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Auction House v2.0d
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Auction House v2.0d

Mod ID: 898049820


Important information regarding the v2.0 update!

Version 2.0b has been released; this is a major version update. The most noticeable change in this update is that the list of discovered classes is no longer sent to clients from the server in one large transmission each time a player came within range of a structure.

This update uses classpaths for items and dinos instead of class references. Since we don't have a running list of classpaths for modded items and dinos the list will need to be generated over time. The way this will happen is that every time a players creates an auction it will add the classpath/s for their auction to the running list.

This means that you may not see your modded auctions until someone posts an auction for the same item, dino, currency, etc. Your auctions aren't lost you just might not be able to see them for a bit.

Now, on to the mod description!

Auction House

This mod allows you to create, bid on, and purchase auctions for items, weapons, blueprints, skins, dinos, etc, from players on your server or players on other servers. Modded items and dinos are supported!

This mod is highly configurable. Cross-ARK functionality is enabled by default but can be disabled completely or restricted to only allow auctions from a group of servers that share the same Market ID.

There are also INI settings to allow custom currencies such as "Megapithecus Coins" (copper, silver, gold, and platinum; included in this mod but not enabled by default) or Capitalism's "Glory Coins".

Place an auctioneer down in your world to browse for items, place a mailbox down to collect your winnings, or place a stockman and transporter down to buy and sell dinos.

For a comprehensive guide of all things related to this mod including rules, configuration options, upcoming changes, please refer to the wiki.


We have automated systems in place that logs all transactions and we WILL know if you cheat. Please keep in mind that cheating is not tolerated and will result in a ban. Bans are tied to your Steam ID. We really mean it when we say that if we catch you cheating you will not be allowed to use the auction house.

"But Ghazlawl, what exactly defines 'cheating'?"

If you feel like what you're doing might be cheating then you're probably cheating. Make good choices and always eat your vegetables! Also, read the rules on the official wiki before using the Auction House.


Feel free to join our Discord server for installation help, trade requests, and to stay up-to-date regarding future updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with single-player?

Yes, because the auction house is connected to the global market even single-player games can create and browse auctions.

Can our server opt out of the global marketplace?

Yes, you can set a "Market ID" for your server. Servers that use a Market ID can only communicate with other servers that share the same Market ID.

Your Market ID should be kept confidential. Please do not share your Market ID on this page, Discord, or any other platform.

Does this mod work on all maps?

Yes, this mod works with all maps. It is especially useful for purchasing Scorched Earth and Aberration items and dinos (Sand, Bulbdogs, etc) and dinos on maps that don't natively spawn them.

Can we use our own currency?

Yes! You can specify your own currency using the INI settings. A built-in currency has been bundled with the mod but isn't enabled by default called "Megapithecus Coins" (Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum). To enable them, use "PrimalItemResource_AuctionHouseCoin_C" (for old coins) or "_Copper_C", "_Silver_C", etc as an "ExtraCurrency" INI setting. Please check the Wiki for examples.

Can I buy and sell dinosaurs?!

Yes! The ability to buy and sell dinosaurs was added in the v1.5 update.

Upcoming Features

The complete list of upcoming features can be found in the "Roadmap" section of the wiki.


This is Version 2 of the mod. Something like this has never been done before in ARK and there will be bugs. If you find a bug please report it in the Bug Reports thread and we will address it as soon as possible. We also value your feedback so please post your ideas in the Suggestions thread. We have a lot of ideas for this mod but we're always open to hearing your suggestions. :)

We will try to keep updates to a minimum as to not affect your gameplay but we will update the mod as needed if we need to fix game-breaking bugs or implement new features.

Please keep the marketplace honest. If we catch you cheating, and there are systems in place to detect it, then we reserve the right to revoke your access to the auction house. Consider this an official warning.

  • RedDwarf for providing support on an almost daily basis.
  • RedDwarf, Jazzy, Cheese, Narkotix, and Osedax for helping test.
  • Everyone on Patreon for supporting us.
  • Everyone in the ARK Modding Discord for their ideas and continued support.


This mod took a lot of time and resources to create. Also, hosting costs ain't cheap! :) Like all of our mods, this one will be always free. All of your comments, ratings, favorites, sharing, and subscriptions help a lot! However, if you would still like to contribute even more, please feel free to donate.

Thank you for your support! ^_^



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Arkangel7x3 Jul 20 @ 9:32am 
Please add dinsour family listing catagories for Tek Rex and Tek Stego
爸爸 Jul 18 @ 10:56am 
I hope the author can join Simplified Chinese because we have a large number of players in China who need this mod.
bestzeus2008 Jul 12 @ 8:45pm 
What should I do to reset all the items at my private auction?
>>BLackCat >> Jul 11 @ 4:32pm 
Please forgive me, my message was sent to another version of the mod, I was wrong.

Nevertheless, there is a proposal that would help in my opinion, to improve your mod.
It would be good if it was possible to leave requests for purchase of things or dinosaurs, only with the indication of a resource for which would like to get(but it not necessarily has to be it) and without the price. For example-I really need rare flowers, but at auction no one sells them. I'd put in a bid to buy rare flowers for chitin. And someone would have put them out. But not necessarily for chitin. In General, it would be useful in this way to help other people on other maps. And it would really look like a market.:2016imnotcrying:
norman_ Jul 10 @ 2:53pm 
I also have some questionst for fair traiding.
1. Whats about the mod : Upgrade Station?
2. Our Lootgratequalitymultiplikator is 2.
>>BLackCat >> Jul 8 @ 4:40am 
Hello! Help to understand your rules to re-use your mod. I read the rules on the wiki. but little understood. My problem. I installed the mod, put of the apes. But I don't see any other players ' goods. when I put out my product, I saw it, but it feels like I'm cut off and I do not see, because after a time the goods returned. What should I do to make my auction as public as before. Is version 2.0. Play one on your server, the map is an island.

Also a question - on the wiki I read about some coins. Are these just coins for use on personal servers between players and they are not needed for public use or can they play a special role and introduce new items?

I also want to clarify about cheats. Is it unfair if I use a mod, like getting Dino eggs ? Or grow on the beds, flowers and mushrooms?
MurderHorse Jul 4 @ 8:03pm 
Stupid question, but to prevent element flooding on our server on the global market, I'd like to prevent players from requesting element as payment for their stuff. Does PaymentBlacklist cover that?

Minister Oak Jul 4 @ 4:48pm 
@Aardwolf, as was discussed below, if you're going to have such a big risk, you can set the mod configs to have your auctions exclusive to your own cluster, that should prevent any issues.
Aardwolf Jul 4 @ 2:31pm 
Hi I really want to use this mod on my PVE Cluster but my cluster is set up so all tek engrams are unlocked and making element is easy and I'm afraid this would cause a problem , I don't see where I could disable the trade of tek or element
Minister Oak Jul 3 @ 9:16am 
:P no hard feelings, glad it got sorted out