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Left 4 Dead 2 MAP
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City 17
Created by mixi creamstar
Please, check out my HL2 movie! "Seven hour war" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVuqIuCCpT8
Take a deadly walk through the City 17, straight from Half-Life 2 ep 1.
Fight your way from the very bottom of the town to the trainstation and... well, esca...
Day Break (Campaign)
Created by DannBo
Quick Update: All four parts have been consolidated into one so now this is the only part you need to be subscribed to and I have removed the others from the workshop.

It's been a long road since I started this project shortly before Left 4 Dead 2 came ...
Diescraper Redux
Created by Rectus
After being firebombed, the survivors must flee their safehouse, and find their way to safety.

A 4 map campaign playable in all game modes. Extensively tested on Versus.
Now playable on offical servers (possibly running outdated versions).

We Don't Go To Ravenholm
Created by Chuffy [s^3]
This is a port of the Ravenholm maps from Half Life 2.

This is NOT original work, all I did was modify some areas to be suitable for Left 4 Dead 2, all credit goes to Valve for the maps.

If you encounter a problem with the campaign, please check the ...
Urban Flight
Created by The Rabbit
The city is burning. As ash falls, the survivors attempt to flee to a small military airfield on the other side of the river. It's a straight path down the main boulevard, but nothing is ever simple. Crashed cars, blazing fires, police barricades, and the ...
RMS Titanic (v2.0.1)
Created by ThisKid55
Version 2.0.1 available now including fixes for prop ERROR signs and more!

The survivors find themselves stuck on the ill-fated ocean liner with a ship full of disease-ridden zombies. They must make their way from their 2nd class cabin on F-Deck up to the...
Blood Proof
Created by Yanzl
Survivors find themselves near a lake and they must fight their way through town...

Detour Ahead
Created by boogada
Detour Ahead campaign....
-Helms Deep- Reborn
Created by SeriouS_Samurai

Helm's Deep Reborn version 25 (Beta)

Defend the great fortress of Rohan and survive until Gandalf's arrival.

Inspired by the Battle of Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings.

Perks for donators:
Nacht der Untoten remake V2
Created by XSOUND
To download, press the subscibe button
You can also download map here http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=9504

Map type: [SURVIVAL]
A fan remake of World at War's zombie map that started it all.

Includes exclusive nazi zombies common infected m...
Left 4 Mario
This is Custom Campaign for L4D2.
You need Left 4 Dead 2 Add-on Support. From : L4Dmaps.com

No versus

  \\ _
   \( •_•) F
    < ⌒ヽ A
   /   へ\ B
   /  / \\ U
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
  / / O
  / /| U
 ( (ヽ S
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
`ノ ) ...
Wan li
Created by CastorJudo
Coach, Nick, Rochelle and Ellis are in an airliner in distress.
They ditch the airliner in mid-flight over China...

Many areas of this campaign are based on the real Great Wall of China.

3 maps campaign

map 1 : Great Plane
map 2 : Great Wall
Dark Blood 2 (Coop & Versus)
Created by CastorJudo
The survivors drifted at sea and a tankership seems deserted. But it's filled with infected.
The survivors must try to restart the tankership motor, if they want to join the oil plateform where a helicopter was heading.

have fun.

4 maps campaign

White Hole (Survival & Scavenge)
Created by CastorJudo
You are on a Aperture space station, you have to choose survive hordes of infected or refuel a UFO to escape.
Survival and Scavenge mode only.

My participation to the l4dmaps.com contest space/planets.

I was very inspired by the movie Moon. I recomm...
The Real Death Toll
Created by Silver
Shutdown all lights in your computer room, grab food and supplies, and.. guns. Get ready to not end eaten alive in a dark corner!

This Addon replace the Death Toll atmosphere by a new, alternative one (darker and also a different tint). ...
Created by t-bone
You have been kept as human test subjects in an underground biological weapon research facility. A brief power failure has allowed a dangerous mutagen, code-named ZMB-13, to escape into the environment, turning everyone in the facility into the walking dea...
Dark Center
Created by yaroslavthesmith
Originally made by Valve/Barracuda.

