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Good Battle! A Medieval Heavy Guide
By General jruokis the Merciless
Are you struggling as Heavy in Medieval? Do you not know what your doing and want to learn some tricks about Degroot Keep? Well, this guide is certainly for you! We go over the basics and advanced ways to play Heavy in Medieval mode!

So, you want to learn how to be a master Heavy on Medieval, do ya? Well, this guide is to help you rule Degroot Keep as it was your own! Good Battle!

What this Guide will go over
Now this guide will go over the Basics and Advanced methods of playing Melee Heavy in Degroot Keep. This may help you in other places, but this is mainly for that map. For the basic tips and tricks, i will go over

  • Melee Weapons
  • Enemies you will face
  • Degroot Keep

Then we will go over some stuff not many would know.

  • Strafing Demoknights
  • Defense
  • Offence
  • 1v1 vs crowd

Now lets go learn some stuff!
Basics of Medieval Heavy: Weapons
First the Basic stuff any Heavy should know

Knowing your weapons

Knowing the melee weapons Heavy kills with in Medieval is a big step and can save your life anytime. Fists of Steels is not included as it is a useless weapon for Medieval mode and shouldn't ever be used.


The Original And all rounder kind of melee weapon. They fight fast and they win faster if you can hit all your shots on your enemies and are very powerful in 1v1s. The Apoco fists are a re-skin but we like to call them The Doomfists ☭ for a reason ;)

Killing Gloves of Boxing / KGB

These Gloves are slightly slower than normal fists but they grant you a 5 second Crit Boost on a single kill. These can be used for combo killstreaks if done right and mixed with the Steak it becomes the ultimate DOUBLE CRIT COMBO

Gloves Of Running Urgently / Gru

These Gloves makes you faster but also decreases your health, meaning you will die quicker when using them. You can easily get fast caps with these gloves and sometimes have a speed advantage. But be careful using these even in 1v1s or don't even use them at all in Medieval, they are pretty useless.

The Warriors Spirit

Now not the best melee weapon, The old Bear claws provide some good stats for medieval and can be used pretty successfully. The Warriors Spirit has +30% damage which in some cases, can 2 hit weaker classes in Medieval. And with the +50 health restored on kill, you can survive on your own for awhile using these. With the 30% vulnerabilty, DON'T USE THE STEAK ON THIS ONE!

Eviction Notice

The Eviction Notice can get you out of battles easier and quicker even though it takes a long time to kill the opponent. There isn't much to say about this one, its decent if you can hit all your shots
as most players can't hit someone going that fast, just remember the vampire effect it has.

Holiday Punch

These gloves deal crits from behind that make your target laugh and sit still for alittle, making him vulnerable to your teammates or your attacks, but thats the only thing it's crits can do, not doing any damage. They also do 100% crit chance to someone who is also using the Holiday Punch.



Standard healing tool for Medieval, it can be used to heal teammates as a medium health pack and your self to 100% health which is very useful as Medieval doesn't have much Health kits lying around. You can be a self-made Medic with this, give it when your teammates need it.

Dalokohs Bar

Now the Dalokohs Bar is a very good secondary to use on yourself, not teammates. It gains you 100 health when eating it injured and when not injured gives you a quick health boost and a extra 50 health for 30 seconds. The Dalokohs charges after 10 seconds, so you always have 100 health in your pocket. This consumable can also help you survive for abit longer with that 50 extra health (Not much, but can help you sometimes with tanking dam).

Buffalo Steak Sandvich

This poor Steak, its gotten too much hate over the years. But in Medieval, its gives a massive advantage for Heavies who can hit. More move speed + mini-crits are your best pal. Be wise when using this, it can get you killed if your surrounded and huntsmen can track you down easily but 1v1s will always be in your favor.


Ah the newest weapon in the collection, abuse this and use it whenever you can. That quick regen can you a master at surviving.
Basics of Medieval Heavy: Enemies
Knowing your enemies

Now knowing who your fighting can lead to a good battle on your part and should be taken
very seriously.


Now these bastards are what started Medieval and we should respect them the best we can.. by beating the hell out of them! If you never faced one of these guys, you never played tf2. They are everywhere and more common in Medieval.

They will mostly charge at you with their shield at first when they get the chance and this can cause your health to go down horribly because of them, but if you see these guys without their charges and glowing eye killstreaks, try and go for them in close combat. You could win because of your health advantage and what kind of weapon you could be using.

