushes since my calculations prove that an invincible man is better than a not invincible man. YET, my calculations also prove that an invincible man and another invincible man can't do♥♥♥♥♥♥to eachother except for pushing one another around like that one bully from 5th grade. Healing somebody at full health gives them overheal, overheal goes up to 150% the maximum health of that character (A soldier with 200 health will get 300 health with full overheal). After a target is fully overhealed, you gain CHARGE slower so it is recomended to SHARE THE HEALZ!

This spooky achevement medigun is a more offensive built medigun. Instead of making your life partner invincible, you say a "racial" slur and trigger them so bad that they do 3x the damage for 8 seconds. You also get the slur 25% faster than it would take to get the stock ready for MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. This charge is great for clearing the enemy team fast as any person who has played tf2 for more than 3 hours knows that crits are powerful (and fair and balanced). However your target is still suseptible to bullets making it good only for offensive purposes.

This is the 3rd Medi-Gun we will be talking about today. The Quick Fix has special Sonic juices inside of it to make it heal 40% faster! This Medigun heals the target at 33.6 health per second (100.8 with crit heals but WE WILL GET INTO THAT LATER). This is an all around gread sidegrade for the medigun. It has a bit of a weaker uber though as instead of inveunerablility, you and the target heal at 300% the normal rate! You are also unable to be knocked back by♥♥♥♥♥♥like airblast. The only problem is you can still take damage. While the 300% healing will usually heal that right up quickly, very powerful attacks like crockets (crit rockets) can out damage the healing. This means if the enemy Medic is using a Kritzkrieg, you should be careful around him and his life partner. The Quick♥♥♥♥♥♥♥also overheals 50% less than all other mediguns. This means a 200 health soldier at full over heal would have 250 health as opposed to the normal 300. You can also blast jump with soldiers and demos. When a soldier or demoman blast jumps, you fly in the same direction as them. This makes healing soldiers and demos much easier as they don't have to worry about staying on ground level and they could also boost you into battle.

This Medi-Gun is a bit different than the others in that on top of the healing, it provides a damage resistence to Fire, Bullets, and Explosive damage. You can only have 1 resistence at a time and they protect you from 10% of the dmage of that type. You can swich through resistences by pressing your reload key. On charge, you abuse the power of GabeN to give you 75% resistence and 100% crit resistence to the damage type you have selected. The 100% crit resistence makes this weapon good for denying the Kritzkrieg. The CHARGE builds up 67% faster than normal but it charges slower when overhealing somebody. It also takes longer to get somebody to full overheal.
Syringe Guns!
AS THE MEDIC, YOU ARE A HEROIN ADDICT'S BEST FRIEND SINCE YOUR PRIMARY WEAPON FIRES NEEDLES...♥♥♥♥ING NEEDLES! These weapons are not to be used as a damage dealer but as a desperation attack when you're life partner dies and you spiral intoacripplingdepressionandyouruntodrugsasawaytoescapeyetthedrugsconsumeyou...then your life partner respawns and the cycle repeats!

The stock syringe gun is the most well rounded of them all. It fires 1 syringe every 0.1 seconds meaning it fired 10 per second. Every syringe does a maximum of 12 damage at close range and a minimum of 5 damage at long range. This means you will average at about 100 dps in a normal ranged fight if you hit all the syringes. The syringes travel in an arc and are pretty hard to aim at a long range so hitting all 10 per second is pretty hard. The gun holds 40 needles per clip, this means you can shoot for 4 seconds before reloading.The gun carries 150 extr ammo after that meaning you can shoot 190 syringes before needing to get ammo. Decent stats aside, this gun isn't for mainly combat. Well, it IS but it should only be used when there's nobody around to help you and you have been spotted. This shouldn't happen too often if your gamesence and awareness are good but not everybody has good awareness.

This syringe gun is built for a more offensive type of play. Reducing the Medic's passive health regen but making it to where you regain 3 health for each syring you hit. Besides these stats it is identical to the stock. This gun is the main weapon of "Battle Medics," Medics that instead of healing others, go into battle heads on with this gun. The fact that if you hit all your syringes you not only deal 100 damage per second but also heal 30 health per second is pretty powerful. The only problem with this is that Medic is the only reliable healer in TF2 so just being another damage dealer is a bit of a waste.

