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White Lie Military Pack
After they gettin` extracted, Nick and Zoey start working with the Military. The U.S Army accept them to join them. They recruit Nick first (after he was left behind) then Zoey at Nick`s wish. They promise to continue to fight against the Apocalypse and to save every civilian they found. Military Crew: War (Bill), Soundwave (Louis), Throck (Francis) also he is The Leader of the Army and Zoey (fresh appereance). On the other side: Nick, Wayne (Coach), Roge (Ellis) and Cooper (Rochelle). Other members: Whitaker (who joins the Army as Nick and Zoey) and CEDA Soldiers + other HAZMAT Guys. This happens after all events from Episode 1 to 3 (when everybody is dead except Nick and Zoey). ON THE OTHER HAND: When Nick and Zoey join the Military, The Soldier a.k.a BETA Zoey joins The Angel of Death to help them rebuild and survive the Apocalypse. I`ll put the mods down there:
This story was written by me and its a fanmade, THE WHOLE STORY was written by Sayn (LoneWolfHBS).

Watch White Lie series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7wO-DqPSsWIN_NOKPP7EmNDdO4ynEuAP

Also Nick promises to protect Zoey and he told her that she can feel very safe with the Army and she can discuss with him every time she needs to.Also making new friends is not a problem. Nick is the only TRUST that Zoey has left.
Items (30)
20 RNG Helicopters
Created by Ellie
Update 1
Fixed the "Black Helicopter" and "Flickering" glitch + added 2 new designs (UN + US Coast Guard)

Hello everyone, today, I offer you another new and custom RNG Mod : Random Helicopters. Each map, you'll get a new chopper p...
Ammobox - military
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
new look for the ammo boxes.
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own
[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Cs Online 2 RPG-7[Grenade Launcher]
Created by Rex The Impaler
Just in case you want to take down a tank very quickly while not caring at all about splash damage. I wont change the projectile speed or drop cause that requires scripts that only work offline. Use this effectively and be the envy of your team as you show...
Ellis as Clear Sky
Created by Dando [SVK]
"We're researchers. We're trying to figure out the nature of the Zone, determine the reasons which caused it to appear, and formulate the rules that govern its existence. We are not consumed by a quest for money, we don't seek fields of artifacts, and w...
FN TPS Shotgun
Created by Lt. Rocky
I recently clocked 100 workshop items...around the exact same time I clocked 1,337 workshop subscribers. COINCIDENCE? Probably.

Francis' cop claims aren't looking so full of it after all, because now we've got some real police ordinance going around. Th...
Hazmat Survivor
Created by mrlanky
Had some folks ask for it so this is a survivor version of the hazmat suit. It replaces coach. Enjoy!...
HD MH-53 Pave Low
Created by Ellie
This mod is the first (and as I am writing this, only) model replacement for the Evacuation Helicopter / Chopper that you can see at the very beginning of Dead Center and at the end of The Parish campaign (and also in a lot of custom campaigns).
Icarus 37 (Pump Shotgun)
Created by Prophet
"Wings of steel..."

A sawn-off shotty to replace the Pump shotgun. It's inspired in the Team Fortress 2 shotgun and the Ithaca 37.


If you like it, don't forget to rate. Thanks! :)

- Replaces the Pump Shotgu...
L1A1 SLR Battle Rifle
Created by Lt. Rocky
A modernized L1A1 SLR of Insurgency, the curvier British relative to the FN FAL, as evidenced by the extended pinkies carry handle.

This replaces the Military Sniper on its own normalized animations.

L4D Tank Reskin
Created by -oRiGiNaL-
This my L4D Tank Reskin, replaces the model tank at the tank realism skin from L4D, sounds and animation

U can SUBSCRIBE to all mine L4D2 Infected Skin Collection:
MP5K A1 custom for UZI
Created by Krycek

MP5K A1, covert version of famous MP5K. Replaces UZI. Gun equipped with some scope rails, aimpoint sight, and flashlight. Model, textures, and animations made by me. No sounds\icons i...
Realism Pack [Hunter] HD
Created by Omnipresente
Brand new realistic skin for the Hunter. Includes new grotesque mouth, more blood stains, drips and splatters, desaturated skin tone, grungy flesh exposure on the back, and an overall darker, scarier apperance...

Thanks to BarryWhiteL4D2!