Also, i want to go over the Skull-cutter as it is a OP weapon used by the Demoknights all the time in medieval and you should really, REALLY be careful around them. Don't even bother fighting them sometimes unless your lucky with the Eviction, they have 20% more damage on their side. But if you ever end up with one of these guys, try and get those hits in as 3 Stock hits kill a Demo.

Now these buggers can ruin your day in seconds and can one-hit ya even with full health. Try and spot these guys the best you can and dodge their arrows the best you can because when they hit, you probably will have to go back to your spawn to get some health.

But killing them is pretty easy if you can even reach them at all. They don't have very good melee weapons and very low health but can be hard to take on because of their speed.

They also can have fire arrows, putting more damage on to ya and making you have afterburn. If this happens run to your spawn or get some medical aid like a Sandvich or Medic.


Now im not sure how its a good idea running to a player with a bat and beating them with it, but these enemies aren't so bright and can be killed with enough focus and aiming.Be careful though, they can throw milk down and get health by hitting you and they can also use the Sandman with the Guil (Pretty bad for Heavies). Their speed is their only advantage and once you beat that, they have nothing! Again, bad health and bad melee weapons but be careful around that Sandman.


Now these Medics can be a huge threat with the amount of crits they have, like jesus ♥♥♥♥ing christ that uber-saw! Besides that, they also have cross-bows that can heal their team-mates and with that other taunt as well. Stay clear of these guys, and once you get the chance strike at them with your russian force of nature!


Now your not the only Heavy in Medieval, and you have to be careful of the other beasts in the Battlefield. Always get the first hit in, and you have a advantage. Remember this when your using stock: 5 Stock Fist hits kill a Heavy, this tip can let you have a advantage into knowing how far you have to go to kill a full health Russian.

Now there are plenty more enemies i haven't covered, but these 5 are the ones you will see the most in Medieval. The ones i haven't mentioned are pyros, soldiers and even engies sometimes.
Basics of Medieval Heavy: Degroot
Knowing Degroot Keep

Degroot Keep Is The Only Medieval Mode Map and a CP map. It has only 2 health packs and 4 ammo boxes. The Blu spawn is a wooden outpost while the Red spawn is Degroot Keep.

The goal for the Blu team is to capture all 3 contol points, while Red has to defend the control points and the Keep. If points A and B get captured, the gate opens and point C in the castle gets
exposed. When that happens, Blu team has a minute to get in and capture it. If the timer expires
and point C still hasn't been captured, the gate closes and all the points go back to Red. Therefore, Blu has to recapture all the points to open the gates and try once again at capturing point C.

Plus there aren't any water sources such as Ponds or Lakes anywhere, so the only way to cure afterburn is to get a medic to shoot you with his Crusader's Crossbow or find a Health Pack.

This is what i call 'The Castle Field'

This basically the breeding ground for spamming Huntsmen, attacks from above and other nasty things like Spies. Watch out and try to never go through the open field without protection.

This is 'The Keep' or 'The Courtyard'

This is the death pit if you're going in alone because of Demos and Arrows! Be careful unless your going up the stairs and into The Battlements.

That red circle is what i call 'The General's Steps'

That plateau has helped in me defense so much as you can just stand on the health pack, punch and stop offender trying to get it. You are fine from arrows as well (sometimes not). It's the perfect place for a Heavy and having the high ground makes it even more better.
Advanced Medieval: Strafing
Now the art of Demoknight strafing is pretty hard to time and master, you just get out of their way in time when they are charging with their shield and you don't have to face the consequences. Don't do this in small hallways or corridors because they will still hit ya. If you do this correctly though, the Demoknight will have nowhere to run to, no charge and maybe isn't so good at aiming with his sword and you will still have full health. :)

Advanced Medieval: Defense
Now many will say bring Heavy on Defense is plain stupid, but thats WRONG. Heavy is a tank and can deal out so much damage. The only problem is with positioning yourself in Defense. One mistake on postitioning and you might be dead.

On Red, in the start of the round you want to climb up the stairs leading to the balcony of the keep as everyone else does. Begin to eat what ever Consumable you have (Sandvich, Dalokohs, Buff)
and run to B.

Control Point B is the best control point you can defend by when not defending in the keep, as it keeps you away from long range Huntsmen and gives you a advantage of it being a small place to battle and try out close combat. Always stick with teammates when going outside the Keep, its too dangerous to go alone and you can be rushed on the points by 5-6 people sometimes.

If both control points are capped or will be capped, Go to the courtyard and eat your secondary before the gates open giving you a boost before you have to face any enemies. But do not eat in front of the gate, that is just plain stupid. Stay there and defend the last point as best as you can white dodging arrows and keeping people out.

