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Sharks - Apex Species
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Apr 22, 2017 @ 10:27pm
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Sharks - Apex Species

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Since man first enterered the ocean, he has feared the shark. Stories, films and games have fed this fear giving the shark a monster-like reputation as a man-eating killer. This reputation is mainly based on fear and misunderstanding. According to the Australian Institute of Marine Science, 10 deaths per year are caused by sharks worldwide. But according to a report in Marine Policy, an estimated 100 million sharks are killed indirectly and directly by humans every year.

This addon puts two sharks into Arma 3, a male (Sam) and a female (Diane). I've created the AI to be as realistic as possible. They explore. They hunt. But they will only hunt a human in the complete absence of four other types of commonly found fish. This gives you the opportunity to swim with them, study them and try to understand them in relative safety. Will they attack you? Only if you are the only large animal within 50 meters after the Salema, Tuna, Mullet and Mackerel fish. So most of the time, you can enjoy your time with them. But if you are unlucky, they might just hunt you.

  • Male and female sharks with pilot fish companions on each
  • Shark selective hunting behavior (fish and humans)
  • Sharks are more likely to attack you at night (they can't see as well) - NEW
  • Sharks are less likely to attack you during the day (they can see better) - NEW
  • Sharks can change depth when hunting
  • Underwater bleeding and blood effects
  • Shark sinks to the sea floor when killed
  • Safety script to move shark if it gets stuck in shallow water or stuck in the ground
  • If a shark is hunting you, get in a boat or get out of the water and it will give up
  • Custom sounds
  • Support for Zeus!
  • Module in editor for spawning groups of sharks with a trigger (Systems (F5) > Other > Sharks - Apex Species)

The Shark AI
Sharks will search an area of 50 meters around them for food. They prefer 4 other kinds of fish over humans (Salema, Tuna, Mullet and Mackerel). If they can't find any of those fish, they will stalk a human. During the day, there is a 10% chance that they will attack a human that they are stalking. During the night, there is a 25% chance that they will attack a human. Usually after they attack a human, they will leave. But not always. If you shoot a shark, it will accellerate off quickly. But that won't always discourage it.

When the shark is not hunting, it will explore the area for periods of time between 1 and 20 seconds.

  1. Open Eden editor
  2. Place your player character
  3. Place Sam or Diane sharks (as many as you want) in the water
    • Props > Animals > Aquatic
    • The shark will begin a standard hunting/swimming behavior once the mission starts
    • At the start of the mission before other fish spawn, you are at higher risk of being hunted. To avoid this, place your character and the shark at least 55+ meters apart
  4. Alternatively, place a shark spawning module
    • Systems (F5) > Other > Sharks - Apex Species
    • Select the gender of the shark and number of sharks to spawn
    • Optional: Sync a trigger to the module so the sharks only spawn when conditions are met
  5. Play the mission


Get involved! For more information about sharks or to donate money to their survival and protection, please consider visiting the following websites and helping out:

  • Animations and original config by DeanosBeano
  • Model by Al Simmons
  • New Config, behavior, sounds, graphics and textures by Feint

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May 20 @ 8:04pm
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Joker Sep 21 @ 9:57am 
Hi, firstly I love the mod, they look and move great and give a lot to the atmosphere when underwater. I tested a lot in single player and they were exactly what I was looking for but when I tried it on a dedicated server they would spawn but would just continually swim off in the direction they spawned in without turning or hunting.
I can't find anything on the dedicated server that would inhibit them normally and was wondering if anyone else had encountered this or knows why this could be happening so if the problem is on my end I can get it fixed. Thank You.
Dot_UK_3 Jul 26 @ 12:32pm 
ok cheers @Feint
Feint  [author] Jul 25 @ 5:37pm 
Try it. But test. Most of my testing has been done in SP.
Dot_UK_3 Jul 25 @ 5:49am 
Is it possible to add these sharks to my Exile Server or are they just for single player missions?
Feint  [author] Jul 13 @ 11:16pm 
No. Instructions are in the description.
G.Mitchell Jul 12 @ 5:49pm 
do they auto spawn?
Feint  [author] Jul 9 @ 7:16pm 
Thanks bijx. I appreciate the kind words.
bijx Jul 8 @ 9:43pm 
I'm a big fan of mods like this that expand the atmosphere of the Arma world more than just the combat. The mod is clean, light, and you even put links out to support shark conservation! 10/10 mod development, really appreciate the effort put into increasing the variety of mods available to the community.
Eliax May 20 @ 9:15pm 
stewfly92 May 20 @ 8:07pm 
thanks for that exciting news