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Content Mega-Guide
By Hexadecimal
A guide of a ton of misc. guides compiled, all into one. I didn't make any of these, just combined them.
To understand these tutorials, basic knowledge of the follow programs is required:



Everyone Who Helped Make This Possible
A lot of work went into all of these guides, and I didn't really do anything, I'm just the one compiling all of them together.

Thanks To;

Nelson Sexton - Creator of Unturned (duh)

iDrmzIt - Creator of North America

What A Scrub - Modder

FalkenJr - Creator of PEI v3 and other mods

Groudon Ramsay - Creator of The Driftless

TheUnion - Mediocre YouTuber and modder for Curated Workshop (guide has been lost)

Danaby2 - Pro YouTuber and map maker

Rommel / Nose - Map maker

And thanks to the Modject server; https://discord.gg/EpRGGcC

This wouldn't be possible without them!
iDrmzIt - Buildings
This is a guide on how to make buildings, in iDrmzIt's words:

Hi. Welcome to my Tutorial Channel. I'm going to be talking about doing Blender because Nelson can't apparently.
I'm going to attempt to teach how to model Buildings, Guns, and other generic items as I figure it out
If I recall correctly, Nelson wants all buildings to have a 5 meter foundation into the ground on all buildings.
What Nelson means by 5, is moving the floor down by 5 blender units.
Saying there's a lot of confusion there, what you do, is select a face

and use the "G" key, and the press X, Y, or Z for whichever coordinate you want it to go on
Example: To move a face 5 meters on the X access, you'd select said face, press G, then press X, and then press the number 5
This also supports decimals
Next, in Nelson's Tutorial, he talks about measurements for Buildings so that they fit Unturned's style. I'll translate these
Depth: 0.5
Height: 4.25

Offset: 5
Depth: 0.5

Width: 2.5
Height: 2.75

Width: 4
Height: 3.75

Offset: 1
Height: 2.75
For walls, what I usually do, is break it into 4 sections. The first is 1 meter tall, the second is 1.5 meters tall, the third is 1 meter tall, and the last is 0.75 meters. Above this, for the ceiling, I lift it up another 0.5 meters (Nelson likes having the ceilings be 0.5 meters thick)
Doorways are 2.75 meters tall, approximately the height of a player, and is apparently how doors snap to the building (I don't know how this works yet)
With this knowledge, i'm going to explain how to model this:

or at least something similar because I don't remember the exact things I used for this.
Starting with this cube, we're going to be editting this into the building. We won't be using any special geometry till we get to the text, like the "Food" on the Food Store, or the doorframes
The coordinates for X and Z should be at 0
Now for simplicity sake, i'm going to want you to turn this measurement on. To access the menu this is in, press N.

With this selected face, we can see by default the cube has a side where each side is 2 meters by 2 meters, We're going to change this first

We're going to select this buttom face here and move it -3 on the Z axis

Now saying my example model I have above is 11 meters on the Y coordinate, we're going to do that first
Select any side, and move it 9 on the specified axis

As we can see on top here, the smaller of the faces is 2 meters. We're going to want to change that to where it's 16 meters.

Your cube should look like this now

Now that we're here, things are going to get a little more complex.
We're going to be using a few tools to make this easier. First, you'll need to turn off AutoMerge editting. This is something I have off by default, and I believe it's off by default for you as well, so we'll ignore that for now
First, we're going to use CTRL+R to create a Loop Cut. This'll be important for definiting how thick walls are, your doorways, and your windows.

Now, I took said loop cut I just made, and slid it over to the left side of the cube like so

I took this loop cut and moved it 0.5 meters inside the model like so

Repeating that four times, for each of the walls, it should appear like this

I placed another loop cut in the center of the model here, this will be the center point of the doorway.

I created two more loop cuts on either side of the centre line, 1.25 meters away from that center line. This will be the doorway.

