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Dungeon Defenders | Mega MapPack
Dungeon Defenders | Mega MapPack

Here's my big personal custom map collection for Dungeon Defenders

(Last updated: 20-04-2017)
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500waves 600towers
Created by Ardelorezo
toimisko jo?...
Arcane Tavern
Last Updated Aug 11

WIP - The Arcane Tavern is a tavern for mages to go to, relax, and have a drink with their esteemed colleagues. A few mages got themselves into a drunken bar fight, and the magical energy they used has attracted malicious creatures. It...
Brookrift Keep PC
Created by Nexussfire
This map took 2nd in the third map contest graciously hosted by Trendy.

Should provide a challenge on Nightmare Mode. There are numerous secrets all over the map. The biggest of them can only be accessed after you beat the level. And if you play it mu...
Candy Land For Dungeon Defenders
Created by The doctor is in
Candy Land where all your dreams and nightmares come true.

Candy Land based on original work by Emilie Rodgers, www.emilierodgers.com
http://youtu.be/NPlzijMhXtc (original http://vimeo.com/21946426)

And if you love this...
Created by DanielSnd
Checkers (Just a board to play checkers with a friend, use summoners, summon monsters on the board, and user overlod to move the pieces.) There is no monsters or special purpose or reward at all, it's just if you want to play checkers with a friend in DD....
Courtyard Crossing
Created by snap diggles
Class diversity is encouraged in this ever-expanding battle that will test your mastery of multi-tasking and strategic awareness. Enlist with up to five other defenders to better protect the five crystals....
Crystal Dungeon
Created by Is44ru
This is my first map with DDDK.
Please review it and write some comments....
Defend Paradise Joy Map
Created by evernewjoy
Defend Island Paradise and Find 8 Crystal Shards!
* Enjoy a fully explorable Island, if you can see it,
you can get there and climb it and jump off of it! *
Dragon of the North
Created by DanielSnd
Blu, the Icy Baby Dragon got lost and needs help finding his mother! Do you have what it takes to escort him back to safety?

This Event will take you into an adventure, in an exciting escort mission.

This map plays differently than other maps, you're...
Easter Eggs
Created by icke
Gives you 32 of the limited time Easter Eggs upon completion. (12 Small, 2 Large, 2 Big, 2 Huge, 2 Gigantic, 12 Humongous)
This way you can obtain the limited time Easter Eggs, Squire Bunny Costume and Mega Chicken Pet/Familiar....
Endless Boss Rush
Created by Mischief
So you think you're good? Beat all the bosses like it's nothing? Well, see how long you can last here...when the bosses never stop! Starting with just Demons and progressing down the line, with the enemies growing ever stronger...survive as long as possibl...
Equipment (Sarah)
Created by Sarah
The mod will not more support from me, reason out of date!
If you do not need the mod just click the green button again!...
Eternia Castle
Created by S1
So. Im back; Even no matter how many times you all tried to get rid of me.

Also. Someone give me a name for this map. I dont know what to call it other than the "Shit castle like 2 story thing"...
Etheria Triangle
Created by black-dragon131
In the wide ocean is a mystical place called the Etheria Triangle. Many ships got lost there as did our hero's ship...
Can you help them to escape?

- add flyers
- add boss - done
- add eyecandy
- replace minimap with an accurate one - done

Etheria Village
Created by Ri
The seal of the temple "eye of hell" has been broken, etheria village ain't safe no more... The little heroes join they're forces in one more epic adventure defending the hearts of the world.

--- Work in progress ---...
Forgotten Depths
Created by Sanghelios
This huge map is placed underwater and can be played with four players. There are two rewards at the end (Every class can get them). I hope you like it and please leave some feedback. :)...
Forgotten Graveyard
Created by Stimz
You tremble with fear as you arrive on the outkirts of Etheria and discover an ancient graveyard where the source of the evil invaders seem to be originating from. You must free this sacred ground of tyranny so that the souls of this enchanted place may re...
Forked Assault
Created by Viking Goblin
Made for at least 2 players. Battle hoards of enemies swarming your defence. Took me several months, but dont let that hold you back when criticizing me!

Version 1.1
AI Pathing fixed

Version 1.2
Enemy waves reworked
Right door bug fixed...
Created by Stimz
4-6 Player support!
3 Crystals to defend!
Seige Breaker Waves!

Welcome to Gallowmere, an ancient temple rediscovered in a distant land. The excavators have all abandoned this place. But why? Is there a curse upon this place? Perhaps there is t...
Helms Deep
Created by Cr4zy
Helms Deep! From the wonderful Lord of the Rings

Current Version: BETA 003

Due to my inability to back this up, it's impossible for me to continue working on it, as such this release will be the last.

