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How to use PUBG trading website
In this guide i will show you, how to use PUBG trading website called {LINK REMOVED} to trade your items.
I'm writing this as owner of the {LINK REMOVED}. If you have any questions feel free to comment my profile.
If you want to add me for business purposes or potential cooperation comment my profile with business and i will add you back.
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How to use {LINK REMOVED}
{LINK REMOVED} is made for trading PUBG items only. On the website you can view trades, comment them, add your own trades and even search existing trades.

How to start
First you need to go to the {LINK REMOVED}

Then you log in to the website through Steam. The website does NOT see your login or password. Everything goes securely through Steam.

I'm logged in, what now?

After you log in, go to My Profile and add your tradelink. You have to add your tradelink so other people are able to send you tradeoffers through the website.
You can find your tradelink here

How to post the trade?

Once you set your tradelink you can add your trade! To add a trade simply click Add Trade in the upper menu.

Then the website will load your inventory. You will select items you would like to trade and choose what you would like to trade it for. You can also add message to the trade. Once you are done, you press the orange Submit button.

Once you Submit, you will be redirected to your trade. You can share your trade by copying the url adress.

How to bump the trade?

Every 30 minutes you can bump the trade, so it shows on the top of the feed. To bump the trade go to My profile and then click Bump on the trade you would like to bump. From there you can also delete your trade from the website.

How to search the trades?

Searching is similar to adding a trade. You need to click Search in the menu bar. Then the website loads your inventory. You select items you have and items you would want. Then you click the orange Search button.

Then you will see all the trades matching your search.

If you like any of the trades, click Go to trade button. Then you can comment the trade with your offer or directly send trade offer through Steam by clicking on Send Trade.

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Рядовой Куча! May 4, 2020 @ 10:24am 
Your inventory looks empty.
Make sure your inventory is public. my inventory is public!!!
K0LP Apr 13, 2020 @ 8:30am 
Your inventory looks empty.
Make sure your inventory is public. my inventory is public lol
Snusoed Snake Nov 16, 2019 @ 6:57am 
Your inventory looks empty.
Make sure your inventory is public. my inventory is public!!!
Nøkk Nov 5, 2019 @ 8:18am 
Hiro can you accept please i want to talk with you its important!!!
❖เบียจอมป่ Sep 12, 2018 @ 11:05am 
Warning: does not use any trade bots! We will never send you trade request for your items!
soyeze123 Apr 16, 2018 @ 9:11pm 
Эрик Картман Nov 24, 2017 @ 4:38am 
I want to sumbit my trade but it wrote me Error. And i can't find suport.
megnvaughn May 20, 2017 @ 10:55am 
So, this is the Steam Market, but not on Steam?
KaliMoose Apr 22, 2017 @ 1:30am 
Do you back these trades with a 100% guarantee, so if we get ripped off, you reimburse us losses? Because if not, this website is useless.
Cow Apr 20, 2017 @ 6:09pm 
please tell me this is a joke.