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The Pirate Mermaid
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 17, 2017 @ 2:32am
Oct 14, 2017 @ 1:34pm
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Demo Released!
~Become the hero or villain of your own fairytale in this fantasy otome visual novel~

Ever since your father died searching for the mermaids' treasure, you've sworn to find it yourself. Becoming a pirate was the best way of accomplishing that goal...until your crew dumped you overboard during a huge storm.

Miraculously, you are saved and find a sorcerer who will make you a magical contract - with a catch. He'll transform you into a mermaid to grab the treasure, if you bring him a red vial from the mermaids. If you fail, you'll be turned into a lobster.

Now, you have six days before the spell ends. Will you become rich beyond your wildest dreams? Fail the contract and become lobster bisque? Perhaps you'll fall in love with a mermaid prince or sorcerer...or corrupt them with your evil pirate ways.

The Pirate Mermaid is a fantasy otome visual novel with many different choices and possibilities. You could become a legendary pirate, mermaid queen, sorceress, or (heaven forbid) lobster dinner. Your actions may make the other characters into your friends or lovers...or perhaps victims and slaves.

The game contains:
  • 340,000+ words of content
  • 3+ character routes with completely different stories
  • a karma (good/evil) meter that changes the game based on your decisions
  • over 20 endings determined by route and karma

Special features include:
  • animated sprites, backgrounds, and chibi scenes
  • partial voice acting in both English and Japanese
  • galleries for achievements, art, music, and replayable scenes
  • special hint systems for choices and stats
  • customization options for the main character's name and appearance
  • an original vocal theme song by Sakagami Souichi[]

Demos for Windows, Mac, and Linux are on our page[].

The demo is about 50k words/several hours long. It contains the entire common route, plus the first day or two from the main character routes. All of the special features (animations, partial voice acting, galleries, hints, etc.) are included, so please try it out! Comments, questions, and feedback are all welcome.

The Protagonist
VA: Danielle McRae (English), Sakuya (Japanese)
A brave, stubborn girl (you decide her name!) who became a pirate to find the treasure from her father’s stories. Her favorite things are fighting and money. Your decisions will determine whether she matures into a better person or turns truly evil.

VA: Kodiak Spence (English), meilubin (Japanese)
A shy, gentle merman who saved the heroine from a storm. Though most mermaids hate humans, Mikali is oddly fascinated by them. (Not so) secretly the crown prince of Merrica, the biggest mermaid kingdom in all seven seas.

The Sorcerer
VA: Duffy Weber (English), Naoto Takeda (Japanese)
A magician who lives alone on an island of golden sand. He transforms the heroine into a mermaid in exchange for a mysterious red vial. Though cold and snarky at first, he may warm up over time.

VA: Valentine Stokes (English), Taichi Tanukida (Japanese)
A young merman who appears to be connected to the royals. But don’t expect him to be Prince Charming. Malik has a sadistic streak and enjoys giving everyone a hard time - especially the heroine.

VA: Brendan Blaber (English), Taichi Tanukida (Japanese)
The heroine’s greedy (but beloved?) parrot who is always getting into trouble. He turns into a “merbird” after a magical mishap involving his shiny object obsession.

VA: Michelle Marie (English), Ayumu Yukishiro (Japanese)
A sweet young mer-maid who works at the palace and may befriend the heroine. Mimi is surprisingly clumsy for a royal servant. She’s constantly worried about getting fed to the tiger sharks by the head butler.

VA: Marissa Lenti (English), Miu Kureha (Japanese)
Chancellor of Merrica. Until Mikali is officially coronated as king, Ceto rules in his place. She is a skilled mage and has a low tolerance for fools.

See our latest updates or get in touch with us at any of the following:
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sonja_yu May 12, 2020 @ 12:51pm 
I wish the devs would return to this because the demo was cool.
Sanne Oct 27, 2018 @ 1:07am 
Hi! I played the demo a while ago and I still remember it being really fun to play. Any new information about when the game will come out?:steamhappy:
AngelOfDaydreams May 15, 2018 @ 3:12pm 
Is there any news regarding when it will be released? :)
Navigame  [author] Oct 30, 2017 @ 9:36pm 
Yes, I believe so. Luckily, we were Greenlit shortly before Greenlight was retired, so Steam has sent us a submission form to use once the game is ready.
Darkwuigi Oct 29, 2017 @ 2:01pm 
will the game still launch even with the death of greenlight?
Navigame  [author] Oct 14, 2017 @ 1:31pm 
@Worst Nightmare
Sorry for not seeing your comment sooner! We haven't decided the final release date yet, but will definitely make an announcement once we do. In the meantime, you can try our new demo [] and let us know if you have any feedback!
🍃 Bootleg A.I. 🍃 Jul 1, 2017 @ 3:38pm 
When is it coming out? :o
psyff101 May 23, 2017 @ 10:29pm 
I just came back to Lemmasoft to check what was up with this game because I did not check it out again after playing the demo years ago and now I see that it'll be on Steam! I'm so looking forward to this! Congratulations!
Dragonknight May 10, 2017 @ 4:12pm 
Hmm... This looks very interesting. I can't wait to play it when it comes out!
Navigame  [author] May 6, 2017 @ 11:01pm 
Thanks so much for helping us get Greenlit, everyone! We're super excited about bringing "The Pirate Mermaid" to Steam in the future and couldn't have done it without your support!

Glad to hear you're looking forward to our game! We're not sure of the release date/pricing quite yet, but will make an announcement once we finalize it.