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HudLcd - Display your LCD text on your HUD!
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Apr 22, 2017 @ 1:46pm
May 1, 2017 @ 11:57am
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HudLcd - Display your LCD text on your HUD!

I am currently not maintaining this mod

HudLcd displays the Text of a selected LCD on your HUD!

Now with multiple LCDs, and lots of colour options!

This Mod is written with little C# experience (mainly C++, Java) and I haven't had the time to do extensive Bug tests. (I will Hotfix as soon as bugs come to my attention.)

Requires the Text HUD API!

- Display multiple LCDs on your HUD
- Configure Position, Scaling and Colour!

- figure out how to make Text HUD API use custom Fonts (not a Monofont version; this helps display Automatic LCDs Scripts/etc)

How do I display my LCD?

To display an LCD on your HUD either tag the LCD Title or the LCD custom Data (Not the Name) with "hudlcd". The LCD has to be on the same grid you are controling! (Not connected via landing gear or connectors). Controling a grid means you are sitting in a cockpit, remote controling or viewing through a camera.

If you want to adjust the positioning, scale or colour of the LCD Text on your HUD put the following format into a new line:



If you want to use the default value of any of the Parameters just leave it blank.
(Only changing the colour would look like so = hudlcd::::Red , Only changing the position = hudlcd:-1:1 )

The middle of your screen is 0:0.
PosX adjusts the vertical alignment, PosY the horizontal.
Both values have to be between -1 and 1.
PosX: 1 is the right of the screen, -1 is the left.
PosY: 1 is the top of the screen, -1 is the bottom.
(Example: Top-Left = hudlcd:-1:1 , Default = hudlcd:-0.98:-0.2 (this places the text over your left HUD elements as seen in the first screenshot))

The default scaling is 0.8
1 is normal size
2 is double size
0.5 is half size

You can flip the Text on it's head by making this value negative, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By default HudLcd will try and get the Font Colour of the LCD Panel.
If you don't like that then you have several options of changing this:
The following formats work for the Colour option:
(Example: "red", "green", "blue" (the full list of colours is down below))
r,g,b or r,g,b,a where r = red [0-255], b = blue [0-255], g = green [0-255], a = alpha [0-255]
(Example: "hudlcd::::255,0,255" which should be pink, or "hudlcd::::255,255,255,150" which should be white with reduced alpha)

At any point in the Text of your LCD you can use the tag <color={Colour as described above}> to change the text following the tag.

Featured in the Screenshot: Automatic LCDs 2
Thanks to Cheetah for suggesting to hook the mod into the LCD Panels instead of using the ControlledEntityChanged Event.

All Colours supported by the Text HUD API:
aliceblue ,antiquewhite ,aqua ,aquamarine ,azure ,badetblue ,beige ,bisque ,black ,blanchedalmond ,blue ,blueviolet ,brown ,burlywood ,chartreuse ,chocolate ,coral ,cornflowerblue ,cornsilk ,crimson ,cyan ,darkblue ,darkcyan ,darkgoldenrod ,darkgray ,darkgreen ,darkkhaki ,darkmagenta ,darkoliveGreen ,darkorange ,darkorchid ,darkred ,darksalmon ,darkseagreen ,darkslateblue ,darkslategray ,darkturquoise ,darkviolet ,deeppink ,deepskyblue ,dimgray ,dodgerblue ,doneydew ,firebrick ,floralwhite ,forestgreen ,fuchsia ,gainsboro ,ghostwhite ,gold ,goldenrod ,gray ,green ,greenyellow ,hotpink ,indianred ,indigo ,ivory ,khaki ,lavender ,lavenderblush ,lawngreen ,lemonchiffon ,lightblue ,lightcoral ,lightcyan ,lightgoldenrodyellow ,lightgray ,lightgreen ,lightpink ,lightsalmon ,lightseagreen ,lightskyblue ,lightslategray ,lightsteelblue ,lightyellow ,lime ,limegreen ,linen ,magenta ,maroon ,mediumaquamarine ,mediumblue ,mediumorchid ,mediumpurple ,mediumseagreen ,mediumslateblue ,mediumspringgreen ,mediumturquoise ,mediumvioletred ,midnightblue ,mintcream ,mistyrose ,moccasin ,navajowhite ,navy ,oldlace ,olive ,olivedrab ,orange ,orangered ,orchid ,palegoldenrod ,palegreen ,paleturquoise ,palevioletred ,papayawhip ,peachpuff ,peru ,pink ,plum ,powderblue ,purple ,red ,rosybrown ,royalblue ,saddlebrown ,salmon ,sandybrown ,seagreen ,seashell ,sienna ,silver ,skyblue ,slateblue ,slategray ,snow ,springgreen ,steelblue ,tan ,teal ,thistle ,tomato ,turquoise ,violet ,wheat ,white ,whitesmoke ,yellow ,yellowgreen
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hellarea Jun 29 @ 7:23am 
Its possible to activate displaying in Camera View mode only?
Darian Stephens Jun 25 @ 11:53pm 
I like having most of the effects, so I'd actually recommend a mod to reduce the blur specifically, or something more general like Space Just Got Real.
1wsx10 Jun 25 @ 9:02pm 
@adamsrealm thats added by the game, i think you can turn it off in settings
adamsrealm Jun 25 @ 1:28pm 
any reason why the text is blurry when placed at the edge of the screen?
J1k0 May 30 @ 2:50pm 
Hey Javastew, weisst du zufällig wie man mehrere lcds spawnt ? Oben steht es als Feature aber nirgends sieht man beschrieben wie das geht - Oder ich übersehe gerade etwas...
Darian Stephens Feb 16 @ 8:00pm 
zans Feb 16 @ 2:13pm 
is this still functional?
Darian Stephens Feb 1 @ 7:20am 
You bet it does! I think you need to be in the affected cockpit (Or using the remote control) for the text to show, but it does stay when you switch to a camera; just be sure to position it in a place that the camera's own text won't overlap.
zans Jan 6 @ 6:51am 
does this work with cameras?
1wsx10 Jan 3 @ 8:34pm 
could you extend this to work with programmable block echo field? that would be perfect for debugging