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Last Alien Standing
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Apr 12, 2017 @ 11:13pm
Jun 7, 2017 @ 5:46pm
Release date: Fourth Quarter 2017
LAS is an intense survival game that mixes tower defence strategy with button mashing fast action.

Prepare defences and fight battles with hordes of Aliens over many different levels. Each wave of Alien attack gets tougher and larger. LAS is a retro style shoot’em up - rebooted.

Backstory; you are the last human on a remote mining planet, far from home or help. You awake from stasis to find all your work colleagues have disappeared and alerts that hundreds of hostile aliens are attacking. The Company wants you to defend their mining station and its many assets from destruction. You want to survive, find your colleagues, kill the aliens and try not to get billed too much by the Company for any assets you inadvertently destroy.

Each level offers different challenges in large and complex environments with various dangers, assets to protect and opportunities to wipe out the invading Alien force. An in-game computer system must be mastered to ensure the defences are deployed, barriers made and override the Companies desire for asset protection over your protection! Discover hidden assets that will help defend you or make mincemeat of the Alien intruders. Learn how to upgrade your weapons and build new ones!

A wide range of Alien life forms with unique abilities will descend upon you in large numbers. Each type of Alien will require different tactics to defend against them and destroy them.

Weapons used may cause more damage and issues if used in the wrong locations of each level in the game. An explosion in the wrong place could take out half the building or flood the entire level! The Aliens will also seek to cause this kind of damage and you must prepare your defence appropriately.

After each wave use the MOM system to check for weakness in your defences and move or replace your weapons to be more effective.


100 Aliens slotted for $100
Employee of the invasion
Life support repair man
Mainframe guardian
Cost effect clean up – level 1,2 and 3
Holodeck engineer hero
Power-up engineer – level 1,2 and 3
Alien plumber
Deadly space hopper
Mincemeat maker
Nuke buddy
Employee of the century

Levels in the game include

Space port.
Leisure and accommodation facilities (including Holodeck!)
Mining processing plant.
Under water nuclear plant.
The Mines.

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JS Games  [author] May 2, 2017 @ 3:43am 
Thanks for all the comments - it is great to get feedback! We are working on improving the animations and general polishing :-) Will be publishing some new video footage and photos soon.
Gnarl Apr 24, 2017 @ 1:09pm 
+rated and added to collection! Looks great.
Waplededo Apr 24, 2017 @ 12:06pm 
amazing work seems it can go a long way added to collection
☾✡ Kyonicle99 ✡☽ Apr 24, 2017 @ 11:10am 
Looks interesting and it does look like a contra stylish game, but with a tower defense twist!
The animations could be a little better but the gameplay looks pretty fun and reminds me of one of those old flash games i would play a lot!

I upvoted it and added it to my collection, good luck with the development and hope you do well when it get's released!
∆•$øciªl•∆ Apr 24, 2017 @ 3:19am 
Not bad! Upvoted!! :steamhappy:
Chaz Apr 23, 2017 @ 11:49pm 
World Neds a new contra style game !!!!!!!!


Game Development Championship Apr 18, 2017 @ 2:23am 
Cool comic! And the gameplay seems pretty good too.

We are running the Game Development World Championship and would like to see you participate. It's good for your visibility and won't cost you a penny.

You can check it out at .

Good luck with the development!
DaveQB Apr 14, 2017 @ 2:10am 
I like the idea but needs more polish. The main character and the monsters, for example, look choppy in animation.
brazica Apr 13, 2017 @ 10:58am 
linux version?
achievements? :steammocking:
bgwmich Apr 13, 2017 @ 10:53am 
good luck!