Always wondered why Dead Center was so dark in the intro movie, so I found a modification made by Barracuda, which replaces the skybox and lights in Dead Center campaign....
Undead Smackdown
Created by KILLER 9639
My first attempt at a campaign! be nice.

Undead Smackdown is a campaign based on the journey to an arena where a wrestling match between the wrestling legends Ric Flair and Randy Savage was going to take place. However the infection spread forcing the m...
Created by Mashed torpedoes
Beldurra takes the survivors through three new maps, traversing the already-ruined city of Beldurra. They must fight their way to a river-side salvage yard to escape. Features multiple/alternate routes, new game mechanics (like building pipe bombs and molo...
White Forest
Created by oi
White Forest
By ported by Missed
Updated: 05/20/16

"Four survivors were riding the train accident occurred near the white forest, they had to trek across multiple regions of the white forest, and finally reach a radio stations and seek help.

Dam it 2! The Director's Cut
Created by Anna Howell
Much longer first map with a longer walk in through the forest. Cross the bridge and enter the opposite side of the Dam complex then head back across the water and in to the main complex up the elevator and to the top of the Dam for a bespoke finale.

The Last Volt
Created by breakfastbat
The survivors find themselves amidst an expanding zombie apocalypse. Caught offguard, a fire starts to consume the apartment they were holing up in, and they must find a way to escape the building and the city. The power plant serves as the final obstacle ...
Created by Lightboy
Damnation is a pack of 11 Levels for Survival, Versus Survival and Scavenge game modes. Rather than being converted from campaign levels, these arena-style levels are designed from the ground up for Scavenge and Survival.

These are the levels currently ...
Dead Reckoning
Created by Rectus
An experimental proof-of-concept map where the survivors try to find their way out of a dense forest.

This is a non linear map without a set path. It barely gives any help on where to go next, and it is very easy to become lost.

Playable in CO-OP, ...
Roadkill (Coop & Versus)
Following from crash course, Francis, Zoey, Bill and Louis find themselves trapped on a highway junction, fighting for freedom!
A new 4 map campaign from Lou Saffire with awsome versus gameplay !

Game Modes: Coop, Singleplayer,Versus,Realism Versus

Volcanic activity has suddenly started occuring on a massive scale resulting in deadly lava flows and destructive earthquakes. Breaking down on an unstable freeway during an earthquake just adds to the string of bad luck the downtrodden survivors have dea...
No Parking
Bill and the crew made it to the passing , but they never mentioned they met Whitaker along the way...

A Left for dead 2 community subplot.
A few people have asked how to trigger the different endings so heres a rundown.
After defeating whitaker you're g...
Pitch Dark Mesa
Created by Remort
Another day another chopper crash, this time the survivors find them selfs trapped at an abandoned research facility. And the only way out is down to the core.

Survivors must escape from half life's black mesa complex.

This campaign uses five maps on ...
Rats PayDay 2
Created by ZquiteGuys
This map is an re imaging of the day one heist of Rats from Payday 2, I have tried my best to recreate the map as closely as I could using only the assets I have available from the L4D2 authorizing tools. For this map really wanted to emphasize on the shad...
Qrylz Glades
Created by ZquiteGuys
You find your self taking shelter in an abandoned ware house listening to the sounds of the military fighting in the back ground as they try to push back and control the infected.

If you find a bug please go into the discussions and post the bug there.

Harvest & Trustee
Created by ZquiteGuys
Hearing news about a possable evacuation zone you and your friends head north to D.C. only to find out that the evacuation zone has been overrun with infected.

This map is a Survival/Scavenge game mode map.

Created by ZquiteGuys
The reason I made this map is similar to Qrylz Glades, it is a learning experience, just a way for me to get better at mapping and learn new tricks and skills such as lighting, color correction, navigational meshes, func_detail, clips, and what limits the ...
Ingress (Cancelled)
Created by ZquiteGuys
Just thinking of new innovative ideas.

In this map you build traps to kill the infected. Right now there are only three traps but more will come.

