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The Laws of Team Fortress 2
By P̿h̿a̿x̿l̿i̿e̿
No matter how long you played TF2, atleast one of these things happend to you.

The Guide reached its Limit, i will have to create a Second one for the rest of the Stereotypes, go to that one once i linked it to see the other stuff that will come up.
TF2 and Its Strict Laws.
The Guide is Full you got to go to the 2nd one if you want to get Featured, all people who submitted their ideas and didnt make it are probably featured in the 2nd Guide

Heres the Link to it:
Lets get started

1. The Random Button in the Character Select Screen is never used

2. When you want to play Spy you already got 3 playing that class but you decide to play him Anyways

3. You complain that theres no medic on the team but you yourself went another Support class but Medic

4. w+m1 Is a legit Strategy

5. If theres a medic on your team he seems to heal everyone but you

6. You hate Scouts

7. You think the Anger is not a edgy Hat

8. When you see a friendly hoovy, hes 90% guaranteed to be shot by a Gibus Soldier

9. You havent seen a real congaline after 10 Days since the Taunt got introduced

10. Its still fun to go to someone, put out the Highfive taunt, wait till he comes and then cancel it

11.If a medic isnt 24/7 on your♥♥♥♥♥when your a Heavy/Soldier/Demoman hes a bad Medic
and you decide to make those accusations directly in the chat
12. You get called out for not helping capturing the point although your a Spy on the other side of the Map

13.The Entire server hates you once they hear dat fully charged machina shot in the distance

14. If someone has the Troublemakers tosslecap, it will either be painted Lime green or pink as hell

15. If someone uses the Eyelander he hits you from kilometers away but once you use it the range seems just like the Stock weapons one.

16.If your playing Heavy the E key is your favorite button

17.Keep spamming dat X-2 on that one sniper infront of you just to show that you can call other people enemy spys

18. "The burning you feel? It is shame"

19. You still think the Wraith Wrap and the Last breath are a cool Pyro cosmetic Combination

20. If a Soldier wears the Dr Dapper topper, he will combine it with the allfather or the summer shades.

21. You think the Force-a-Nature is broken, yet you say Scattergun > Force-a-Nature

22. For some reason you never get the deflect although you hit M2 like 20 times in between each Sec

23.It doesnt matter if you hide behind a Wall if a Heavy fires at you, the bullets seem to just turn around the corner and kill you anyways

24. The Huntsman is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t

25. If you meet a Spy, he will have an Ambassador with him or try to trickstab you if he has more than 2 cosmetics

26. If a scout wears the Hermes hat, he is 100% a Pro

27. The community complaints that they dont get enough Updates ---> Get new update
----> Complain about update and say TF2 is dead -----> Repeat

28. Most of you call f2ps♥♥♥♥♥♥but yet yourselfs were f2ps at one point

29.It is NOT ok to critskrieg a heavy with the brass beast, thats inhumane

30. Atleast Half of all the people who read this, at some point had or wanted to get the Demopan loadout for the Demoman

31. You atleast once participated In the act of standing behind a person, doing the flip taunt and then the other person doing the same to you till you got the magnificent being called the "Penetration Train"

32. The Enemy sniper always lands a crit on you with the kukri. Suggested by Pootis Bird

33. If someone combines the point n shoot with the Antlers hes automaticly a muselk rip off

34. If the Enemy team has a heavy with a entire Pink loadout you will lose the Match 100%

35. If your on fire, the pyro on your team seems to be more interested in spy checking that medic whos "HEALING" The heavy on your team instead of putting out the flames on you

36. You never see Engineers on the Map degroot_keep

37. When you first started out tf2 you probably thought the Pyro was OP and should have been nerfed

38. If your playing soldier and none of your rockets hit the target, blame lag on it

Originally posted by Phaxlie:
When you want to play Spy you already got 3 playing that class but you decide to play him Anyways
Same goes for Sniper

40. Everybody calls the Sydney Sleeper trash but when someone uses it hes just too good with it that you cant even approach him without having 5 bullet holes in your Stomach

41. The Classic is a good Sniper Rifle, everybody just sucks with it

42. Soldiers with the Blackbox, conch and The Escape Plan usually have a quickfix medic pocket on their♥♥♥♥♥aswell "Fun Fact: They Die too Quickly"

