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Dedicated Server Tutorial
By SurvivalistGaming [C.M.] and 3 collaborators
This guide explains how to host the newly added Dedicated Servers! This is just the first pass, so be sure to report any bugs you find!
Dedicated Server Tutorial
The Forest Dedicated Server
Game version: v1.07
This document explains how to launch a dedicated server for The Forest.

Installing and launching the dedicated server app
In the Library tab select Tools. Locate The Forest Dedicated Server and install it.
If launching from Steam does not result in the server showing up in the Internet server list, try launching it directly from the executable or a shortcut instead.

You can download the tool either through the Steam tool section, or SteamCMD if you would like to avoid signing into steam entirely!

Note: Running a server silently in background can be achieved by launching it with -batchmode as command line parameter.

There are 2 ways to configure the dedicated server:
  • Using command line parameters.
  • Using the Server.cfg file.
Note: Command line parameters overwrite matching entries defined in the config file.

Using the command line configuration
To launch a dedicated server using the command line tool you need:
  • Open the ports 8766, 27015 and 27016 (on your router and firewall) for TCP/UDP.
  • Create a shortcut and add:
  • -serverip -serversteamport 8766 -servergameport 27015 -serverqueryport 27016 -servername TheForestGameDS -serverplayers 8 -difficulty Normal -inittype Continue -slot 1
  • Run the game or dedicated server using this shortcut.

The available command lines parameters are:
  • -serverip <ip> // Must be set to the server ip on the local network
  • -serversteamport <port> // Set the steam server port, default is 8766
  • -servergameport <port> // Set the server game port, default is 27015
  • -serverqueryport <port> // Set the server game port, default is 27016
  • -servername <name> // Set the server display name
  • -serverplayers <maxPlayers> // Set the max. number of players, default is 8
  • -serverpassword <password> // Set the server password, default is none
  • -serverpassword_admin <password> // Set the server admin password, default is none
  • -serversteamaccount <name> // Set the steam account, blank means anonymous (see Steam server account bellow)
  • -enableVAC // Enable Valve Anti Cheat
  • -serverautosaveinterval <Interval> // Set the autosave interval in minutes, default is 15
  • -difficulty <Peaceful|Normal|Hard> // Set the game difficult level, default is Normal
  • -inittype <New|Continue> // Set the init type of game, default is New
  • -slot <1|2|3|4|5> // Set the save slot to use, default is 1
  • -showlogs // Enable server log window
  • -veganmode // Enable the vegan mode cheat (no enemies)
  • -vegetarianmode // Enable the vegetarian mode cheat (no enemies during daytime)
  • -resetholesmode // Reset all existing floor holes when loading a save
  • -treeregrowmode // Enable Tree regrowth when sleeping
  • -nobuildingdestruction // Enemie and players cannot destroy buildings
  • -allowenemiescreative // Enable enemy spawn in creative games
  • -allowcheats // Allow clients to use the built in development console
  • -configfilepath // Changes the config file path used by the server
  • -savefolderpath // Allows defining a custom folder for save slots
Note: for the config file path, folder must exist but file can be generated by launching the DS. Use forward slashes. Example: -configfilepath "d:/Your/Custom/Path/YourServerConfigFileName.cfg"

Using the Server.cfg file configuration
The Server.cfg file is is automatically generated the first time you launch a dedicated server.

It is located there:

See comments below for usage of each entry (lines beginning with //).
The Server.cfg file initial content is:
// Dedicated Server Settings. // Server IP address - Note: If you have a router, this address is the internal address, and you need to configure ports forwarding, append the current game port here as well serverIP // Steam Communication Port - Note: If you have a router you will need to open this port. serverSteamPort 8766 // Game Communication Port - Note: If you have a router you will need to open this port. serverGamePort 27015 // Query Communication Port - Note: If you have a router you will need to open this port. serverQueryPort 27016 // Server display name serverName The Forest Game // Maximum number of players serverPlayers 8 // Server password. blank means no password serverPassword // Server administration password. blank means no password serverPasswordAdmin // Your Steam account name. blank means anonymous (see Steam server account bellow) serverSteamAccount // Enable VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) on the server. off by default, uncomment to enable enableVAC off // Time between server auto saves in minutes serverAutoSaveInterval 15 // Game difficulty mode. Must be set to "Peaceful" "Normal" or "Hard" difficulty Normal // New or continue a game. Must be set to "New" or "Continue" initType New // Slot to save the game. Must be set 1 2 3 4 or 5 slot 1 // Show event log. Must be set "off" or "on" showLogs off // Contact email for server admin serverContact // No enemies. Must be set to "on" or "off" veganMode off // No enemies during day time. Must be set to "on" or "off" vegetarianMode off // Reset all structure holes when loading a save. Must be set to "on" or "off" resetHolesMode off // Regrow 10% of cut down trees when sleeping. Must be set to "on" or "off" treeRegrowMode off // Allow building destruction. Must be set to "on" or "off" allowBuildingDestruction on // Allow enemies in creative games. Must be set to "on" or "off" allowEnemiesCreativeMode off // Allow clients to use the built in development console. Must be set to "on" or "off" allowCheat off // Allows defining a custom folder for save slots, leave empty to use the default location saveFolderPath // Target FPS when no client is connected targetFpsIdle 5 // Target FPS when there is at least one client connected targetFpsActive 60

Steam server account
To help players to locate your server after playing on it, Steam offers a way to identify servers.
You first need to create an ID for your server at this address Steam Community :: Steam Game Server Account Management. The appid for The Forest is 242760. As stated on that page, it is recommended to not share your server login token.
Once you have created your server ID, copy the login token and put it in either the command line -serversteamaccount <token> or in the Server.cfg file serverSteamAccount <token> and restart your server.
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Cleetus Oct 20 @ 2:36am 
webbie Sep 10 @ 6:58am 
GOOGLE the forest dedicated server @bahrat
you need to use steam cmd
KhoNick Sep 10 @ 6:46am 
where are the goddamn server files ?
XxBattLeFlashxX Sep 8 @ 5:26pm 
I did all this steps and my server just is lan, my friend can't look my server dedicated ethernet
Novato Aug 30 @ 10:44pm 
For "Failed to connect to Steam", try it: Change value in steam\steamapps\common\TheForestDedicatedServer\steam_appid.txt to 242760

and remeber to insert token login in .cfg, for more about "Token login", read Steam Server Account in this post
Marx Aug 25 @ 7:04am 
Can someone please be helpful and help me with setting this up? I've tried myself, but it didn't work.
webbie Aug 22 @ 7:46am 
@zeromix thx, I ended up having a spare card so I threw it in my server. Havent got around to the actual server part yet though lol
Zeromix Aug 22 @ 5:17am 
@webbie No, since it´s the steamcmd, you can run it in a batchmode, which doesn´t cost alot of ressources.
webbie Aug 5 @ 10:00pm 
so sorry to be a pain but just to confirm a GPU is reqd to run the server? tia
John Clark Aug 5 @ 12:56pm 
Created my server and its online but I keep getting Game is not setup properly and i get a NullReferenceException in the console but the server is running.