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Age of Empires II (2013)

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[IA 5.8] Independent Architecture
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[IA 5.8] Independent Architecture

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For those looking for a version of Independent Architecture for the Original Dataset (The one without DLC's), I have an IA mod for the Original Dataset linked here:

For the "Independent Architecure & Units version" by Omkar, aka Juggernaut, please click on the link here:

NOTE: It is very important to make sure the "Independent Architecture" DAT Mod has a lower Mod Priority than the Architecture Mods.

-5.8 Hotfix Notes-

  • Fixed Ethiopian Trade Workshop to use "44360" SLP
  • Fixed certain Gate angles gaining extra armour while constructing
  • Fixed extra Castle Arrows not benefiting from Chemistry

-5.8 "1 Year Late" Edition Update Notes-

  • Finally updated the mod to by in sync with the current 5.8 Balance Patch
  • Malay and Ethiopians are finally supported (Special thanks to Omkar, though the version here is edited from his work and not directly taken from IA+Units for 5.8)
  • Unfortunately, this will likely be the last update for IA. I know I planned to add support for dedicated Snow and Garrison Flags in the last update, but I had to step away from IA and AoE2 in general due to health and personal issues, as well as depression. Only now I have the drive again to get back into AoE2, but with Definitive Edition releasing in a few months, I do not think it's worth implementing it in.


What is "Independent Architecture"?

Independent Architecture is a DAT Mod project that I have been working on for some time that is designed to separate civilizations from their architecture sets and providing them with duplicate, but unique SLP files so that they can be individually modded without affecting other civilizations, such as modding the Byzantine Architecture without affecting the Saracens or modding the Spanish without touching the Franks as a few examples. The Unique SLP files are also exactly the same as the originals that the civilization uses, so one person can, for example, play only modifying the Vietnamese with someone who has the Vietnamese untouched but modded the Spanish & the Huns. The DAT Mod is also currently synced with the current 5.8 version, which should minimize gameplay anomalies, if any.

What exactly does this effect?

As of right now, all Civilizations are either directly or indirectly supported by Independent Architecture. The list of Civilizations can be found in a Screenshot above.

IA also includes a few extra touch-ups, such as:
  • Regional Kings for Byzantines, Huns & Vietnamese, as well as Regional Monks (Using the "Imam" & "Chand Bhai" Monks provided in The Forgotten
  • Unique Elite Cannon Galleon Graphics, provided by "Mahazona"
  • Unique Trebuchet "Foundation" (Trebuchets Packing/Unpacking no longer use the standard building 2x2 foundation
  • Asian & Middle Eastern "Beta Keeps" For the Sea Fortification on some Civilizations
  • The old AoK Galleon & Heavy Scorpion "Torpedo" sound and added the missing, unused voices for the Indians, Italians & Slavs.

IA includes a

  • Watch Towers no longer "Unlock" Themselves when Pre-Placed. Which means no more Dark Age Towers on Regicide or on maps like Fortress
  • Fix the Kataparuto Trebuchet No-Damage Bug for Japanese Trebuchets
  • Incas in All Tech games now have access to Hand Cannoneers. They are located under the Elite Skirmisher Tech & beside Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics
    • This ONLY applies to the Incas. All other Civilizations still have the HC next to Cavalry Archers
  • While 5.8 did fix the Slavs Farming Bug, the value set for the Villager Workrate is slightly higher than 15% (It's closer to +16%). The workrate is lowered to 1.27 from 1.28
    • The previous version of IA also had a variation of this fix, as well as several others which was implemented into 5.8 officially
  • Fixed Caravel Shots from firing Backwards when shooting units at Point Blank Range (ie. Melee Units)
  • Fixed the Missionary "attack" frames

Independent Architecture also fixes the Mediterranean Architecture, used now by only the Italians, which has a common problem of sharing SLP files from other sets and even themselves. This provides unique SLP's for the Feudal Dock, both Mills, all Town Centers, Lumber Camp & Mining Camp. This mod also separates the Indian Ship Sails, which used the SLP files from the old, Middle Eastern SLPs.