43. Everybody Plays the Sniper usually like they would Play Heavy - Run to the frontline and Scare everybody to Death

44. The Pyro Is Male

45. If a Soldier dies because he overextended too much, he will always blame his Pocket Medic

46. There exist other Melee Weapons for Medic but the Ubersaw

47. Going all Heavy on a Payload Objective Map is indeed a Viable strategy

48. Everybody buys Taunts but doesnt use them for their Intended purpose and that is to use them after you killed somebody

49. The People of TF2 wanted the Pyro nerfed, The Dev Team buffed him to show that they dont play by the Rules

50. When Someone has The Market Gardener in their Loadout they either use it too often and die or never use it at all

51. You always seem to only buy Hats for your Main but leave out the Rest. Suggested by Gasai Yuno

52. As soon as Someone has the name of a Popular TF2 Youtuber he will either be called a Faker in Chat or have 10 medics on his♥♥♥♥♥br>
53. Theres no such thing as Skill, theres only people who play Sniper with the Stock Sniper Rifle and People who play with the Machina

54. If you Pick the Payload Gamemode, theres more Options than Upward and Badwater

55. It is scientiffically proven that if you shoot a Spycrab and kill it during that process, that you will be cursed with 100 Years of Bad drops and unlucky unboxes

56. "Stars and Stripes beat Hammer and Sickle, look it up!"

57. You still think that any Cosmetic looks cool paired with the Doublecross cromm

58. The only thing that defines a good heavy is wether or not he has a Medic.
"Obvious Sarcasm"

59. lvl 1 and lvl 100 Cosmetics dont increase the Value of an Item, its just a easier way to rip People off

60. You once decided to Stand still in TF2 just to see what happens and you died immediately afterwards

61. In MvM your Skill, opinion and expierience dont matter if you better not ♥♥♥♥ing pick medic instead of Pyro Suggested by Pizzaman4360

62. If you cap in Hightower, you're immediately labeled as terrible Suggested by GET BAD! GET ROFLCUBE

63. You only seem to meet entire green lime Snipers on Trade servers, and if you do they are always better than you Suggested by Sir MemeWorks

64. If you main Sniper now, your previous Main must have been Scout or Pyro

65. If you see a pyro use the reserve shooter, you hate him. But if you see a soldier use it, you praise him Suggested by Goodest Demoman

66. Anyone that uses "The Schadenfreude" Taunt after they killed you is officially "That Guy" Suggested by Shadow

I cant do more of this Guide on this Page since it wont let me i will create a 2nd one where i will post the rest of the 100 or more stereotypes, i will link it in here, be sure to go to it
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Dognut Jun 23, 2017 @ 5:46pm 
DuffT_ChipHit May 18, 2017 @ 9:20am 
here:Maining is the worst thing you can do
P̿h̿a̿x̿l̿i̿e̿  [author] May 17, 2017 @ 11:45am 
Not really but theres nothing being written to me that wasnt already added to the guide
so its kinda hard to find good stuff if its all just not as known or already written down in the guides
DuffT_ChipHit May 17, 2017 @ 11:28am 
did you abandon the 2nd one?
P̿h̿a̿x̿l̿i̿e̿  [author] May 13, 2017 @ 6:47am 
to anyone who cant read the second guide features all other Laws aka 67 > and so on so please check it out
DietDoritos May 12, 2017 @ 4:01pm 
7, 10, 31, 40, 48, 60, 66.
I admit to all of these lol.

67. People who play Spy have some form of porn/hentai spray to make backstabs easier.
koreeyy May 6, 2017 @ 9:48am 
59. > If someone is a collector, they will pay a bit more, for their desired level.
Chef May 5, 2017 @ 8:49pm 
I always use the random class button when i play casual, the class i get is the class i stay with until the end of the round. Provides a fun challenge when i get a class im absolutely horrid at, like pyro....
pyroman50 May 4, 2017 @ 8:02pm 
another law :

Every item drop will always be a weapon or crate
Humfrey Barwick May 4, 2017 @ 10:44am 
I must be a TF2 criminal because I've always mained sniper.