Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders

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a selection of my personal taste for me, and my friends, fell free to take a bite
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5 way defense V2
Created by S1
You and your allies are put in to an arena for another species' entertainment. Will you back down and let your self waste away? Or will you fight back and prove them wrong.
Created by Dan83
Once upon a time, in a distance land, Palantir was a city of Kings...who giving their lifes defending his native lands...
Features 90% custom content.
By Daniel 'KaMi' Díaz, 2012.

More info:
*This map is now official and you can play it on ranked mo...
The Manor
Created by The Other Wes
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Update fixing skybox is out

New visuals, hedges and grass changed

New version has the summoner are fixed and ...
Tomb of Etheria
Created by TheBeev
Tomb of Etheria has been updated to version 1.2. The map now supports Overlord mode of the summoner class. We have also added some new content to the final wave to make it more exciting, you'll have to play it to find out what though. Good luck, h...
goblin fest
Created by Alecjojoy
not beautiful but fun...