This is one of my favorite guns IN THE GAME. Completely getting rid of the 10 syringes per second for a more powerful single syringe that deals anywhere from 34 to 75 damage. The Crusader's Crossbow has a reverse damage fall off that makes it so it deals more damage the further the medic is away from the target. This isn't even the best part though. The Crusader's Crossbow, CAN HEAL TEAMMATES. Shooting the bolt at a teammate will heal them for anywhere between 75 to 150 damage based on the previously mentioned reverse damage fall off. If you see a soldier being bullied across the map, don't worry about running all the way over there with your medi gun just for him to die by the time you get there. Shoot him with the Crusader's Crossbow and heal him for 120 health instead of running into the middle of the fight. You can also use this to heal multiple people simultaniously. Use your medigun to heal somebody up a bit, switch to the crossbow, and then shoot another person to heal them up too and then switch back to your medigun and REPEAT. This gun will take some getting used to with the faster bolt speed and aiming it to hit moving targets.

Oh look that heroin joke comes back to bite me in the♥♥♥♥♥♥ The Overdose is one of the more obscure syringe guns in the game. The syringe gun does 15% less damage than the stock, making deal an average of 9 damage instead of 10 making it deal 90 dps instead of 100. This may not sound like much, but it can mean your life in a dire situation. However, to compensate with this downside, this weapon increases your movement speed based upon how far your CHARGE is at. This weapon gives up to a 20% movement speed bonus when at FULL CHARGE. This can make it much easier to escape from battle due to you moving at almost the speed of a scout. This is good for when you have a full or close to full CHARGE and your patient dies right before you can pop. The movement speed can make you rush back to a safe spot before the enemy kills you.

Like every other class, the Medic owns a variety of melee options. These saws can save your life in a pinch and sometimes give you the edge in a battle. Since you don't use these as much as the Needle Guns and the Medi-Guns the explanations might be a abit shorter.

This is the most balanced option in the Medic's saw collection. Like most stock melees it does 65 damage on each hit and...that's it. This weapon should only be used when you're panicing too bad to aim and you need some quick burst damage to finish an attacker off. That's it. I said before that these would be fairly short.

This saw is the one mainly used by EVERY MEDIC MAIN. That's because on hit, it gives you 25% CHARGE instantly. However it swings 20% slower. This one rewards you for using your melee properly without dying with a juicy reward of CHARGE. Like the Crossbow, this will take some getting used to, but when used properly will reward you.

This one is weird. In casual games nobody uses it yet in competitive play it's considered so overpowered that it's banned. Why is this? The Vita-Saw reduces your health by 10 making it 140. Yet when you die, it saves 1/5th of your already built CHARGE that you gained in your previous life. In casual this doesn't mean much since it's just for fun and the other team probably doesn't even have a medic on their team. Yet in competitive, CHARGE MEANS EVERYTHING!!! Being able to keep 20% of your charge is really important when playing seriously.

This is probably the most complicated of them all. It deals 20% less damage making it deal 52 damage on hit instead of the normal 65. Yet when you taunt by pressing G, you heal everybody around you for 25 health up to 75 health with crit heals per second for 4 seconds. However when you taunt, you can't attack and you stand still. This is useful when you can find a good source of cover and multiple people on your team are taking damage at the same time. This is good when you dont have the Crusader's Crossbow equipped and you need to heal multiple people at the same time.

This is probably the easiest one to explain. When held, you can see your enemy's health (like if you were looking at your teamamte). This can be useful to call out which enemies are at low health and you can also see enemy medic's CHARGE. This weapon also has a 10% slower firing speed. That's it.
Staying Alive and Using Weapons Properly
I put this off for too long.

As the medic, you are a squishy class. So staying alive when things go wrong is slightly tricky. In this part I will be talking about staying alive in a sticky situation.

When the person you're healing dies and there is nobody around you to run to, turn around and start RUNNING. However if you believe that the person attacking you is at low health, you can start backpedaling (pressing the s key). When backpedaling you move slower so only do this when you're confident that you can kill them.


