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Defenders of the Realm VR
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Apr 10, 2017 @ 6:27am
May 22, 2017 @ 6:42pm

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Adapted Oculus Rift!
BOSS introduce
The barbarians are attacking us
Goblins are lootting
As a defender of the realm, you must stand out and fight
Set your traps and grap your weapons
Kill them all! The Holy Spirit lives forever!

What is this game all about?
- Flexible strategy, ever changing tactics to counter enemies
In the game, there are a variety of traps for players to choose from; they only have one function, which is to kill enemies. When wearing VR and experiencing the game in person, only then can you feel the power of the traps. The variety of traps in the game is enough to make the smartest players create ever-changing designs.
- Relentless killing; shocking first person perspective experience
For a tower defense type game, the perspective of the VR brings an unprecedented thrilling experience to the players; the Goblin scout that runs straight at you, making it difficult for you to aim; while ruthless traps are killing enemies and shots are coming from crossbows, brutal, tall, aggressive barbarians just stand majestically in front of you! VR gives a different experience to tower defense games.

- Don’t throw in the towel; there is no escape route
"Defenders of the Realm VR" is a tower defense game; players need to act as a lone hero in the game to guard the sanctuary. There is no escape route, and you only have cold traps to accompany you, and your only objective is to kill, using these traps to kill all your enemies.

Game Features
- Supports VR FPS + strategy tower defense
- Multiple traps (currently 5 types). Free combination strategy play
- Unique BOSS Challenge System
- Endless pattern swipe points challenge (join with more Steam achievements)

Concept Design
In the beginning at the creation of the world, the old gods preyed on the weaker ones invoking the law of the jungle, threatening the other creatures of the universe. Then the god of discipline, having been ordered to inspire some of the human civilization, established the sanctuary and cultivated guards to defend the noble Light. The other creatures came under the influence of the old gods, who created a savage civilization, to confront the human beings. The North Goblin, taking advantage of the situation, attacked the city and looted its resources. Your responsibility is to guard the noble Light using your wisdom and strength.

Leader of the barbarians and the head old god

In order to make the game more in line with the background story, we have carefully considered the image of the old god, and finally, created him as this.

In terms of traps, we also want to add more sacred powers


There is no futuristic weapons and no fancy-shmancy magic powers. In this brutal world, the only power you have is the badass crossbow in your hands and the myriad traps at your disposal. Put your limited resources to good use and repel the barbaric goblin invasion.

There are no rules. You have just one mission: destroy them all. You can burn, slash, nail, maim, pierce, sever or shoot'em in the head. Remember, if just one foe is left alive, the future of the realm is in jeopardy.

When you put on your VR headset and face these savage villains on the field of battle, you will encounter unprecedented brutality and ruthlessness. Your foes might seem innocent, but when they chase you into a corner and try to bash your head in, you will surely forgo any compassion you might have left for them. Pick up your weapon, ready your traps, and prepare for war. There is only one goal: kill them all!
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