I created another two loop cuts, going on the Y axis, that are 2 meters away from the edges like so

I created another two loop cuts off the preview two loop cuts, that are 4 meters away from them. It should appear like this

I have selected the faces which will become the walls of the building. We're going to use the Extrude tool (the E key) to extend this upward.

i've unselected those two 4 meter lines. These will be the windows

I forgot to note, the first extension i made was 1 meter high. Sorry!
I've extended them up 1.75 meters once again, the doorway is now complete

iDrmzIt - Buildings (cont.)
we're going to select these two edges here, and we're going to connect them with Bridge Edge Loops in the Tool Menu (Accessed with W)


I extended the walls up another 1 meter

For some reason, the face we created with the door, after being extended, disappears. We'll simply fill that in with the Bridge Edge Loops again in the Tool Menu (Accessed with W)

We're going to extend the walls up 0.5 meters once again

we're finally going to select above the windows and Bridge the Edge loops (Repeat this for both windows)

As a double check, make sure these 4 faces total 4.25 meters

We're going to extend the top ANOTHER 0.5 meters

Ok this next part is a bit confusing even for me because I don't know how to do this any better yet, so bear with me here.
Select these faces on the bottom, and press shift D to duplicate.

Take these duplicated faces and move them 4.25 meters up
You're going to duplicate it once again, and move that copy 0.5 meters up as well
After doing that, select the entire model (using A) and select "Remove Doubles"
it should say somewhere between 30 and 40 vertices merged
While you have the entire model still selected, you'll want to recalculate the models. To do this, hit CTRL+N
Select the top rim again, and extrude it up 1 meter.

Ok I messed up a bit
Move those faces back down 1 meter, we've gotta delete thsoe
It should look like this now

select the entire top end and extrude it 1 meter

Extrude the sides of them 1 meter

Using some more extrusions, it should look like this, with a one meter overhang over the entire building

We'll extend it again another one meter

now the overhang should be 2 meters in every direction
Select these buttom faces on the corners, and extrude them down 9.75 meters
Select these faces and extrude them up 1 meter
Create a loop cut here, and move it over 1 meters

Take these faces and move them up 1.75 (DO NOT EXTRUDE so you get that curve!)

Select this particular face and use Shift + S and click "Cursor to Selection"

Now that's the base building done
With that cursor still there, go back to object mode and create a Text object
With the created Text Object, on the right side of Blender, you should see the little F button, click that, and as in the below image, change the "Resolution -> Preview U" to 2, and change the Modification -> Extrude to 0.5 meters. Also select Center in Horizontal Alignment

Correction: Make the "Modification -> Extrude" 0.25 meters
Rotate it on the proper axises using R till it looks like this:

Correction: What you do is select the text, and then the main buliding
then go back into edit mode
Click this button here

Knife Project should create a text inscribed onto the building

Extrude that text out by 0.25 meters
We're almost done!

Using vertex select, go to the doorframe and select this

Use Shift + S and move the cursor to there, and then create a new cube
Create the new cube, go into edit mode, and scale it down using S. The scaling factor will be 0.1
Extrude the face, once 0.3 meters, and then again 0.2 meters

Extrude the top faces up 2.55 meters, and again 0.2 meters

Extrude it again, 2.3 meters, and then 0.2 meters

iDrmzIt - Buildings (cont.)
Extrude down again, down 2.55, and then 0.2 meters

Do similarly for the window frames. and you'll be done
And we're done!

Danaby2 - Buildings / Exporting
This is a guide on how to make buildings, in Danaby2's words:

So once you've finished your model, go into object view, select it and duplicate it with SHIFT + D, click ESC, press M and move to the 2nd layer
Now you wanna make the model in the second layer lower detail
After youve done that, duplicate it again, press ESC, press M and move to another layer again
This is going to be the navmesh, make it so theres slopes and stuff so zombies can easily navigate around your object
Also you can remove the roof of your building if you want, zombies prob wont be able to get up there
Now go to your first layer (where the high detail object is)
Go into object mode and right click it
On the right of your screen click this little cube and change the name to Model_0

Click this wierd triangle thing and change the name to Model_0

Go to your second layer (where your lower detail object is) and do the same, but this time instead of naming the things "Model_0", you wanna call them "Model_1"
Now click the 3rd layer (navmesh) and do the same but call the things "Navmesh"
Now go back to your high detail object, right click it, Export as an .fbx
And call it Model_0

