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Arma 3: Original War

You were sent 2 million years back in time, through a device called Eon. Your mission is to take control over large deposits of extraterrestrial mineral, known as Siberite – a catalyst of cold fusion – the one who owns it, rules the future.
To succeed in your mission, you must survive in a complete isolation and possibly many months without any contact with other members of the expedition. Scavenge pristine lands of Central Siberia for the supplies from the future, research ways to utilize local resources, build improvised vehicles and fight your enemies. This is a one way mission, you die for a greater future of your nation.

Remake of a legendary strategy game called Original War, made by Czech development studio Altar Interactive and released in 2001.

Utilizing Arma 3’s Real Virtuality engine enables unique combination of RTS and FPS, fully supported within the multiplayer environment.

3 sides, 3 RTS players, 18 FPS players, 25km2 playground, one goal, endless possibilities

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Eawes (Am faction models, extensive MP testing)
Original War game (music, sfx, gui button textures, base for sat texture, character pictures)
OW Arabian Campaign mod (some Ar faction character pictures)
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Apr 27 @ 9:17pm
Anyone wanna set up a game where we can play this PVP?
Apr 23 @ 5:18am
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Apr 23 @ 5:29am
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Sumrak  [author] 5 hours ago 
Problem with receiving too much damage when controlling some unit or vehicle was a known issue, but it was fixed in recent update - when did you last time played and experienced this issue? Was it on 0.71.1?
Overall balance is still pretty much in progress and frankly I do not have a clear idea now how to balance out weapons in kinda arcade way within Arma environment. We will see, I may have some solution, but it may actualy makes everything even more complicated with unknown results.

@[LEG] Marvin Singer
Yes and more info in tooltips. I was also thinking about adding some SP content, which would help introduce gameplay. But that takes some time too. Maybe even some introduction video would be enough, but that could take even more time to do that the tutorial mission.
Eziowicked 5 hours ago 
i ain't the best at explaining things, but i will at least try and help.
Eziowicked 5 hours ago 
@Sumrak the Hitpoints of the vehicles, the damage of the weapons, sometimes the ai will not even listen to your command, for an example if you tell a unit to go somewhere the unit doesn't even move. The Unit Ai like the worker,soldier,worker, scientist for some reason got lots of health, but when a real human player takes control of the unit it gets killed in like 1-2 shots. for an example a player takes control of a soldier and fights the AI soldier on the opposite team, the AI will get shot like 10 times and not be killed ,but the human player will die in 1-2 shots at full health. also the soldiers can destory the vehicles within a few bullets for some reasons when the vehicles don't do that much damage towards other vehicles.
[LEG] Marvin Singer 6 hours ago 
Sumrack for tutorial think you can add those pop ups that happen in the game at times? might work kinda
Sumrak  [author] 6 hours ago 
@Big Smoke
Not sure what you exactly mean now, but lets not discuss Namalsk Crisis in here :p I will contact you on steam..

I would be really interested what exactly are those "bugs and glitches" that affect the gameplay a lot. I have tried my best to target some of already in recent updates and still do have some left on my list, but it does not hurt to be in up-to-date picture as I did not have an opportunity to play it this week yet.
From my perspective, the biggest problem as of now is the entry barrier (the fact that there is no proper tutorial to introduce the gameplay and controls) and the fact that it is a session based multiplayer only mod.
Big Smoke 9 hours ago 
@sumrak everything alright with Namalsk crisis? Sorry for stressing you but im just curious
Eziowicked 11 hours ago 
everyone kind of left for some reason. it had players but no one plays it anymore. maybe they are waiting for the bug fixes and glitches cuz there are some of them that effect the gameplay a lot.
Vanden 15 hours ago 
Does anyone play original war? I dunno wanna play alone
TARGET Apr 24 @ 9:38pm 
Ok Sumrak Thanks i have updated Original war server. Skirmish mission.

Anyone wanting to play it is OPEN to the public.

Team Speak
Eziowicked Apr 23 @ 5:05pm 
we are about to starting streaming on the server so get on now