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百鬼夜行传 Series of Hyakkiyakou
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac
Players: Single-player
Apr 8, 2017 @ 10:08am
Apr 8, 2017 @ 10:14am
Release date: 游戏完整版本修改BUG阶段,之前发布过试玩版本,通过绿光后,一个月内即可发售

Series of Hyakkiyakou
Ranger came back from hell

Brief introduction


《Series of Hyakkiyakou》 is an outstanding independent game which carries strong personal style. The game maker creates a cute and youthful world with numerous legendary creatures. Also, he finished over 900 character frames, about 100 characters with full animated drawing, 14 theme scenery, and over 100 skill icons and figure paintings.

Series of Hyakkiyakou
Ranger came back from hell
Latian Meng
•Brief introduction
A strolling ranger happened to fall into hell someday. How could he escape from hell? What adventure is waiting for him?

•strange kappa
The strange kappa is always carrying a spoon. It seems that he is fond of travelling around.

Story introduction
A strolling ranger happened to fall into hell someday. How could he escape from hell? What adventure is waiting for him?

Series of Hyakkiyakou
Ranger came back from hell
Latian Meng

•The fantastic adventure
During the game, you will control the character to pass through various sceneries, such as the scaring hell, silent farmland, the broad sky and so forth.
Take notice of the scenery and the appearance of enemies, then twice as much can be accomplished with half the effort.

Various legendary creatures from China, Japan and India is waiting for you!

Gameplay and innovation


Although 《Series of Hyakkiyakou》 is a traditional turn-based RPG game, the game steps from beginning to ending show its novelty. Frome the cloudy sky to the bravura seafloor, the view leads you into a fairy tale. Moreover, the attacking modes of enemies emerge in an endless stream instead of a general effect of the attack. Unexpected emergencies will also appear on the screen, for instance, after death, the character will not fall onto the ground. It will make itself a ghost! Also, the game has a great many mini-games for you to discover.

In order to make players feel less boring, the game author makes the game teeming with various mini-game, which is both interesting and quite difficult.

Discovery and collection
The game has lots of hidden items, map and achievement system, and will add more hidden map for game players to discover in the second round of the game. Meeting certain conditions helps you to unlock achievements, and accomplishments can be checked at the little theatre.


迷茫少年孟辣天 爱国激励杀四方

Designing process:
confused patriotic young man Meng Latian
I am a person who makes blind and disorderly conjectures from childhood. When I was four years old, I start to paint game on paper. When I came to primary school, I self-studied software. I have no original work by my own until now. The reason why I choose ghost and legendary creatures as the game theme is my patriotic sentiment. If the ghost and legendary creatures are mentioned, almost everyone will think that they came from Japanese culture. But in fact, 70% of them are from Chinese culture, and 20% are from India, only 10% of them are Japan's own creature. The well-known creatures, such as kappa, Tengu, Rokurokubi and Onmyoji are all from Chinese culture. China is the birthplace, but foreigners were brainwashed. When I made this game in 2014, there were no onmyoji Mobile Games, I don’t know if the game designer has carefully studied the background of the story. The culture is from our own country, but the game is in Japanese style, voice actors are also from Japanese, I feel sorry for the situation, so I choose to make the game and tell people the birthplace of the culture.

挖坑简单填坑难 过程总是痛苦的

the thought comes easy, but the process is painful
During the process, I met many setbacks such as BUG, the 13 walking frames of the character, and and some problem that cannot be solved in technical ways. Altough I found some people who writes script from the internet, only part of the problems are solved. Facing the huge workload and BUG, my interests has gone, so I gave up in the middle. However, some people criticized at me, saying that the game is fake, so I went angry and working from morning to night during the next 4 months. The game has been finished.
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It looks nice, but before you release the game on Steam, have someone spellcheck your English for you, please.

We are running the Game Development World Championship and would like to see you participate. It's good for your visibility and won't cost you a penny.

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Good luck with the development!
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支持 能做出来就很不容易 感谢作者做出的努力 希望作者不要放弃自己的理想
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