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VPHUD (Virtual Pilot Head-Up Display)
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Apr 20, 2017 @ 7:38am
Oct 14, 2018 @ 2:07am
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VPHUD (Virtual Pilot Head-Up Display)

VPHUD stands for Virtual Pilot Head-Up Display

What is VPHUD?
Have you ever felt the need to look at the aircraft fixed gauges, because it had no HUD?
Have you ever crashed your aircraft because you were distracted looking at such gauges?
Have you ever wished the Advanced Flight Model GUI existed in the Standard Flight Model?
If that's your case then I'm glad to tell you that VPHUD seeks to solve all those problems and wishes you ever had before.

VPHUD is a seamless addon that adds two virtual gauges to all aircraft which do not have native HUD support.
A Artificial Horizon to help you understand when your airplane is upside down, or if you're landing your helicopter perfectly leveled.
A Vertical Speed Indicator to give you crucial information if the landing you're attempting to make is too harsh for your aircraft to handle.
Some other misc information is also available such as height from surfaces (not ground terrain) and speed.

How it works?
As mentioned before, the addon works seamlessly without the need for any configuration.
All you have to do is get in a aircraft as pilot, and the VPHUD will pop up immediatly.
At the left will show up the Vertical Speed Indicator and at the right the Artificial Horizon.
Aircraft that have built-in HUDs will not make VPHUD appear by default.
But that's not all, you can change VPHUD's settings by scrolling and selecting "VPHUD Options".

What settings can I change?
In VPHUD's Options menu you'll be able to:
● Change the System of Units between Metric System and Imperial System.
● Change VPHUD scale and positioning.
● Enable a virtual crosshair and change its color. You can use the crosshair only if you don't care about the gauges.
● Force/unforce VPHUD to show up, ignoring built-in filtering options.

How to aim the crosshair?
When NOT zoomed in the player aims with the V's top (default view), when zooming in the player aims with the bottom end of the V (right click zoom).

● Gauges size scalling algorythm needs improvement.
● Altitude bar sometimes getting behind the Vertical Speed Indicator is a expected behaviour.
● Pitch not perfectly accurate.
Aside from that, none that I'm aware. Let me know if you find any.

Planned Improvements
● Change pitch degrees scale from 10º to 15º.
● Better crosshair customisation.
● Throttle indicator.
Another VPHUD styling that replicates real aircraft HUDs. Meanwhile this may interest you.

No Redistribution - You may not publicly redistribute VPHUD without my consent. As such public modpacks/mod compilations are not authorized. The ONLY EXCEPTION are communities/clans that may PRIVATELY share VPHUD on their own PRIVATE repositories for PRIVATE IN-HOUSE use without noticing me. (I'll personally take care of distributing and keeping updated VPHUD on the most popular Arma public repositories. If you wish for VPHUD to be available on a public repository that is not yet available please contact me.)
Attribution - You may create your own derivative works as long as you credit me for the original work on which your derivative work is based on, but not in any way that suggests that I endorse you or your derivative work.
Noncommercial - You may not use VPHUD for any commercial purposes whatsoever.
Share Alike - Your derivative work must also be open for derivative works and not be used for commercial purposes as well (both Arma derivatives and non-Arma derivatives). You may opt to openly allow your derivative work to be publicly distributed.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you.
Follow development at BI Forums.[]
Contribute to the mod at GitHub[]
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Oct 14, 2018 @ 2:23am
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Firebro113 May 13 @ 5:43pm 
Ah, thank you.
Grester  [author] May 13 @ 2:43pm 
That's because the Wipeout has a native pilot HUD, but you can force the VPHUD to show by enabling the "force" option. ;)
That second observation is strange though.
Firebro113 May 13 @ 1:13pm 
Also found out that it works if the player is not in the wipeout at the start.
Firebro113 May 13 @ 1:12pm 
It works with a hummingbird every time but not with a wipeout every time.
Those are the only two I tested.
Firebro113 May 11 @ 6:37pm 
Ok, I'll try it.
Grester  [author] May 11 @ 4:08pm 
"force mode" is supposed to be off and only used for vehicles that the HUD doesn't show/hide by default.
Test on hummingbird with "force mode" OFF. If it doesn't show any gauges then there's definitively a bug.
Firebro113 May 10 @ 5:15pm 
It is? Never seen it before, and it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the UI either.

I don't think I have force on, is it fixed when it is on?
Grester  [author] May 10 @ 2:25pm 
The compass at the top is not part of the mod. That's normal Arma HUD that you can reposition. The mod gauges disapearance, does it happen only when you have "force" option enabled?
cranegamer May 10 @ 2:07pm 
Can confirm there is no compass at the top and the other gauges disappear after initially having them. Was testing it in the Hell-Heli Autorotation practice.
Firebro113 May 5 @ 8:57am 
I kept the mod on, and I found out that it sometimes appears, it sometimes doesn't.
The compass at the top never does though.