All credit...
Redemption Hazmat Charger
Created by Morloc
This is a Charger in a Helix Hazmat suit to be used with the campaign RedemptionII.

This was created with Splinks so full credit goes to him for the 3d modelling. I tweaked the textures.

Watch out when there's lots of common hazmat suit infected abou...
Soundwave2142's player model (Louis)(Part 1)
Created by Soundwave2142
Just a model, that I made for myself
Enjoy, or don't.

Most parts of model were taken from DICE models.

My other mods:
Retrowave (Silenced SMG | Jacket's Piece retexture)
The Parish Warzone
Created by Rex The Impaler
This isn't supposed to be something magnificent or insanely game altering but a quick little edit of the parish, this is mostly a test to see what I can do to edit maps and such within my boundaries of actually not tampering with any scripts, hitboxes or b...
The Walking Dead Zoey
Created by Rebel Lioness
This is Zoey from Left 4 Dead with Rick Grimes Jacket from season 5, A Teenager Girl Survivor, She got scars for a long fight time in Zombie Apocalypse.
Zoey Origins Retexture.

UBCS Mercenary - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (Rochelle)
Created by TheMitu97
Replaces Rochelle

The Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS) was a private military force owned by the Umbrella Corporation, specializing in rescue operations during biohazard outbreaks. It was founded by former Soviet Colonel Sergei Vladimir....
VR's Acu Urban (Bill)
Created by RennaGsc
Replace ~> Bill

- ZeqMacaw
- enzocool98
- Victor Rinaldi
- mrlanky
- Valve Corp

External Link:
White Lie Final incoming Sound
Created by OnionReaper
Hey Guys,
i'm a big Fan of LoneWolf's White Lie Source Filmmaker Series, based on Left 4 Dead.
So, i upload this Sound Mod, based on Matches versus Hordes of Zombies who invented the Hunter in the Videos!
This is his Channel: https://www.youtube.com/use...
White skies
Created by kapkan
Just white skies on all maps.
Press your dislike and go away....
Yellow Ceda medkit
reskins medkit,texture is hidden in the game files...
[GL] CSO2 RPG-7 HUD icon
Created by Alex_D_Vasilkov
A HUD icon for the scoped RPG-7 from Counter-Strike Online 2.

Type: in-game model silhouette

This addon replaces SCRIPTS (changes the icon)! That means if a server is enforcing consistency, you may get kicked. Disable this mod (and preferrably restart th...
Created by Xenecrite
Remplacement For Ellis
Models and Textures:Rusty
Eye Posing
No Facial

Desert Camo Hazmat
Created by James
Give your hazmat guys some desert camo!

This mod is using "Mod of a mod" technology and requires the base mod (COD Ghosts hazmat for survivors) for this to work. If you dont subscribe to the needed mod, bad things will happen to ellis. (He will turn ...
Bushmaster M4A1 Blackish
Created by Jimmakos
-Replace the assault rifle M16

A black,grey more like normal version of the post apocalyptic Bushmaster M4A1.
Features new model,textures,shaders,firing and reload sou...
CEDA Hazmat Unit[L4D1 Survivors]
Created by Rex The Impaler
In response to the CDC's tactics CEDA has decided to try and take control over the situation again, it's previous attempts failed miserably and in hopes now provides are more "hands on" approach to the infected. No more properly giving out evacuations or l...
Black ops 2 CDC [L4D2 Survivors]
Created by Rex The Impaler
The Center For Disease control was developed in Atlanta Georgia on July 1st 1946. Its jurisdiction is the Federal Government of the United States. Their main policy is to setup procedures and provide public service in the event of a viral outbreak that dee...
Original Zoey
Created by Splinks2
Yes all the glory is back, The kneepads, socks, ammo vest, the hoodie!! Yes Original Zoey is Here!!!


Because High Socks are Cool!!!...
Beta-Style Boomer Blood Bile
Created by Revenant100
This is a a recreation of the Boomer's blood bile seen in pre-release media for Left 4 Dead, hence the "beta"-ness. No more of that generic and boring green crap. The Boomer now spews a stomach full of good old-fashioned blood in your general direction. No...
M4A1 Replace AK47
Created by Lynx Eichel
This M4A1 Replace AK47 ..
And this mod has been modified ..
[ Work Online ]

Credit :
Lt. Rocky - Compile
Hypermetal - Animation
Jimmakos - Model set,edits,textures port,shaders
Me - Change to AK47 and slight modification