Make sure that box is checked before you export it
Now do the same with the other 2 models, but export the lower detail one as Model_1 and the navmesh as Navmesh
Now you can close blender and open up unity
Now create a new project
Call it whatever you want, you can even call it "wed"

Go to your unturned files, bundles, sources, examples and drag the Object.unity3d to unity

click "Import"

Go to Assets > game > sources > models > objects and then
If your object is Large put it in the large folder
If not make a folder for your size
You can also make a folder specifically for your map, so for example if youre making a mars map you can make a folder called Mars
But you dont have to
Now go in that folder
And create another folder called whatever you want, id reccomend you call it what your object is
So if you made a house, you can call it Dank_House_0
Now drag all 3 of your models in there
So Model_0 Model_1 and Navmesh
Also drag your texture file in there
Remove Materials Folder

Now it should look something like this :ok_hand:
Right click somewhere in that folder, drag your mouse over Create, and a thingy should show up beside it
Click material

Change the name to Material

Drag texture to that box

Set your texture up like this
so change the smoothness to 0
thats all u need to change
Click any model and deselect the box that says "Import Materials"

Do the same for the other models
Dont forget to click Apply
Now click GameObject, then Create Empty

Rename it to Object
Move it to
x 100
y 0
z 0

(idk if you have to do this, nelson did it in his tutorial so i think you have to do it xd)

Now expand this
Click Add Tag...
Set up your tags like this, same order

Select your GameObject called Object again
And set the tag to the size of your object
Now do the same with Layer, but set the layers up like this

Set the layer to the size of your object

Now drag Model_0 and Model_1 to your Game object

Select them

Drag your material to there
Also if your object has an animation component, remove it
If it does have one, it will look like this

right click it and click Remove Component

Highlight all 3 models

Go to that Animations tab and uncheck this box
Then Apply

Danaby2 - Buildings / Exporting (cont.)
Go to the Rig tab and make sure the Animation Type is None

Highlight these 1 again
and set their Scale to
X 1
Y 1
Z 1

Click model_0 down there and change the Scale Factor to 100
Do the same for all 3 models
Select all 3 models again

Set Normals to Calculate, Smoothing angle to 45 and Tangents to Calculate Tangent Space

Highlight these 2
Put them on the correct layer & tag

Click your Game Object
Click Add Component

Type in LOD Group and add it

Delete LOD 1

Should look like this

Drag em to this size, this is how Nelson sets it up for his large buildings
You can change it up a bit if youre making a smaller object

Drag Model_0 to Lod 0 and Model_1 to Lod 1
Now add another Component to your game object, this time add Mesh Collider
Click the little arrow beside Model_1 and drag the model that appear to there

Select these 2 again
Set their rotation to
X 0
Y 0
Z 0

Select your game object
and make the X rotation -90

Click Recalculate Bounds
Now go back to your unturned files > Bundles > Sources > Examples
drag Physics.unity3d to your Assets folder in unity
Now go back to the folder containing all your models
Select your Game Object

Click this dot
And add a physics material
This is for when you punch the object
and then particles fly out n stuff
Also make sure you choose a material that ends in _Static
Now click your Game Object and duplicate it with CTRL + D
Change the name of the new game object (should be called Object(1)) to Clip
Set the Tag & Layer to Clip
Remove the LOD group component from it
As well as Model_0 and Model_1

Duplicate the Clip game object with CTRL + D
and Change the name of the new game object to Nav

Click the arrow beside the Navmesh model
and drag the model that appears to there

Set tag & layer to Navmesh
Also in your Mesh Collider component, set the Material to None (Physic Material)
Now go to assets > resources > bundles > objects
If your object is large, open the large folder
If it isnt, create a folder for the size of your object or for your map
Now in that folder, create a folder and call it what you want your exported file to be called
So if youre making a house, you can call it Dank_House_0
Drag Object, Clip and Nav to the Folder you made

Go to your Assets folder in Unity
Create a folder called Tools
Go to your unturned files > Bundles > Sources > Tools
and drag BundleTool.cs and ContentTool.cs to the folder you made

Now go back to assets > resources > bundles > objects
and click the Folder that contains the Object, Clip and Nav things
At the top, click window and then Bundle Tool

