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Glass Constructions and more...
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Apr 9, 2017 @ 10:35am
Jun 22 @ 3:47pm
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Glass Constructions and more...

Update Ver.2.0.21 - 22.06.2023

Conan Exiles Mod Trailer - Glass Constructions and more... (Now with Machicolations!)
Conan Exiles - Epic Castle with Machicolations! (Speed Build)

Glass Constructions - Recycling Smelter, Great Furnace, Great Carpenter's Saw Bench
Campfire Grill, Great Tannery, Greater Firebowl and more ...

Level Mod required or GCam down to 60

Building & Mod presentation

Good to know
Important Mod Infos

New with the Update 1.2.56 h2
see here

All new Crafting-Stations and the Dismantle-Station

All new 350+ Placeables

Exceptional Hardened Lemurian Steel Sword
Recipe Infos / Spoiler

ID: 901911361

Server & Singleplayer tested

Compatibility with other mods

- GCam down to 60
- Player Corpse Despawn
- 300 Level
- Level 250 Mod
- Level 100 noAttributes
- Exiled_lands_improved (GCam must loaded after ELI)
- Pippi - User & Server Management
- Savage Steel
- Emberlight
- The Age of Calamitous
- Lemurian Architect
- Stygian Building Kit
- Less Building Placement Restrictions Overlaps Edition
- Level to 75
- All The Little Things
- Fashionist
- Unlock Plus (with Pickup) v1.3.7 (1.0 compatible)
- RP Aesthetics (RA)
- ElevatorPlus
- StraysClock
- Pythagoras
- Pickup+

I am grateful for any further information

Other Mods:
300 Level
Level 250 Mod
Level 100 noAttributes
GCam down to 60

Modding Infos & Downloads
New and overwritten GameFiles

Discord Server GCam
Please read and accept the #????rules????[] to get a membership.

Next Mod Update Release

Thanks for your Support !

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Arvid_sFw.HGSD 12 hours ago 
@ WORLD OF AJ did you dsort it? Worked fine for me when i did the same things mentioned...
Primus 20 hours ago 
Is it possible to upload Wooden beam pieces as seperate mod? I love the wooden beams but rest of the mod mostly is not useful to our concept in server, or immersive.
d2r2 Sep 23 @ 6:43am 
Need update this mod.
WORLD OF AJ Sep 23 @ 12:03am 
@Arvid_sFw.HGSD: Very much thank you for your quick responses.

I have tried restarting, unsubscribe, resubscribe, removing mod and reinstalling it several times I also tried turning off the auto updater. But the updater has been screwy at best with all the mods on my server. I finally left it overnight (felt bad for the other players) but only that would help. It was clear that steam and gportal were overworked and distraught. I returned the next day and still am not able to get Gcam to update for the server. It truly is a wonderful mod that adds flair. (hehe hubby says all my buildings look like shopping malls...shhhh...don't tell him that's what I'm thinking of while I play. hehe gods willing :) at this point, **crosses fingers** Hopefully soon I will be able to add GCam back onto our server.

See everyone on the flipside! **wave**
Arvid_sFw.HGSD Sep 21 @ 7:52pm 
That just means version of the mod on server and on your side is different. Doesn't mean there is a problem with the mod itself. I can't say if it is the server needing update or your client but sometimes steam doesnt update the mods right away so re-starting steam may trigger that, or unsubscribing the mod in wokrshop then re-subbing it should remove current version and re-download the newest version.
If it is on the serverside admin needs to reboot and update server...
WORLD OF AJ Sep 21 @ 7:17pm 
turning off the auto doesn't work.
WORLD OF AJ Sep 21 @ 7:03pm 
Wonderful mod, will miss the windows and a few other features. Really would like to be able to use it during the Age of War. Wrong Version error on server load. Thank you.
NovaVEK Sep 5 @ 11:19am 
this mod is great, when its working. Please update it :)
Arvid_sFw.HGSD Sep 4 @ 9:39am 
@WandererDE this happens when there is a basegame update that requires the mod to be updated aswell,(sometimes mod doesn't need an update but sometimes depending on what changes was done in the basegame mods will need an update). So IF you start the game with basegame being updated and the mod itself needing an update to work with new basegame update things will vanish... This is not an error with the mod itself it is just how it works with game vs mods. Turning off autoupdate game and updating manually might be an alternative for you.
WandererDE Sep 4 @ 8:53am 

schon wieder funktioniert die Mod nicht. Zehnmal spiele ich im Einzelspiel/Coop, beim elften Start sind alle Glaswände etc weg. Das Haus steht noch, aber die Glas Wände werden nicht mehr dargestellt und verschwinden auch aus dem Inventar. Das ist nicht das erste Mal, ich spiele Conan schon seit fast 3.000 Stunden und habe immer Probleme genau damit. Nicht witzig, weil ich alles neu bauen muß.
Bitte beseitige diesen Fehler.


the mod doesn't work again. I play ten times in a single game/coop, at the eleventh start all glass walls etc. are gone. The house is still there, but the glass walls are no longer displayed and also disappear from the inventory. This isn't the first time, I've been playing Conan for almost 3,000 hours and I've always had problems with it. Not funny because I have to rebuild everything.

Please fix this error.