I want the community to partake in this. So if you have any ideas for traps, Level design, things that...
Till Death Do Us Part
Created by 普洛曼
=====Description in English=====
This is my survival map for Left 4 Dead 2. At soon time I will be added scavenge mode and intro camera. I'm think you will like this map. The idea this map is come from game Hitman Blood Money. Download, place your finger u...
Aim Training Facility
Created by Twilight
Aim Training Facility a map for aim training v2
+30 Hit!
-10 Miss
-50 Left
Type "map aim_trFacility" in console or create a lobby to load the map and start training.

An update to version 2 has been released. The major changes include:
Last of us Mutation
Created by DumBoBo
This is a Two-Player mutation. Teamwork is all you got left. Can you risk your life for your friend? or Let him die. This mutation is all about it. If your friend dies no one can protect you against the infected. So if your friend is in trouble, Think agai...
The Last Stand
Created by Cher
L4D - Last Stand


This mod brings the survival map 'The Last Stand' from L4D1 into L4D2. For some reason Valve decided to not bring this map into L4D2 (so a lot of people don't know about this map), so 321Gamer ported it from l4d1 and put it ...
Dead Flag Blues 2
In a desolate and zombie infested world you and your group try to find some refuge. Your last hope may be an abandoned train station on the other side of town. Thanks for Juxtapox for give me permission to port it to L4D2, my friend Caio for poster and Th...
Three Of Us
Created by Zєν.
"Third time's the charm, fourth: disaster."

Modification which supports max 3 players without 1 bot. Environment was balanced in terms of mutation.

General Information:
- Character chosen by the host is affecting playable characters setup!...
Created by Paps
Echo is a 3 map campaign that picks up as a sequel to Blood Harvest (L4D1)
The campaign was first posted on L4Dmaps.com back in 2010
This campaign has had over 20k downloads before it was taken down do to lack of updating (out of bata) over the past few ...
Created by El Papi Alen
Nuketown Map From Black Ops it is a survival map when you go to your add ons it will say nuked or nuketown
Update * Got my gaming rig so if anyone wants to play this map message me

http://www.youtube.com/user/Alen52213?feature=mheev=5Iz62Hw9Lao SUB

Tanks Playground
Created by obez
Version 3.0

My tribute to the Tank Fever series by Lain.
Survive the tanks for 10 minutes until rescue arrives!
13 to 15 tanks at most in Normal, Advanced and Expert modes (all are beatable). Less tanks in Easy.
3 possible rescue ...
Tank Arena
Created by obez
Version 1.3

Another Tank Map, in a smaller arena.

Enter the arena and fight tanks for 10 minutes.

You will then have to find Moustachio and press the button under it to activate 1 out of 4 possible rescues (Don't take too long to reach Moustachio or he ...
Secret Operation v1.6
Created by Masamaru
The military found four survivors with antibodies and hoping that they can go to a technology company which has been fallen to obtain research results on zombies.
They began their journeys without hesitation under the official instructions, but they were ...
Blight Path
Lou Saffire presents... After leaving America in Dead Air, Bill and the gang find themselves locked in on a 'Blight Path' over Beijing.
First play turn game instructor on.
if you get missing assets add this mod please
Welcome to Hell
Created by Flute
Welcome to Hell created by Garfield!!.
Tank Challenge
Created by obez

An offshoot of Tanks Playground, a little idea we had while playing Tanks Playground with friends.

Survive waves of tanks with increasing difficulty until rescue.

At each wave, one additional tank will spawn (ie. 6 tanks at round 6).

Easy mode on...
Devil Mountain
Created by Goat that yells
The survivors find themselves trapped in the suburbs with Devil Mountain looming large in the distance, its emergency beacon activated. Is it a call for rescue, or a warning of danger? Climb the back of the beast and find out!

Devil Mountain is a sprawl...
Plan B
Created by Rectus
After a car crash, you are stranded in the middle of nowhere with a storm approaching. You need shelter and possibly find a way to continue your journey.