Click Grab
and then click Bundle <name of folder>

Danaby2 - Buildings / Exporting (cont.)
Bundle it somewhere so you can find it easily
Ill just bundle it to my desktop
Now you can close unity
Now go to your unturned files > Bundles > Objects > (object size or you can create a new folder that contains objects for your map)
Copy a random object and paste it
Rename it to whatever your bundle was called
Open it
Drag your bundle to your folder
Rename the folder to whatever your bundle was called
Also rename the .dat file in the folder that is the name of the object you copied to the name of your bundle
Go into English.dat
And change the name to something, this name will be what your object will be called in the editor

This is what my thingy looks like now
Go into the other .dat

and remove the bit that says GUID and a bunch of random letters after it, make sure you dont remove the bit that says Type <object size>

Change the object size if you need to
Change the id to something high like 14421
Now you are finished!
Go into unturned and see if ur object works
if it dosent

iDrmzIt - Coloring
This is a guide on how to color buildings, in iDrmzIt's words:

Hello! Before beginning this tutorial, please refer to iDrmzIt - Buildings on how to create a Building in Blender.
To begin you're going to need these two programs

In the last tutorial, I showed how to make this building

Today i'm going to show you how to color this building
Note: I'm going to be explaining how I do it. You may find a better way, and can possibly be irrelevant.
Nelson may have his textures assigned differently than I do.
In GIMP (or any other photo editting program) you're going to want to make an image somewhat like this:

Now, using this, we're going to go to Blender
Before anything, make sure your Viewport Shading is set to Solid

Next, go on top of the screen, and press "Cycles Render"

Next, select the Materials tab

Click on New

Next, click this little button right here and press on "Image Texture"

Click on the Open button

After that, Navigate to the path where you saved that texture image to

and then click on it
Next, go to the Default view up top and click Compositing

Select your entire model like so, and then press U, and press Smart UV Project

On the left side, something similar to this should show up. If need be, scale it down so it all fits inside a particular color

Before continuing, we're going to attempt to make it look like this

Now, in editting mode (make sure you're still in Compositing!) select the faces you want to be a certain color like so

on the left side, the faces you have selected should appear on the screen like this

Press G, and drag that selection into the color you want it to be
Now, if we repeat that for the entirety of the building, i've managed to make it look like the above image that we attempted to make it look like

Lastly, in Viewport Shading, press this button and it should show up what you've done. You can leave this on if you want to do live editting. I don't because some colors make it difficult for me to see the edge lines

And we're done!

Final note: I know the doorframes and windows are not textured. I don't understand how to keep things merged yet. I apologize
FalkenJr - Clothing
This is a guide on how to make clothing, in FalkenJr's words:

ok, took me long enough to get on for this
so here it is
today, i'm about to show you the basics of how to make 100% functional clothing items for unturned
i wont be going into major detail such as how to make vests, etc
or how to make your own clothing from scratch
this is merely going to show you both what you need, and how to make/bundle a retextured hoodie
these same instructions can be applied to pants, and all other clothing variants (with some differences, of course)
so without further ado: lets get started
first, you need two things
three if you count unturned
you need a image editor that supports transparency
such as paint.net, GIMP, or photoshop
i will be using GIMP for this tutorial
and then you need unity 5.4 or above
5.5+ is recommended, but i am still using 5.4 with no issues so ffar
so exposition over, lets ACTUALLY get started
open up unity

go to Assets, and follow the red circles to Custom Package

brief pause to get a missing image, techinical difficulties

go to this folder in the file explorer that pops up

and find these two files
select one of them, and hit Open

then hit Import

you should have a set of folders called Game and Resources show up, go into Resources and find these two folders

for this tutorial, we'll be going into Shirts
so go into that folder, and drag out the Item object

it should be already set up, with the exception of tags and layers
we'll get into that in a little bit
first, we're going to change the texture of the hoodie to a different color and add a design to it
right click on the image (NOT THE MATERIAL)

and hit Open
this is where GIMP comes into play. right click the image in the viewer and go to Open With, and find GIMP

which is called GNU Image Manipulation Program
let GIMP load, and this should pop up

