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Synthetic Evolution Enhanced (Legacy)
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Apr 8, 2017 @ 10:48am
Jul 13, 2017 @ 10:33pm
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Synthetic Evolution Enhanced (Legacy)

If you are looking for a mod that enhances synthetic evolution, why not have a look at my new mod?

========== I AM DIVIDER ==========

Warning: Latest supported version: v1.7.*

No comming updates due to the robomodding mechanics.

The mod title is not accurate because this mod is born for a simple thing: make robots of synthetic empires able to reproduce. However, at the time it released, synthetic empire is the only playable full-robot empire in game, and when Stellaris updated to v1.8, a more accurate title for this mod is "Synthetic Evolution & Machine Empire Reproducability".

If I simply carry over my code from v1.7, it will work strange with robomodding: your modded synthetic species will return to their primary trait set (Mechanical + Synthetics), no robomodding will be possible. What's even worse, if you keep multiple modified modules on a same planet, they will reproduce *separately*.

If I want to make robots reproduce anyway, here is a plan:
  1. No longer possible to modify robots, including portrait modding.
  2. Machine empire starts the game with synthetics, not machine units. Also, synthetic ascension causes you to reform into a machine government and gestalt consciousness.
  3. Primary species of a synthetic empire can reproduce.
  4. Regular Synthetics in a synthetic empire will upgrade to the empire's primary species.
  5. Regular Synthetics in a non-synthetic empire will change their portrait to match their current owner.
  6. A new policy to decide which portrait would you like to use for robots.
  7. Primary species of a synthetic empire will self-destruct if they find themselves outside their home.

Well, I guess most of you will disagree with my plan.

In addition, the stated feature plan requires altering vanilla buildings, technologies, species classes, traits and so on, and any other mod that altered those will of cource be incompatible, as I was to release a light-weighted mod.
(Because the vanilla coders have never considered of that a regular empire transformed into a machine empire during game, so I will have to simplify the duplicated variations of many thing in the game.)

If I give it up to make reproduced robots, there is little meaning to make a new mod.

This mod will remain current status for nostalgic players.

========== Previous Description ==========

Synthetic Evolution Enhanced (Pops can auto grow after Synthetic Evolution, and halved robot build time)

I don't know why can't our pops auto grow after Synthetic Evolution. Robots should be able to grow itself too. So I made this mod.

  1. Halved robot pop assembly time. (15 months to build a robot pop)
  2. After Synthetic Evolution, your main species can still grow as well as it can be built. (15 months to grow and 15 months to build; can grow and build at the same time)
  3. After Synthetic Evolution, all robotic pops and cyborg pops you own will automatically be upgraded to your species.
    This means:
    - Synthetics, Droids, and Robots you own will be upgraded to your species every month.
    - Cyborg species from other empires that are in your country will be upgraded to your species every month.
    - Synthetic-Evoluted species from other empires that are in your country will be upgraded to your species every month.
  4. Synthetic-Evoluted species that are in a non-Syn-Evo country will automatically be downgraded to regular synthetics every month.
  5. Added a new policy by which can you convert bio pops into Synthetics. You may choose either to do nothing, or to convert willing pops only, or to convert all purged pops into synthetics.
  6. Fixed critical issue where Evoluted Synthetic pops slow down new robotic pop grow.
  7. Fixed minor issue where sometimes lesser robots do not upgrade. (Robots should auto upgrade into Droids, and Droids should auto upgrade into Synths, but sometimes they won't, and will never upgrade. It's harsh for obsessive-compulsive disorders.)
  8. Fixed critical issue where liberated Synthetic Evoluted empire is not treated as synthetic empire.
  9. Fixed critical issue where after Synthetic Evolution, defense armies should be turned into android defense armies, but they are still turned into android armies.
  10. It's now possible to keep your previous portrait after Synthetic Evolution.
  11. Fixed critical issue where Android Defense Armies are not defensive. They are now defensive.

Hidden Features:
  1. Unfinished plan to allow hive minds' following synthetic path. If you somehow managed to take the ascension perk while playing a hive mind, you will find that your pops will become hive-mind synthetics. However, allowing hive minds' following synthetic path alters many vanilla files, including AP, policies, and technologies. So I gave up the plan.

Files overwritten:
common\armies\00_armies.txt When Paradox finally fixed the issue this change will be withdrawn

Events overwritten:

v1.11 - Current
(change logs removed to make the desc short enough to save edit)
v1.00 Release version

Known Issues:
1. If you chose to keep portrait after Synthetic Evolution, your alien leaders portrait will not be replaced "well". Sometimes they keep their previous portraits too.
2. Fanatic Purifiers purges regular synthetics after synthetic evolution. All synthetic pops under construction will instantly die.

Should be compatible with most of other mods. Do not use this mod along with any mod that changed robots, like robot assembly time, or additional traits for robots, but it should have no problem with mods that changed robot trait effect. Robot portrait mod is also fine.

To Other Modders
If you want to use materials from my mod to make your own mods, you don't have to ask me for permission, and a credit link is not enforced. To understand my code and merge them into your own mod is your own work.
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The busted synthetic evolution since v2.2 update has driven me mad so I have created a new mod to fix it with the same name as this mod.
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