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PACTS D03 "Materials Bridge"

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PACTS D03 "Materials Bridge"

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PACTS with Cave Johnson
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Penassa’s Auto Cognitive Test Series (P.A.C.T.S)

Series D:

This series of 4 test chambers provides test subjects with stimulating, yet non-aggravating, Brain stimulus; D series is a test co-op test series optimised to test yours and your partner interaction and communication skills!

Chamber D03

This chamber requires you and your partner to take different routs but never lose eye contact, it is a step by step chamber, but requires you to retrace some steps back! I think this chamber can be somewhat challenging if you and your partner are not in the same page!

Design Comments.

This is my third chamber in a series of 4, this is also my first co-op series, hope you enjoy it , and to all the not so many fans out there I will try and make a chamber every week! (Don’t hold me to that: P), actually this week I have released not one, not two but three chambers D02, D03 and D04 respectively.

Series Status:

SP series: A; B; C
Co-op series: D

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