you can use the zoom tool (selected tool, 5th column, 2nd row) to zoom in if necessary
now, lets select our colors for our hoodie
click on the little black square, which will pull up the color select menu

now this is where things get interesting
do not use saturated colors
instead, desaturate them
dont use really bright and vibrant colors unless you want to do emissives, which i wont be covering
now do Color Select (the tool above the Zoom Tool) and click on the lighter of the two oranges

scratch that
just click the Fill tool (circled in red) and do what the red text on the image days
now this is where things get a bit difficult
redo the color select step, but move the lightness slider (the one circled in red) a bit until there is a visible difference between your old blue and this blue

dont use solid black borders, please
a lot of clothes modders do this, and it sucks
looks very jarring, and makes it obvious that its modded
in my opinion, a good mod is one that is difficult to differentiate from the main game's content

now that you have your darker blue selected, we're going to use the Color Select tool that i mentioned earlier

select the DARK ORANGE bit
and if your dark orange, etc is surrounded by that dotted line, all is well
now select the Pencil tool (tool circled by red square)

set the size (slider outlined in red) to something like 60-70
and you should have a giant circle brush now (giant red circle)
now click and drag across your shirt until all the dark orange becomes dark whatever-color-you-chose

now you can stop here and skip to the Unity steps if you dont want to put a design on it, but if you'd like to try out pixel art, you're welcome to stick with us
right click anywhere, and find Select

then hit Select None
or do Shift-Ctrl-A if you're the hotkey type
now select another color, preferably one that doesnt look similar to neither does it clash with your shirt color

a bright pink shirt doesnt look good with a green turtle on it, and neither does a red hoodie need to have a blue bird on it
back to the pencil tool, set your size to 1.0

and draw in this little area on your hoodie

FalkenJr - Clothing (cont.)
right inbetween the pockets is where most designs go
once you're satisfied with your hoodie, go to File and hit Overwrite

this will replace the orange hoodie with your hoodie, so i advise you make a backup of your orange hoodie
back in unity, the hoodie should now look like your hoodie design you made

now, we need to prep this for being put into the game
so lets go over to the right side, in the inspector
make sure you click on your hoodie first, so the information will pop up
now the tags and layers are not all there, so we need to add them

in Layers, put Item on the same number that this Item is on

if you are interested in doing other things like objects, look up 'unturned tags and layers unity'
for now, we'll ignore the rest
when you go back to your object, you might notice that the Tag dropdown has changed from Item to something else
do the same proceedure like you did for layers with this

add those tags in that precise order
again, look up the tags and layers for unturned in unity if you are interested in doing more than clothes
now set your tags and layers to Item, both of them

now back down in the project view, make a new folder named Editor, like mine

this is where we will get the bundle tool to put our hoodie in game, so pay attention
ugh, more missing images. i swore i had these
one moment, more technical difficulties
in the normal file explorer, go to this folder

and drag these two .cs files into unity inside the Editor folder you made

ow this is the final stretch, basically
under Window, look for Bundle Tool

this thing should pop up

select the folder of your hoodie and click Grab
you should get the same appearance like mine
but before we bundle, we need to set the items up
in the Shirts folder in the unturned bundles, copy and paste the file for the orange hoodie, the one we ripped off

go inside it, and rename HoodieOrange.dat to Hoodie[insertnamehere].dat
the name of the folder must also match that .dat file name
that is important
now we need to tell the game that this hoodie is special and needs to be segregated from the main game content
haha casual racism jokes im sorry
open up Hoodie_[name].dat in your favorite text editor, Notepad ++ is preferred

remove the GUID line
and change those two circled 3's to a ID of your choosing
avoid using IDs below 3000, because main game content is probably going to go out to that range
after you've changed your ids as necessary and removed the GUID line, your .dat should look like this

lookin good, am i right?
hit save, and then go to English.dat

change the name of your hoodie to whatever you want
and then hit save on that too
now we go back to unity

once you have your hoodie selected, hit Bundle [name thing]
a little menu like this should pop up

go to your hoodies folder, and then set the file name to the same name as your hoodie's .dat and folder name

after a moment, your hoodie will be bundled and ready to go
check your folder and make sure everything is ready, and that's pretty much it

launch unturned

do /give [your id here]

proudly wear your new hoodie!

