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Useful Back Items
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Useful Back Items

CAUTION: This workshop item will no longer receive updates.

I no longer have time to work on maintaining these items due to now being a full-time sprite artist, so consider these workshop items to be fully open-source. You are free to upload or publish your own variations or updates of this content as you see fit, without restriction.

A link to this original version would be appreciated if you do so, but it is not required.


Adds several new augmentable back-slot items that can be crafted at various upgrade stages of the Anvil, all in the Back Items tab.
Recommended in combination with my Environmental Resistance Treatments mod.

Acro Pack (x10 Titanum, x5 Living Root, x2 Diamond @ Forge)
Grants 30% extra run speed and jump height.

Null-Grav Pack (x10 Titanium, x5 Phase Matter, x2 Diamond @ Forge)
Grants immunity to fall damage and unimpeded movement in liquids.

Toxic Shell (x10 Titanium Bar, x5 Venom Sample, x5 Diamond @ Forge)
Grants immunity to poisoning and radioactive environments.

Heat Shell (x50 Core Fragment, x10 Scorched Core, x10 Diamond @ Replicator)
Grants immunity to lava, burning, and hot/cold environments.

Mining Magnet (x30 Gold Bar, x10 Diamond, x20 Refined Aegisalt, Ferozium & Violium @ Replicator)
Automatically collects nearby ore without having to mine it.

Environmental Protection Augment (x10 Durasteel Bar, x5 Scorched Core, Cryonic Extract, Venom Sample & Static Cell @ Replicator)
Provides immunity to all hazardous environments. Can be placed into any back item with an augment slot.

Ultra Shell (x1 Toxic Shell, x1 Heat Shell, x5 Upgrade Module @ Replicator)
Combines the benefits of the Toxic Shell and Heat Shell into one. Also grants immunity to suffocation.

Berserker Drive (x8 Refined Violium, x10 Sharpened Claw, x2 Battery @ Seperator's Table)
The wearer's damage output increases as their health gets lower.

Paladin Drive (x8 Refined Violium, x10 Hardened Carapace, x2 Battery @ Seperator's Table)
When the wearer takes damage, they gain a temporary defense boost.

Sniper Gear (x8 Refined Aegisalt, x10 Cryonic Extract, x2 Battery @ Accelerator's Table)
Grants increased energy regeneration when standing still.

Ranger Gear (x8 Refined Aegisalt, x10 Static Cell, x2 Battery @ Accelerator's Table)
The wearer's damage output increases when their energy reserves are high.

Saint Focus (x8 Refined Ferozium, x10 Living Root, x2 Battery @ Manipulator's Table)
The wearer regenerates health slowly when standing still.

Taboo Focus (x8 Refined Ferozium, x10 Scorched Core, x2 Battery @ Manipulator's Table)
Trades half of the wearer's maximum health for double damage output.