There are chances this thing falls to pieces w...
Hero Temple
Created by ConverseBob
This once sacred monument was built to honor the triumphs of the Legendary Heroes. As the battle for Etheria rages on, even this ceremonial meeting place has become a battle ground. Defend this temple in the name of those legendary heroes, and do not let i...
Japanese Village
Created by Sam
Wok! in Progress.

Difficulty is just default Deeper Well spawns for now. More of a preview than anything.

Still lots to do, here it is so far anyway.

Give a thumbs up if you like it :)...
Just 0 to 70
Created by Cptn
Play the map on easy to skip from 0 to 70....
Library of the Ancients
Created by Simtim
This long forgoten library holds the secrets of the ones who created the Eternia Crystals. You must not let it fall into the hands of those who would use this knowledge for evil!

This is a work in progress.

Known Issues
*Minimap does not fit properly* ...
LotR Mines of Moria
Created by Sanghelios
The Mines of Moria from the Lord of the Rings. I really hope that you like it. :)...
Mad Mana Map
Created by chibi++
The original Mad Mana Map. Hit the dummies and get mana, it's that easy!

How to download and use this map:
* Click the subscribe button on this page, if you are in game, the download should start immediately, if not, the map should start to download ...
Magic Platform Assault
Created by DJ Sterf
Update 12/5/12 - REWARD: Dragon Staff of Commish!

As featured on Trendy Friday Fun (10/26/12 and 11/23/12 and 11/30/12)

Tell all your friends, we need more assault packs! Also: check out Sky o Love Assault.

Have patience with this map -- it can be hila...
Mana Marshland Melee
Created by Saltberry
To download and play this map click the "subscribe" button and start the game. You can only play this map in open or local modes. Also, because it is a pvp map, it is best enjoyed with at least 1 other player. I suggest you ask a friend to join you or host...
Created by Sanghelios
"Meltdown" is a map for up to four players. You have to defend the crystal between Wave 8-13. Wave 14 contains incoming Mini-Ogres, Mini-Spiders, Mini-Wyvern and 100 Sharkens. There is a Boss on Wave 14, 15 and 16 aswell. You can get 4 really nice Rewards ...
Created by Cr4zy
Moonbase is officially included in Dungeon Defenders.
Now available to all, it comes with some bug fixes, changes to balance more importantly, weapons and pets you can keep forever on ranked!
Mumbos Mountain
Created by AwesomeSauce231
By TillOilenspiegel, one of the best games of all time comes to DD! (PvP)

Features multiple areas, dynamic music, Mumbo Shop... and Jinjos of course!!!...
Old One Practice
Created by DanielSnd
This map will take you straight to the Old One so you can practice killing him on Open before going to fight him on Ranked.

- Might give you some errors when opening but after pressing ok should be fine.
- Health is not scaling when playing with multip...
Raining Ogres
Simple challenge + Simple idea + ???? = BRUTAL CHALLENGE

This is the Raining Goblins challenge modified to only spawn ogres.
There are a lot, they spawn insanely fast and they run like hell!*
It starts off quit...
Return to Aquanos
Created by Myin
Now that the desert town has been purged, time to go underseas in the third part of the Returnia Shards saga! Destroy the enemy's cleverly-laid base, then defend against the terrors of the deep......
Return to Mistymire
Created by Myin
The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards begins anew! Assault the enemy's well-fortified positions in the forests of Mistymire, then defend your re-taken positions against the horde!...
Return to Moraggo
Created by Myin
Continuing the Returnia Shards saga, travel to the desert town of Moraggo! Retake the town from the ever-stronger forces of evil, then defend it again!...
Return to Sky City
Created by Myin
With three shards reclaimed, the fourth awaits in Sky City! Avoid the wrath of the Arch Goblin Battlecruiser as you defeat the enemies that have yet again infested this airborne palace!...
Revenge of the Turkeys
Created by Mischief
You've hunted them through two different maps, now they want revenge! These turkeys aren't going to run from you, but are you going to run from them?!...
Sky o Love Assault
Created by DJ Sterf
As Featured on Trendy Friday Fun (11/23/12 Twitch webcast)

Destroy those enemy crystals while being harassed by your lovable male and female enemies, as well as a few surprise guests along the way!...
Summit Made Harder
Created by thegayagenda
More enemies stronger enemies and 45 DU...
Tavern Incursion
Created by Mischief
It's the second anniversary of Dungeon Defenders! After their latest adventures, the heroes return to their tavern...only to find it occupied by enemies! Retake your home, then defend it against the armies of evil!