FalkenJr - Clothing (cont.)
now that you know how to bundle and set up a clothes item, its time for some closing words
this precise same set of steps applies to the pants example too
and these same steps are also applied to hats, masks, backpacks, glasses, and vests, but with differences
differences i wont cover, because this is a basic tutorial, not a indepth one
now, i will cover this though
if you want to make clothes from the ground up, this folder i am about to show you will be a good starting point

the circled Texture is the UV mapping for the unturned player model, and if you take your hoodie/pants and paste them on top of it, they should match up
you can use this texture as a base for clothes done from scratch
if you load the .blend file in blender, you can see the UT playermodel and the texture already UV mapped and ready to go

you can import your texture and see how it looks on the playermodel, but it will be blurry and weird to look at
but by studying this, you can figure out which color is which area, etc.
also blender lets you have a stepping stone into object and weapon/non-shirt-pants mods
but those tutorials will be for another time and another place
because i for sure as ♥♥♥♥ don't know how to do those things haha
but anyway, hopefully you learned something, and hopefully someone does a better tutorial than i did (preferably cleaning this up and going into detail about more topics)
Groudon Ramsay - NPCs
This is a guide on how to make NPCs, in Groudon Ramsay's words:

Hello! Its Groudon Ramsay (Creator of Matchbox Isle and The Driftless) and this is my NPC tutorial for Unturned.
Step 1:

Navigate to this folder (It is the Unturned Bundles folder which is found inside the normal Unturned folder for Steam)
There should be a folder inside called NPCs, Open that folder and you should be taken here:

Ignore the folder called NPCs and IGNORE THIS FOLDER, Those are my test folders, in your NPC folder there should be Charecters, Dialouge, Vendor, and Quests
Step 2:
Go into the Charecters folder and copy the Chef folder entirely

We will be using the Chef Folder as a outline for our NPC
Go inside the Chef folder, and then into Chef_Welcome
While inside the Chef_Welcome folder, Open the Asset.dat file in Text Edit or another Text editor

Inside , you should see this:

As it says above, delete the text that has GUID and the numbers directly next to it
Step 3:

Follow the directions above, you do not need to change the Pants, Shirt, and Hat numbers, but i recommend doing that. I already did that above
To have an NPC have say, a Vest, backpack, mask, Primary Gun, or Secondary weapon, just add 'Vest 10" Under the Hat text, this will equip an NPC with a Police vest.
To edit the skin and hair color, plus face design, follow this.

Step 4:
this is where it gets complicated

These Ids control what Dialouge the NPC will use
I also forgot to mention, to edit the name of the NPC and whatever, simply edit the English.dat file in the Chef folder (The Chef folder that is inside the Charecters folder)
Step 5:
Navigate back to the normal NPCs folder that is inside the Bundles folder
Open up Dialouge and copy Chef folder and rename it

Inside this folder you copied, Delete the Valentine_Note folder entirely

Then, go inside the Chef_Welcome folder and find the Asset.dat file, and again edit it with Text Edit or something

Inside the asset file, follow these examples

Now go back to the Chef Dialouge folder

In the image above, i entered the Chef_Supply folder

Again, Delete the GUID and its numbers next to it

Repeat again with Chef_Vendor_Completed
Step 6:
This is where we cover the store the NPC uses

Go back to the NPC folder (For the last time!) and enter the Vendor folder

Follow that ^
Repeat Step 2 for this

Here is the inside of that Asset.dat

This is the finished Vendor for Builder Bob on The Driftless

this is the workshop link to my NPCs if you're curious on seeing a example that is already custom made and completed
After doing all of this, you should end up with your own custom NPC with its own custom dialouge!

