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Diverse Rooms
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Diverse Rooms

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Stellaris' basic rooms are just that: 'basic'. I've always found them a little uninspiring and bland. Every single empire you encounter talks to you from a similar rectangular room, with a slightly different window, looking out onto a slightly different planetary surface with some slightly different form of city on it. I get it, it's functional and efficiently conveys the information you want it to convey to the player..

However, I feel those rooms do not do justice to the wonderful stories Stellaris sometimes creates, the sense of awe you should feel when you encounter a Fallen Empire, the shock at stepping onto an Artist Enclave and seeing a multitude of alien races, and so on..

What does this mod do exactly?
  • Adds close to 300 more rooms
  • Makes available to the player some of the 'hidden' Paradox rooms

If you're using Diverse Rooms and are contacted by one of your own custom-made races (with a room from this mod), it's highly likely you'll encounter a bug that we haven't been able to squash yet: first you'll see the 'basic' room for the race's government type and, when you contact them again, you'll see the room you assigned them from Diverse Rooms.

If this bothers you immensely, I highly recommend using the companion mod Diverse Basics to mitigate the effects.

Ironman compatible! (Unless the ironman mode is lying to me). Should have no other mod compatibility issues, unless that mod somehow extensively reworks how Stellaris uses the room backgrounds.

  • Developers - Last Leviathan & Blackfyre
  • All art is owned by their creators
  • A full credits list can be found here.

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I love kvanti Oct 23 @ 11:02am 
Awesome mod!
OldEnt Sep 11 @ 12:15am 
Irony Mod Manager indicates if mod is achievement compatible based on what category of files are in.
Blackfyre  [author] Sep 10 @ 11:18pm 
@SoulQueen: I'll see if I get any errors. I haven't played Stellaris in quite a while, mostly just launch it to update the mod when necessary.

@Syfe: The mod doesn't change any existing Stellaris files, so it should be compatible with achievements, but then again Paradox may have changed some things with regards to Ironman mode. Would be nice if there were 'test achievements' you could do to see if a mod is Ironman compatible..

@John Shepherd N7117: Did you try just using the mod solo? If you did and the problem persists, I'd have to do some work on the mod. It's not happening on my end. If not, it's probably another mod conflicting with this one.

@Cr'ic: I'll see if I have the problem on my end, otherwise you might have a mod conflict.

@Sillri: The mod hasn't fundamentally changed since it's inception, we simply added more rooms. You should be able to use this with older versions of Stellaris, even if it's been updated for newer versions of the game.
[Sillri] Sep 10 @ 9:36am 
Is there a version that would work for 1.9 ? Cant find any ...
Fedaygin #UseFabricBag Aug 20 @ 4:36am 
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Cr'ic Aug 6 @ 9:34am 
please update this agian it do not show all 300 rome any more
John Shepherd N7117 Jul 22 @ 4:29pm 
Thank you for your work:
Question: I noticed that some of my rooms...the actual modded image appears in the lower right of the "canvas", but then vanilla image of some rooms appear in the top left in the exact same image.

Its a bug, and I am not quite sure hwy. I even placed this mod all the way at the bottom, and the problem persists.
Syfe Jun 27 @ 5:30pm 
Is this wonderful mod achievement compatible by any chance?

Thanks for the hard work that you do!
SoulQueen Jun 18 @ 12:39am 
"This mod is missing archive files" error appeared after updating the mod
OldEnt Jun 17 @ 12:59pm 
Worm be praised!