A 3 map campaign playable in Co-Op and Versus. Features exploring, dynamic weather, lots of easter eg...
CS_Office for Left 4 Dead 2
Created by Jurttu
This campaign add-on lets you visit the scenic cs_office, famous for it's bi-weekly hostage takings.
While it's not an exact port (some textures are different, plus obvious changes made for sake of gameplay), it's still should serve as an adequate revisit...
DE_Prodigy for Left 4 Dead 2
Created by Jurttu
Office not enough? Fear not, citizen - here's our second CS:S map port, now in the form of short three-part campaign! In this follow-up to Office, our survivors get stranded in an oddly familiar-looking munitions stockpile that was being renovated before t...
DE_Port for Left 4 Dead 2
Created by Jurttu
The famous seaport from CS:S, now ported (huehuehue) into L4D2 and made into a three-level campaign!

After making through both cs_office and de_prodigy, the Survivors find themselves at the edge of an oddly familiar industrial port. There's supposed to be...
Big Wat
Created by Awarets
Combining levels from Wat Mania and Big Room, Big Wat is a five-chapter campaign which is playable in both co-op and versus.

One chapter is also playable in Survival, and two chapters are playable in Scavenge.

You play as the L4D2 Survivors in this c...
7 Hours Later II
Make your way through the forest to airport!

This is the workshop version of 7 Hours Later II campaign. If you like play custom campaigns with your friends then subscribe it and enjoy!

Thanks to AGRESSOR for built this great campaign to L4D1 and giv...
Kokiri Forest Part 1 of 2
Created by NickNak
Make sure you get both parts
You start in the Kokiri Forest and work your way to the Forest temple, fight your way through the temple and have to defeat a truly terrifying Boss monster.
Puzzles, Frustration, Exploration game play and a custom boss fight, w...
Kokiri Forest Part 2 of 2
Created by NickNak
Make sure you get both parts
You start in the Kokiri Forest and work your way to the Forest temple, fight your way through the temple and have to defeat a truly terrifying Boss monster.
Puzzles, Frustration, Exploration game play and a custom boss fight,...
Created by ZooL
i've ported De_Dust2 to L4D2 ... it includes a Survival Mode and a Scavenge Mode

you want a working Dust2 in L4D2 ? then u got it !!! ^^

I've resisted 6:04.43 mins !!! xD

Credits : Valve, ZooL

Have Fun !

PS : i'll be happy if i see my m...
2019 - Part 1
Created by DasMaddi
*You need part 2 for this to properly work.*

The future is here. And it's not looking good.

Travel through an overrun apartment complex, through San Marino's riverfront, and wind up in Xen-Corp's offices.

PART 2 LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...
2019 - Part 2
Created by DasMaddi
You need this VPK for 2019 to work properly.

Contains all of the custom textures used.

PART 1 LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132381280...
Build A Rocket
Created by Mr. Meeseeks

No tmy work uploaded it for a friend

Open Road
Created by ICS ✅
The chopper where our 4 survivors escaped in The Parish campaign, has fallen into harms way. Co-pilot of the chopper was not immune and started to turn into infected. The other pilot got bitten by the infected one but managed to land the chopper. However. ...
Witch Execution Classic - Training Map
Created by ylside
Most popular training map in L4D2 workshop.

First and only witch crowning training map, that will not just put you in a room with a witch and a shotgun (meh), but show where and when exactly you have to shoot that scum for 100% crowning in every possibl...
Smoker's Tongue Reflection Classic - Training Map
Created by yls1de
Even though humankind is dead, human curiosity is still livin'. This small and cozy underground lab allows you to develop all necessary skills and reactions, needed for successful Smoker's tongue reflection.

Green buttons - spawn new smoker or remove sp...
Space Mod 1.2
Created by G.

- Low gravity, high jumps, bodies collide each other, astronaut models, compact-colored HUD.
- Space sky for every official maps, fog disabled and draw distance improved.
- Zombie numbers/he...
Jockey Training
Created by kimoto
This map is Jockey special infected training map. You can practice jockey's bhop and strafe jumping. It looks like kreedz and climbing map.

I made this map three years ago.
Today fixed some bugs and improved some logics.