What A Scrub - Vehicles
This is a guide on how to make vehicles, in What A Scrub's words:

Hello, Welcome to my vehicle tutorial
First what your gonna need is unity and a high quality fbx of the car and a low quality fbx and you will need a texture
Now open up unity (this tutorial is made that we think you have your tags/layers setup)
Now open up a unity project
Now create a folder called editor and inside that make a folder called Tools

go to your unturned directory

go to bundles and then sources

then go into Tools
Now drag bundletool.cs into your Tools folder thats in unity

now it will look like this.

make a folder in your unity name models

inside that make a folder and name it watever you want
go into that folder you just made and drag your Model_0 and Model_1 and your texture into it
if you did it correct it should look something like this if it does then perfect if not then you ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up hard

now make a folder called examples
inside that make a fodler called Vehicle_Example or something similiar
go to your unturned directory like we did before and go to sources and then examples
it should look exactly like this. now drag the vehicle.unitypackage to your Vehicle_example folder you just made

it will come up with a popup menu just click import
now you will have these 2 extra folders game and resources, drag those into your Vehicle_Example Folder

go into resources then bundles

then vehicles then police and there will be 2 "prefabs" drag vehicle into you hierarchy in the top left

now click the arrow in the hierarchy
and then it will have a ♥♥♥♥ ton of words click model_0 and click delete on your keyboard
then do the same but for model_1

go to your models folder
and click-drag your Model_0 to your hierarchy as so

now your thing should look like this (obviously you will have a different model but the hierarchy will be same)

now your gonna have to do the same for your model_1 except put underneath "Wheels" and Above "Objects"
again it should look like so

I'll show you how to add a textuer to both model_1 and Model_0
click your model_0
and on the right it should look like this or something similiar

click that arrow

and drag your texture to the albedo cube
should look something like that

now if your not making a cop car, on the hierarchy select Siren 0 Model And Siren 1 Model and click delete
and then click the siren prefab (in the vehicle prefab) and click delete
im making a cop car so i will keep them
now into the juicy part

each of those wheels
are a prefab
so click the arrow and you will see Model_0 And Model_1 on both
you are gonna wanna select both of the Models So Model_0 And Model_1 but you are gonna need to click arrow on "Tires" and do the same so say you select Wheel_0's models you need to select Tire_0 and move them where you need to on the model (makes it easier for later)
and move the headlights model and taillights model to where yu need them on model BUT if you move taillights also select the tailights prefab and move it with them and same with headlights except with headlights prefab
like that

now move your nav aroun
around ^
i mean scale so it takes a bit of the shape of the model
and you sould leave bumper
like so

now there will be an objects prefab which will have the seat models and the sterring wheel
move the sterringwheel model wherever the ♥♥♥♥ you want
but for seat model
do this
and do that sorta of thing respectively for each one

What A Scrub - Vehicles (cont.)
you are mostly done
your gonna wanna make a new folder named asset bundles
and inside
make a folder
called like Tutorial_Vehicle if theres spaces it cant be spaces it has to be those things the underline sorta thing
like dat

drag your vehicle prefab into it
like so

go back into your vehicle_example folder and drag clip into the hierarchy
this step is important so read carefully
now click the clip prefab arrow
now if you edited "seats" in your vehicle
do this

should look like that now
delete the seats in"clip"
and drag the seats from vehicle into it
and delete the vehicle prefab in hierarchy
and then drag from assetbundles into hierarchy
now thats mainly hardest bit done
should look like that now

keep bumper the same
and change nav to same width
and height same
now drag your clip into your asset bundle and your done mostly YAY!!!!
now go into folder like so
right click in unity
and click "show in explorer"
should look like this

find your vehicle_example
theres hould be some mp3 sound files cut those to your asset bundles folder i dont have them for some reason but you will
now your done assuming you now how to do the exporting stuff which im not gonna teach you because im a lazy ♥♥♥♥
if you have any troubles pm me (What A Scrub) and ill get to you asap
What A Scrub - Animation
This is a guide on how to animate, in What A Scrub's words:

Ok hello everyone
before we get start im gonna warn you that im not liable for any loss of life from animating
Programs you will need are blender and unity

First go into your unturned directory whereever it is for me its in my d drive but for you its probably in your c drive
Now go into the bundles folder

then sources

Then go to animation

now copy animation.blend and texture.png to a folder somewhere then open them in blender