Note: Due to steam workshop limitations,...
Tavern Incursion Mac
Created by Koros1691
It's the second anniversary of Dungeon Defenders! After their latest adventures, the heroes return to their tavern...only to find it occupied by enemies! Retake your home, then defend it against the armies of evil!

Note: Due to steam workshop limitatio...
Temple of POLYBIUS
POLYBIUS has been traced to the Water Temple, which it has taken over with a summoned army of minions and... worse. Infiltrate the temple, solve its mysteries, track down POLYBIUS and destroy it once and for all.

This is the final map in the POLYBIUS c...
Terror Ramparts Testing
Please post a comment. There seems to be an issue and I'm trying to resolve it, thanks.

Warning, may result in real-life events:
  • Eyes falling out of your head
  • Ugly people are attracted to you for one (1)
The Arena
Created by The doctor is in
Trapped in the arena our heroes must face wave after wave of monstrous hordes!


The Clearing
Created by The doctor is in
This time our heros find themselves surrounded in a clearing where they must defeat a whole army of vicious mobs.



The Knights Court
Created by Vawx
Defend the Knights Court crystal!

v3 - Added two more crystals, changed the intro cinematic a bit, added a mini-map, and changed the enemy spawn numbers a bit, to make it more difficult.

To download:
Click the 'subscribe' button above....
The Library
Created by MacCoy
The library is under attack! Only a hero like you can save it!

you cant build things in the rushing water....go for spots sticking out...like bookcases or debris...
The Main Court
Created by The doctor is in
The Main Court is essentially an unreleased map included in DDDK and developed as part of DDDK Tutorial.


The Manor
Created by The Other Wes
To download, click subscribe

Please do remember to comment, whether you like it or not, whilst trying to be constructive.

Update fixing skybox is out

New visuals, hedges and grass changed

New version has the summoner are fixed and ...
The Mines of Moria
Created by Sanghelios
Some of you may remember this map, but this map is completely redone and only shares around 5% of the design of the old mines of moria i have made last year. This is the final version, with rewards, bosses and angry trolls. :)...
The Mines of Moria [Savage-Mode]
Created by Sanghelios
The Savage-Mode contains plenty of changes to the original Mines of Moria. As the title says, this mode is really hard to master. I suggest to play it with a full group of 4 people. You need high-end builders and also great dps for this.

The changes are...
The Mothership
Created by The Other Wes
To Download Click Subscribe and go in game.

Update: Goblin Copters have temporarily been taken out so that NM works.

This is a Work In Progress Map

When our heroes least expected it they were teleported onto a strange ufo, they are met by their rivals a...
The Pit
Created by The doctor is in
Our heros have a knack for getting themselves into trouble and this time is no exception as they find themselves trapped in the pit.



The Siege
Created by Geekotron
The castle wall has been breached, enemies are swarming up from a smouldering crater, and the evil archmage has more tricks up his sleeve!


Difficulty: similar to Endless Spires. Recommended mid-to-upper 20s for Medium....
The Striking Tree
Created by Sanghelios
My fourth map for Dungeon Defenders. This medium sized map is for 1-4 players. It was created for endgame and you need very nice builders to beat nightmare mode. There are two giant djinn-bosses on the last wave and they dont care about gas traps. You can ...
The Treasury
Created by Churchy
My first go at making a level for Dungeon Defenders made in UDK. You have placed your Crystal in your treasury but the enemies have broken in so you have to defend it!...
Created by Taniel Music
With the desire to bring new enjoyable experiences to the players, the team came up with an event that does not involve crystal defending, but instead finding one hidden crystal in a big maze. Of course the players won’t be alone in that maze, they’ll have...
Tomb of Etheria
Created by TheBeev
Tomb of Etheria has been updated to version 1.2. The map now supports Overlord mode of the summoner class. We have also added some new content to the final wave to make it more exciting, you'll have to play it to find out what though. Good luck, h...
True Crystalline Dimension Part 1
Created by Myin
With all four Returnia Shards collected, a new portal has opened to the True Crystalline Dimension! In part 1, attack the enemy in their own home territory!...
True Crystalline Dimension Part 2
Created by Myin
The conclusion to the Returnia Shards series is nigh! Do you have what it takes to face this ultimate challenge?!...
Wyverns and Ogres Spiral
Created by Armagedoom ^(;;)^
A funny game with ogres and a lot of wyverns!

Perfect in Normal for lvl 74!...
Yar Har Fiddle De Dee
Created by The Other Wes

This is for the map contest, if it wins it will be polished by Trendy and put in ranked, like Palintir was.

Between one and 8 of our brave heroes are travelling to a small island off the coast of Etheria to retrieve a magical ...
goblin fest
Created by Alecjojoy
not beautiful but fun...