Hunter Training
Created by eyeonus <N-RQ>
A portal-like hunter training map for teaching advanced hunter pounce techniques and the practice thereof.

To play, open console and type "map hunter_training" without the quotes.

If you like this, please consider donating. Even $1 helps. paypal.me/e...
Tank Massacre (Tank training)
Created by Rev_deaddiet
Pure tank training.
Survivors versus tanks, all weapons (except german ones) included. 1 room, no obstacles. Just you, weapons, friends against tanks. Pure firepower and tactics.
You can do 2 things in this map:
• Train your skills agains tanks
• Complete ...
Training and Experiment Map
Created by Taylor556
This is a map for testing weapons, items, infected, and other addons. To use, enter map 556_left4dead2 in the console....
Charger Melee Headshot Training
Created by kimoto
This map is charger melee hs training custom map.

Please input following commands in your console.
sv_cheats 1
map charger_hs_training
bh_boss (bhop training)
Created by NoSkill
console: map bhop_boss
map by Electrik
video by NoSkill
YouTube channel

10 о...
Rooftop Training L4D2
Hello Guys! This is my third Add-On pubblished by me.

This is a training for Rooftoop from No Mercy(Campaign of L4D1 Survivor).

You all know how to survive and how to play in Rooftop but i think the Noobs need training!

Don't play with "Director_Stop".
The Ultimate Mod Testing and Reviewing Area V6.54
Created by мяFunreal
In these maps you can test any of your mods in a friendly environment.

Never again do you have to wade trough a campaign to find that one entity you search, Simply load up one of these maps and walk right up to it!

If you load the main TUMTaRA ma
Death Row
Created by Saleck
Originally made in 2009 and ported from L4D1 to L4D2, As the only known group of survivors left, you and your group must make your way through the town and out to an abandoned prison for shelter or for some kind of rescue.

This campaign was my first attem...
End of the Road
Created by Goat that yells
Pursued across town by infected, the survivors find themselves at the End of the Road. This is it, the final stand!

End of the Road is a survival map set on a dead end street in a small town. It Features 2 fully detailed houses to hold down, 3 mounted gun...
Jerusalem Salvation Gates (World War Z)
Created by green
Jerusalem Salvation Gates from World War Z movie. I try to make it as similar to movie as I could. Zombies are coming from the top like in the movie.

To make map feel more like the movie version a custom script have been added that spawn triple more com...
Minecraft Survival Map Pack
Created by The Hooded Man
A bunch of Minecraft survival maps packed into one.
Featuring 5 maps. To download this add-on just click the subscribe button.

Note: This add-on can only be used in Survival gamemode only....
Created by Mnsky
They've reached the dead end of the line...

How to play:
Subscribe to the map then make sure that it's checked in add-ons in the game. Then you're good to go :)

Also, please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed the map!

Check out my other work at [url=htt...
Tower - Survival
Created by Spence!
Hold out in a deserted control tower and be wary of tanks!

Includes some custom soundscapes and a few materials. v1.2 is the initial Steam Workshop release and contains some small fixes from the last public release.

You can check out some reviews of the...
Created by ELDAR
This is Mcdonald's. "Defend" from inside the restaurant, or die.
<<< .........L4D2 Survival

BATMAN [автор] 6 апр. 2014 в 2:11
The Final Cut
Created by Ders
When the city is asleep, the theater stays awake.

Rooftops, parking lots, a working elevator and the like; this custom map contains a rich variety of areas for that inevitable last stand against THOSE DARN ZOMBIES!

The Final Cut is one of the most p...
Created by wyte_eagle
Welcome back to the Synergenic Technologies Testing Chambers in this spiritual successor to the "Prototype Mk2" and Prototype Mk3" Campaigns. Fight your way through a strange, minimalist world to escape.

This campaign relies on heavily tiled, small size t...
GOT-The Wall v8.2 final
Created by MUIE PSD
This map is Inspired from Game Of Thrones

Donate if you want : stiflercosmin@yahoo.com (PayPal) (Donated so far : $0.00 :( )

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