If the gate closes, stay in the courtyard or rush to B. Its more of your choice at that point.

Good Example of being in the Courtyard:

Advanced Medieval: Offence
Heavy is a powerhouse on Offence more then he is on Defense, he can capture points quickly and kill classes in a few hits getting in his way. Some rules apply in offence if you want to stay alive.

First in Blu spawn, eat whatever secondary you have (Dalokohs helps alot in Medieval). But do not go to the gate doors just yet. Huntsmen can still shoot their arrows over there and you can die before the round has even begun. Once the doors get open, check for any enemies outside or Huntsmen in the keep firing at the gates. If there are enemies your team can deal with, rush to A and capture it so your team can get a starting advantage.

Or you can go the backway straight to B, this is a pretty fast way to one of the control points as well

Once you have captured the point, try and make your way to B or A. If that is already captured, first see who is in the Courtyard. There may be 3-7 enemies in there all the time trying to save their point. Try and wait for more teammates outside the keep, but watch out. People can jump on ya from the balcony.

When its the right time, rush in, take the stairs, and eat there. then fight and hold a postition in the courtyard or barracks. Its good to keep the enemy out of one place while the others keep fighting for the point. Or you can always run with your allies and try and make a run for the point.
But watch it, It always gets messy in the Courtyard.

Advanced Medieval: Fighting
There are plenty of ways to die in Medieval, Getting into fights with crowds is one of them. Don't ever try and get into fights with 3 or more people, it will always end up bad even for a Heavy. The courtyard in the keep is a bad place for this, and without teammates backing you up you will be dead in seconds moving though there. Now if you DO have teammates, its better to rush with them then wait until they are in. More people = More power basically.

1v1s on the other hand you can survive and thrive. You are a powerful Bear after all and 1v1 melee
fights with weaker classes, you will likely win without any problem (unless your using the gru).

So keep a eye on what fights are happening from far away and think before heading into them,
good eye sight and awareness is a big part in Melee Heavy.
Go and fight!
Well that wraps it up!

If this guide helped you in anyway or form, i will be happy! This is the first extended guide of Heavy Medieval and i hope it really helped you into becoming a better Heavy in the ways or Melee and Medieval. Now you may get different results all the time, and that guide can't really help you with that. If you want more tips or tricks comment on my profile or comment on here.

If you have any ideas on how i can improve my guide more, comment below! Thank you all!

Don't forget to say Good Battle in Medieval instead on Good Game! Fight on and have a Gb! ;)

Pic made by Aleksi Mizaro

-General Jruokis, The Merciless Heavy

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[LOGIC] KING KONG May 2, 2017 @ 12:39pm 
Another thing to mention: If you eat the steak as soon as the setup timer hits 0:03, the gates will be open as soon as you're able to move again.
General jruokis the Merciless  [author] May 1, 2017 @ 3:47am 
czava, I may make a section about spy soon!
General jruokis the Merciless  [author] May 1, 2017 @ 3:47am 
@Dafkan, that Steak really helps 1v1 combat and mixed with the gloves you can 1 shot people even in crowds. When using other weapons, fighting in crowds of enemies become more difficult
Czavazavavazava May 1, 2017 @ 2:47am 
What about spies?
Andy Dandy May 1, 2017 @ 2:17am 
There are plenty of ways to die in Medieval, Getting into fights with crowds is one of them. Don't ever try and get into fights with 3 or more people, it will always end up bad even for a Heavy. The courtyard in the keep is a bad place for this, and without teammates backing you up you will be dead in seconds moving though there. Now if you DO have teammates, its better to rush with them then wait until they are in. More people = More power basically.
Are you sure about that? Cause my gloves of boxing and steak don't agree with that.
General jruokis the Merciless  [author] Apr 30, 2017 @ 8:06pm 
And don't tell people how skilled they are at the game if you have a private profile
General jruokis the Merciless  [author] Apr 30, 2017 @ 8:05pm 
And you will almost likely be rushed by many enemies
General jruokis the Merciless  [author] Apr 30, 2017 @ 8:04pm 
Yea the bonus is good, but if you can't hit your shots its fucking useless
General jruokis the Merciless  [author] Apr 30, 2017 @ 8:03pm 
It kills you in like two hits man
⛧ This is The End Apr 30, 2017 @ 7:58pm 
dont use meat with bear claw lol thats like the best strat please learn to play before telling people not to use a great strat because you cant do well with it