What and What Can't be Used with Independent Architecture?
  • Independent Architecture can be used in Standard Games by selecting the DAT mod in the Dataset List in the Top Right Corner. All Standard Game Modes (Random Maps, Special Maps & Scenarios) are supported.
  • Independent Architecture can be used in Online Multiplayer games by selecting the DAT Mod as the dataset when creating a lobby. Currently, Online games with IA (Or any Dataset Mod) will be Unranked.
  • IA CAN be used for Campaigns through an exploit. Instructions are listed in one of the Screenshots above.
  • IA CAN be used in the Map Editor the same exploit.

For loading any saved games using Independent Architecture, including Skirmish Games against the AI, you need to "Pre-load" Independent Architecture first before loading the same game using the same method above or else AoE2 will crash!

How to create Architecture Mods for Independent Architecture

Making Graphical Mods is structured a bit differently than making mods directly for AoE2, both AoC & HD, but the general idea is the same. If you have never made graphic mods before, I recommend checking out Ozhara's Modding Guide.

The first thing you need to know is that the SLP files needs to be directed into the "slp" folder ("resources / _common / slp") and NOT the "drs / gamedata_x2" folders. While they can be added to the "gamedata_x2" like normal, since I have made the "SLP Name" the same as the Unique SLP ID Numbers, The HD Workshop has conflicts using that method, which is why the mod uses the SLP Names instead. Otherwise, it is no different from making a normal graphic mod.

The Second thing is that each civilization has an unique set of SLP files and the SLP files are structured the same as majority of the DLC civilizations (ie. Slavs, Indians, Malians, Khmer) because they are very uniform. The last 3 numbers for every SLP ID is the same for each graphic, so for example, the Feudal Barracks is always xx144, with "xx" being what the architecture set it belongs to, which includes the civilizations in the above example.

I have provided a SLP list in a text file in the workshop folder, which can be found at:
Steam / steamapps / workshop / content / 221380 / 893953860
Or can also be open in the in-game workshop menu.

This does not list the original graphic SLP's, such as the original AoC Buildings and the Mediterranean Buildings. I will add to the list with the original SLP numbers as well, but for now, I recommend a method of using a popular AoE2 tool, such as AGE editor or Turtle Pack & using the SLP list as a cross-reference.
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Muaddib Nov 16 @ 12:12am 
Are you doing IA for AOE2 DE? Honestly, your mods is what really kept me playing over the years... I really hope you make a version of this great mod for DE
DrAgOoN Aug 15 @ 6:36pm 
Hey, quick question... Sort of...

I'm having problems getting this and ( to work. I select the dataset in the menu for standard game and it loads instantly. It used to take forever.

In game with this and (link above) I still get vanilla architecture. In the other mod (link above) I get the units but not the buildings.

Any help would be great. Cheers guys.
Saint_Michaels_  [author] Jul 26 @ 5:47pm 
Thanks, and don't worry about it. Sorry about the late reply, It's not because I'm upset or something. I still have and going through a lot these days.
Apocalypso Jul 19 @ 7:39pm 
Why can't people just be team players and stop being so paranoid about their creations?
Saint_Michaels_  [author] Jul 18 @ 6:50pm 
I believe it's intentional. Okmar moved away from continuing working on IA for HD and removed the Non-Unit mod as a result. He also tried to take down the IU version though a DMCA takedown, but that fell through.

I've been working on updating this mod to 5.8 using Okmar's 5.8 version as a reference (I can't directly upload his old 5.8 version, since if he does try to claim it, it will likely go through and I'll risk getting my entire workshop submissions banned). Hopefully I'll have it ready by the weekend.
PaulBr Jul 18 @ 9:33am 
Just a heads-up, Independent Architecture 5.8 is no longer in the workshop, was that intentional or did steam just take it down?
cherrybomb Apr 30 @ 8:27am 
Will this ever work fo campaign? :( And yes, I preloaded everything
ecl-inc Mar 3 @ 11:51am 
Again, Thank you, Saint Michaels.
Zendalar Feb 16 @ 9:20am 
Help, doesnt work in the campaign....
Sint Holo Jan 9 @ 6:12pm 
Does it work with 5.8 or not?