Surfing explosives is a very hard thing to do but if you do it right, it pays off in you being blasted away from your enemies. If a soldier or demoman is attacking you, backpedal and when you see an explosive about to explode near your feet, crouch jump (jumping and crouching when in mid air) and if you time it right the explosive will knock you back a fair distance. You should only do this when you're sure the explosive won't kill you.


Taunting with the Kritzkrieg heals you 10 health making it an easy way to recover after battle. (You're welcome Sum1)
Miscellaneous Stuff!
There are a BUNCH of important stuff you need to know as a Medic. We will go over the miscellaneous extras in this section.


Alright. I have an apology. I messed up when explaining crit heals the first time. Thanks to a comment by Mashpit, I now know how crit heals truely work.

So, crit heals are when you heal faster than the normal rate. These happen after 10 seconds of your patient not taking any damage and ramp up for another 5 seconds until you get to 72 health per second instead of 24. That is 3x the normal healing rate after 15 seconds of your patient not taking damage. It is safer however to wait just 11 or 12 seconds as you still heal faster but you save time. While this information might not be as useful in casual. It is very important to know when getting into competitive.


When the medic reaches full CHARGE he screams really loud that he has full CHARGE. This can give away that you have full CHARGE. To trick people into being scared of you, you can use the voice line "Medic: Fully Charged." To use this voiceline you need to press x and then 8. If you're fast enough, when you actually have full CHARGE you can quickly use another voice line to mask it! This was suggested by Gloopin Boopin


Sometimes there are so many people to heal at the same time. During these situations it is nice to have an oder to heal people in. The heal order is the order in which you heal your teammates. The healing order is based upon a few different factors. The biggest factor is how much damage somebody is currently taking. Obvoiusly you should be healing the person taking the most damage at this time. The next factor is how much damage they have taken. If you aren't in a fight at the moment, you should heal based on how much health each player has left. Base these on percentages too. Heal a Heavy with 100 health before a Spy with 100 health. The final factor is how close are they to the enemy and you. Heal people closest to you. You don't want to get too close to the enemy or you might get caught in the crossfire.
This is my heal priorities based on classes:

Avalibility: Almost always (slow speed)
Speed: Very Slow (make sure to stay near him in case he takes too much damage)
Pressure: High (He has the largest health and hitbox so he will most likely be the one tanking)

Avalibility: Often (sticky jump)
Speed: Very High ^
Pressure: Medium-High (He can deal a lot of damage so people like to take him out first)

He's very similar to the Demoman
Avalibility: Often (rocket jump)
Speed: Very High ^
Pressure: Medium (If playing in a 6s team composition, you will be pocketing one soldier so people will try to take you out before him but don't worry because he will protect you.)

Avalibility: Slightly Often (he's a flanker so he might be in the backlines sometimes)
Speed: Very High
Pressure: Medium-Low (A good scout is good at dodging so he won't be taking much damage)

Avalibility: Often (normally there for when the enemy ubers)
Speed: Medium
Pressure: Medium-Low (nobody really focuses the pyro that much)

Avalibility: Always (He's always behind your team)
Speed: Medium
Pressure: Low (Since he's in the back, only the other sniper focuses him)

Avalibility: Always (Normally near a sentry which will protect him)
Speed: Medium
Pressure: Medium

Avalibility: Never (Almost always behind the enemy)
Speed: Medium-High (107% movement speed)
Pressure: Low

This was based off of the heal order in ArraySeven's video (he's a way better medic than me so you should watch his videos if you want to learn even more about medic)


While you shouldn't "pocket" people. You should have soembody you can trust to keep you alive. Heavies are good because of the Sandvich being able to heal you as well. Soldiers and Demos are also good to trust and better to trust if using the Quick Fix.
Well that ends it! I will be updating this guide whenever I come up with something or when he gets changed. I hope you enjoyed! Also feel free to add me on Steam, I need people to play with.
What I'm Working On
I'm working on making posters for each section (like the one in the introduction). For now I will be working on adding in the suggestions in the comments!
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