This is what you will be greeted with

at the bottom there will be a "timeline" which is very important
in the timeline there will be two boxes one start one end now type into end around 200 and keep start the same

so many people think that you have to use multiple timelines and ♥♥♥♥ but thats not true you use one and the rest is done in unity
so im assuming you all know the basics of animating
but i will tell you
in this example
auto keyframing IS turned on
which is good
so basically when you move something
it will create a frame on the selected frame
so to choose which frame
just drag this green bar thing along the grey timeline (NOT dark grey)

This guide assumes you know the basics of animating
so much your done animating
export it as an fbx
now drag your previously made fbx into unity and it should look like this

i made a little hitting anim for melee
so wat your gonna do is
click the arrow next to model_0 or watever you named your fbx
wait no
select your fbx
and in inspector click animations
it gets sort of hard here
you will need blender open
for melee there is equip use and something else
you cans ee wat you need for other objects with example
scroll down to where you can see this

now click the plus
and name it wat you need for yours
so gun it would be like equip or aim_start
but because mine is an eating anim i will do use
now go into blender
and find the start frame and end frame of

the anim part you need
mine is around 40 to 76
Now create a new game object and call it Animations
tag and layer it logic
and add an animation component
it should look something like this

set the size to how many anims your item needs (you can see how many by looking at the example of it)
since i have only done a use anim ill set mine to 1
go to your fbx
click the arrow
and there will be a file
that has name
of watever
you named your anim thing
it will look something like this

drag to this

and your done
that same set of steps
for every thing unturneds anims neew
♥♥♥♥♥♥ english
again im not liable for loss of life
if you need help just pm me (What A Scrub)

check out my mods : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895618996
Rommel - Materials
This is a guide on how to make materials, in Rommel's / Nose's words:

Yo wuss poppin it's ya boi Rommel
imma edumucate you on materials and details


you're gonna need 8 different png files that are all 64x64 pixels
about this big
all named

just open them in paint.net
or a similar program
you're gonna want to zoom in until you can see the pixels like this

then change your tool to pencil
we'll work on grass first
so get a shade of green you like
like so

add a few various lines and spots to simulate speckles in the grass

it might look bad now but unturned should hopefully boot down the res
so it doesn't look as crap
you're gonna want to save that as "Grass.png"

do the same thing for all of the other textures (change up the materials obviously)
(pics pending)



just make the road material pitch black

You need to create 7 Details in a 32x16 or 32x32 pixels resolution. (32x32 is the size of farm wheat)
Z (its usually used as farmland)
now this is a bit I'm not too sure on
you need to make it look like a patch of grass
you'll want to make it the same (or similar) colour to the Grass material
if you want flowers just make a plus out of another colour
should look something like this

do similarly for all materials (or not if the material isn't supposed to be overgrown)
you're going to also want to remove the background

continue making details for the other textures
install the Unturned asset bundler
make a new unity project

you're gonna want to make three files

materials, bundler, and details
put the bundletool.cs inside bundler
the materials textures in the materials folder

and details in details folder
select all of the details
change the mode from services to inspector
change all settings to this

Then go in Unity to the folders Asset>Game>Bundles>Terrain>Russia>Details and drag the files "Pebbles_0" to "Pebbles_2" into your "Details" folder with your files. (you must've imported the "Terrain.unitypackage")
you could also create custom details in blender, but I don't know how to do those
now we have to work on textures

select all of the materials and change the inspector to this

alright this is the fun part
select all of the details
open up bundle tool

grab all of the materials
bundle them as Materials.unity3d
do the same with details

this should have worked
open up the unity location
copy the details and materials into the terrain folder of a different map
just to make sure it worked
should look something like this

boot up unturned

you just made custom materials
you can load them onto any map you want
TheUnion - Hats
Sadly, this tutorial has been lost.

It's now as elusive as Half-Life 3.
The End
Thanks for reading this guide, hopefully you learned something.

Please check out the second section with credit to everyone involved, they've helped a lot of people learn how to create content for Unturned.
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Showdown, I am what a scrub (name change) so basically what you need to do is make the highest poly version of the vehicle you want in blender, then make a low poly version of it, now model_0 is the high poly and model_1 is the low poly now once you have done that make a texture for em, now export models as FBX and texture as a png or jpg or whatever no drag em all into unity, and now you can follow my awful tutorial :)
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