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Awesome Elevators!
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Apr 19, 2017 @ 9:45am
Jan 7 @ 3:15pm
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Awesome Elevators!


Allows fast switchinging between floors in your base.

- Places and snaps like a ceiling.
- No limit to the ammount you can have.
- When standing on it, pressing E or up arrow will instantly teleport you up to the next one above. Pressing Q or down arrow will take you down to the next below.
- Must be placed direcretly above each other, can be a maxiumum of one ceiling out of line.
- Does not require line of sight to work.
- Works on players and on an individual basis (you pressing E or Q will only teleport you and any dinos while dinos are enabled).
- Teleporting of dinos can be toggled on/off.
- Can be picked up.
- By default they are locked to tribe use only, can be unlocked in radial menu.
- Compatible with any structure mod that works with vailla structures.

This is a very quick and easy way to switch floors in your base. This is not a Teleporter mod or intended to be used as one. If you want an awesome teleporter mod check out "Awesome Teleporters" here

Enjoy :)

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Feb 24 @ 6:33pm
List of configurable in the .ini file?
Jan 12 @ 10:49am
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Mp5 May 27 @ 4:28pm 
Love this mod...way better then the Tek Elevator from S+...The Tek Elevator from S+ its only 1x1 and if you want to go up and down with big dinos its really hard even if we combine 3x3 tek elevators...with this mod its super easy to go up and down with big dinos using the giant Elevator...i have only 2 the moment we have to dismount of the dino to be able to press up/down is there any way you can make it so that we can go up/down while mounted on the dino? Its a little bit annoying having to dismount everytime i want to go up and down... and can you also make a 3x3 version of the elevator? Also can you remove the Q/E keys and leave only the Up and Down arrow keys? Because by using the E key we cant acess the Radial Menu while standing on the elevator only from the side of the elevator
Gantros May 11 @ 5:36pm 
I'd like to put in a request to have the option of changing the texture of the elevator (both of them) to different tier types so it blends in better with say stone or metal. Also, would like to have the option to have a solid, unlit bottom to the model so you don't have a glowing tile on the ceiling.
KitsuneShiro Apr 20 @ 5:26pm 
the radial menu doesn't seem to work for me.
Cronner Jan 20 @ 3:08am 
s+ structures has a very similar elevator in the latest updates
k1eg Jan 19 @ 11:23pm 
Great mod but your using the "E" and "Q" keys screws up everything. I can't use anything that requires the use of those keys like pickup a pet or open doors. Also the engram cost is tooooooo damn high. Please change the key bindings to just the arrow keys since they are not used for other things.
WarChicken Jan 13 @ 9:45am 
@BlackHorde - Both work fine on my end.
BlackHorde Jan 13 @ 6:12am 
Someone Else TryThese please.. I have to sleep damn it.

Cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/AwesomeElevators/Regular/PrimalItemStructure_AwesomeElevator.PrimalItemStructure_AwesomeElevator'" 4 0 0

Cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/AwesomeElevators/Giant/PrimalItemStructure_AwesomeElevator_Giant.PrimalItemStructure_AwesomeElevator_Giant'" 2 0 0
BlackHorde Jan 13 @ 6:10am 
Thanks We'll try it later on.
Chris  [author] Jan 13 @ 5:41am 
I am not good with this stuff, I always just use ACM to spawn items. here is the path, you need to work out the rest.


BlackHorde Jan 12 @ 12:32am 
Your Summon Code is not working..