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Reverse Destiny
Apr 20, 2017 @ 12:57am
Jun 7, 2017 @ 5:27pm

This is a new generation TCG in which the players compete on a 4x4 grid. The story takes place in another universe where the world is dominated by four factions —Criminals, Army, Beasts, and Infectors. To kill, to capture, or to resist. Choose your destiny and use your granted power to survive in this crucial world.

We first got the inspiration from Triple Triad which is a mini game in Final Fantasy. The basic rules are simple. On each side of the card, there are certain numbers which symbolize its power. When a card is placed adjacent to another card with different color, the two numbers in contact will be compared. In this sense, if your card has greater number, then it can capture your opponent's card and turn it into your color. You goal is to capture as many opponent’s cards as possible to win the game. The game is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Differ from the original game, we give most cards certain unique skills to make the battle more interesting. Order, position, and combo, there are many possibilities for composing a good tactical strategy. The master of Reversi can easily flip the table even within the worst situation. Come now to the world of Reverse Destiny to discover your NEW destiny!


**Battle with other players online in real-time.
**High tactical potential enables players to create their own unique deck through more than 200 cards.
**The cards with unique skills.
**When placed in a cell with a camp symbol assigned, the card will become more powerful if it belongs to the same faction, otherwise it will become weaker.
**The Trick cards will be invisible to your opponent until it is triggered or flipped by other cards. Your strategies will often be centered around those Trick cards.
**Friends system enables the players to have fun battling your friends.

One game often takes only 5 minutes. You can play it at anywhere during anytime!
Intense warfare stimulation.
Reverse the game to bring yourself the Final victory!
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