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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Ark Eternal (Live Version)
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Mar 28, 2017 @ 11:33pm
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Ark Eternal (Live Version)

In 3 collections by Leutian Kane
LK's Workshop Created Mod Pack
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Ark Eternal Branded Mods.
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Ark Eternal Mod Sponsorship Collection
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Mod ID: 893735676
Ark Eternal is optimized for Server play only if you choose to run it on single player you may experience bugs.
Ark Eternal Linux Version For those that need to use it instead of windows only.

NOTE: DO NOT NEED ANY OTHER MODS BESIDES THIS ONE,Elemental and Structures Expansions to get ALL of Eternal
Awesome SpyGlass Info Box Compatible!
This is now the current Version as we've switched ownership of the mod so that it may be considered for sponsorship and everything is all under one developer instead of spread out.

Want to play Old School Ark Eternal? Well go Check out our Retro Version, The Mod as it was on July 4, 2017 4 months after initial release.

GameUserSettings.INI Configs

Updated to work with Genesis 2 DLC!!!!!!


ARK Eternal
  • Updates can be viewed in the change notes tab.
  • Eternal sets Difficulty to 20, Meaning max wild dino level will be 600 if loaded first. Otherwise Set OverrideOfficialDifficulty=20 in GameUserSettings.ini. Mod is Balanced Around this!!!!.
  • Eternal is a WIP, meaning mechanics, items or dinos can change without warning.
  • Eternal is optimized, but does not require,Using Official Maps, first priority and PvE.
  • We developers listen to the community a lot. Join our discord for suggestions and bugreports.
  • This mod is in active development, meaning you can expect bugs which will be resolved over time based on received feedback.
  • Eternal updates around every 7-14 days, depending on workload.
  • Remember that this is something we do for fun. We dont get paid and have no obligations to anyone.
  • Eternal has added the spawn mechanics the Tek or event dinos use to spawn on any map now, so this means on top of Vanilla Remaps and Spawn on Death System our dinos will now spawn similar to how tek dinos spawn on the map
  • This means that as long as vanilla dinos spawn on a map our dinos will piggyback their spawns into the game as long as eternal is loaded first.
  • This also means that other mods like Primal Fear that use this mechanic for spawning will also be supported by ark eternal by default so that we do not block their spawns if loaded first.

Eternal is an overhaul mod that changes a lot of features from vanilla ARK. It adds 600+ new dinos at its current state, most of them can be tamed in different ways. Some of them can be evolved from creature A to creature B. Eternal has around 30 bosses so far, some rather easy and some almost impossible to kill. It adds more difficulty and diversity. And the best thing about Eternal, is that its WIP, meaning we still have alot of new features we are both thinking about and working on. We will not, however, release content and start with adding any more content until the previous content is working.

Eternal can be a Core Mod, meaning its designed for first priority in your load order. It is also designed with PvE in mind. If you want to use it on your PvP-server, you would have to do some serious tweaking. It is balanced for vanilla difficulty and levels.(OverrideOfficialDifficulty=20 in GUS.ini , in otherwords Max Dino level 600 wild) If you change that, your experience may differ from what Eternal is designed for. People have had success in running this mod second to mods like Pugnacia, Annuaki and Extinction. We do not encourage it though, as it could block some of Eternals content. It may work now, and then all of a sudden, when we do some changes, it may not. We do however try and design Eternal to work as a second overhaul mod.

Please Check out:
Ark Eternal Wiki[]

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

Credits and thank you's can be found here.


Website with all necessary information, FAQ, spawncodes etc.

Link to our discord - dont miss anything, join today!

If you like our work, sponsor us with a coffee :)

Our Facebook page


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May 25 @ 12:28pm
The new update crash the server and you cant open the server
7 hours ago
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Leutian Kane
May 25 @ 12:32pm
A copy of eternal before you ruined it
Stormy Knights
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Problex 3 hours ago 
I have 1 question anyone knows how to tame the god mode magmasaur 1 guy from my server has . Can someone help
DesiM Jun 16 @ 8:47pm 
Anyone know if chewy can evolve to a ferox?
amy1234577 Jun 15 @ 5:37pm 
All mod support is handled via Discord, we do not monitor these comments. If you are wanting to know something or have issues please join the discord.
shilo42 Jun 12 @ 2:47am 
how do i get the berries to tame alpha herbivores?
iTzYungPhoenix Jun 10 @ 2:43pm 
Using the Eternal Oviraptor to craft kibbles; the last two tiers of kibble both use Rex and auto crafts. The auto craft give priority to one over the other so it basically instantly crafts one without the opportunity to make the other. Not sure if this was intended just wanted to raise awareness.
Really fun mod. Have a good one!
amy1234577 Jun 5 @ 1:26pm 
Eternal works on Gen 2 just fine, Ark Eternal is not set up for single player it even says so in the mod description. ALL MOD SUPPORT IS HANDLED THROUGH DISCORD. We do NOT monitor the Workshop comments. If you have any questions Please Join Discord and ask in the appropriate channels.
Ark Eternal Official Server Admin: Amy the Amers
lkav Jun 5 @ 8:38am 
when playing on single player my inventory gets full of engrams from eternal dinos that died around me ( metal from eternal anky, sparkpowder from doedi...) and I get as many engrams as as many dinos die. soon my inventory is full with engrams. is there a way to disable this? TIA
collinsmikesteelers Jun 4 @ 11:45am 
I lost all my eteranl gear including the tek and all my eteranl dinos with the steam updated is there any chance of getting them back I dont even see eternal dinos and stuff on the mod but it says i have the mod loaded
**Miakki** Jun 4 @ 1:35am 
anyone disconnecting heaps since the eternal update ?????
-=xtc_rush=- Jun 3 @ 9:24pm 
not currently working with Gen 2 map . will patiently wait for an update of mod :)