Space Engineers

Space Engineers

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Pathfinders Mod Collection
These are all the mods in use in the Spokane Survivalist's Society Servers
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Reworked Armor Ramps Mod~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4
Reworked Armor Ramps Mega Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
'From the developers of the Small Ship Mega Mod Pack, Reworked Armor...
(DX11)Letters Mod
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: 41 blocks of letters for you to write signs and names on hulls of the ships

DISCLAMER: I cannot be held responsible for words people write through this mod.

Check my thread[]

Created by Sabre One
This is the LCD custom logo modpack for our server. All artwork say for the Discord and Patreon logos our custom made and designed....
Created by Sabre One
Spokane Survivalist Society proudly presents.


Strange signals have been picked up from the further reaches of open space. Experts have yet to decipher the full messages but have determined the signals to use the same encoding as S...
Maglock Surface MkII
Created by Harag
Low profile magnetic pads that can be used instead of landing gear to lock to a surface.

Basically this is PhantomX' Maglock Surface with different models. Thi...
(DX11) Tiered Atmospheric Engines
Created by nukeguard
Get MORE out of those turbine atmospheric engines with the Ntech Mods Superconducting turbine upgrades!

Tiered Superpack

Mod info: Power usage and lift capacity per engine.
(DX11) Tiered Armor Thrusters
Created by nukeguard
DX11 Tiered Armor thrusters for both small and large ship.

Tiered Superpack

Thanks to Darth Biome...
Nanite Control Facility - Automated Construction
Created by nukeguard
OFFICIAL UPLOAD ** - Originally created by Tyrsis(scripting) and nukeguard(me) (models)

Guide for Nanites -