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Mar 30 @ 12:13pm
May 23 @ 12:32pm
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We're shutting shop. flylikeabird will not be hitting steam.
Fly like a bird 3 is described perfectly in it's title.
You get to fly like a bird, (and it's version 3).
You can:
Fly (like a bird)
make nests (also like a bird)
lay eggs (like a few things)
poo on people (like many birds)
chat (like people typing on a keyboard)
This game was a huge success on the web before the plugin was discontinued.
The android version is still good (go check the reviews :)), but this steam version brings the higher quality, and better frame-rate back to the PC, and hopefully ,more.
Single player it's a pleasant relaxing experience, multiplayer it isn't relaxing at all but some say it can be pleasant.
It'll go for around £2 which is a little more than $2 USD.
We'll definitely add controller support.
Subject to significant interest we'll add/improve stuff dramatically. Otherwise, a classic game is restored.
As we already have this implemented, there will ll be a free demo version too.

Thanks to vedas ( for a beautiful bit of flute music.
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May 31 @ 12:43pm
Make it free
lil Diablo
< >
柠檬加醋 Jun 9 @ 10:44am 
Coyotii May 31 @ 12:41pm 
It was on Firefox, Explorer etc. i was playing it MANY times i can even say i played it everytime when i could, when i have seen it's no available to play again on Google i was shocked and really sad. Please make it alive again ! :(
✪ Byngo May 29 @ 3:16am 
love this game <3
woofle May 28 @ 4:45am 
Omg, this is amazing game <3 <3 <3 <3
Dankranx May 20 @ 7:44pm 
I remember playing Fly Like A Bird 2 in 2011! The fact there would be a 3rd amazed me, and I almost lost my mind when I saw it was on Steam!

But of course, devs being devs had to shut it down. smh
Mr_indominus May 14 @ 4:51pm 
se ve cul
ᶠᵃᵐᶦᶰᵉ May 11 @ 7:20pm 
Need more good graphics pls
༺ڳฟ༻༺ڳฟ༻ Apr 30 @ 5:22am 
i used to play this game in the 3rd grade XD it was fun, i wanna play it rn D:
MelonBat Apr 28 @ 10:31pm 
I really love and miss this game! Would buy. <3