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LW2 Field Medic Soldier Class
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LW2 Field Medic Soldier Class

New Soldier Class for LW2: The Field Medic

A quick and versatile support unit, the Field Medic is a new class for Long War 2 equipped to provide the medical assistance needed to keep your squad on their feet.

The class specializes in providing traditional medical assistance and has access to several abilities that increase mobility or provide free/bonus actions to make up for the loss of the remote healing gremlin (replaced by the arc-thrower).

Special Features

The class has built-in proficiencies related to their role on the battlefield that grow as they level up - no matter which abilities may be choosen as a Field Medic ranks up, their medical proficiency will continue to rise, opening up more options and versatility in the ability tree. I've spent a great deal of time trying to put together an ability tree that offers solid choices at every level, regardless of which abilities were chosen before or will be chosen after, depending on a particular soldier's stats and the role you want them to fill.

Abilities are divided into three general themes:
  • Corpsman (left) - support skills that allow the medic to compliment a fire team without drawing too much attention to themselves and provide quicker wound recovery - If your medic is the first to go down, who's going to save the rest of the squad?

  • Combat Medic (center) - front-line skills that increase the medic's combat capabilities - after all, ADVENT never signed the Geneva Convention...

  • First Responder (right) - versatile skills that let the medic do more, faster - when lives are on the line, you need it done NOW.
Most class values are configurable and in-game descriptions should update accordingly.

Class Stats and Abilities

Field Medic stat progression (with LW2 Ranger and Assault classes for comparison):
Class Health Aim Will Dodge Medic 4 10 16 10 Ranger 3 20 10 0 Assault 4 16 8 0
Field Medic ability tree:
Level Corpsman Combat Medic First Responder 1 Non-Combatant Arc-Thrower Stun Medical Specialist 2 Shadowstep Reposition Run-and-Gun 3 Quality of Care Combat Conditioning Emergency Aid 4 Sentinel Rapid-Fire Electroshock 5 Anti-Venom Stims Low Profile Smokescreen 6 Phantom Suppression Rapid Deployment 7 Covering Fire Cool Under Pressure Stungunner 8 Battlefield Triage Killzone Advanced Trauma Kits

New Abilities
  • Non-Combatant Deal -1 damage with primary weapons. Damage penalty does not scale up with tech, does not apply to pistols, and is removed entirely with Combat Conditioning. (This is a Squaddie ability, granted automatically when a unit is assigned the class)

  • Medical Specialist This is the Field Medic's class proficiency skill that levels up with the soldier. Provides extra medkits, extra healing, and Revive charges. (This is a Squaddie ability, granted automatically when a unit is assigned the class)

  • Revive Medkit ability granted through class proficiency - revives wounded soldiers, removes negative status effects, and provides a small amount of healing. Can revive soldiers who are bleeding out - stabilizing first is not required. Requires/uses a Medkit charge.

  • Reposition Once per turn, after landing a standard shot on a flanked or exposed enemy that would normally end your turn, gain an additional movement-only action point to reposition with a -35% penalty to Mobility. Works with Arc-Thrower and Pistol standard shots and works against units that cannot take cover (thus the -Mobility tradeoff).

  • Anti-Venom Stims Passive area protection from poison (like Bastion). Also grants a targetable Adrenaline Shot that can be used to remove Panicked or Stunned status effects from a single soldier.

  • Quality of Care When the Medic heals, stabilizes or revives a unit, high quality care reduces wound recovery time by a small margin. Note, the recovery time bonus can be overwritten if the target is later wounded again and their HP drops below the provided bonus.

  • Combat Conditioning Gain +2 Mobility, +5 Aim, and removes damage penalty from Non-Combatant. Boost of +5 Aim brings Aim stat progression up to within 1 point of most other classes.

  • Emergency Aid Rapid Deployment for medkit abilities. Works with Revive if the soldier also has Advanced Trauma Kits.

  • Smokescreen Grants one free smoke grenade and +1 to equipped smoke grenades.

  • Battlefield Triage Boosts Will for the entire squad and reduces HP lost for calculating wound times. Like Field Surgeon, but always applied (no rolls/chance) and about 3 times as strong.

  • Advanced Trauma Kits Makes Revive a non-turn-ending abililty and increases HP healed by Revive. Also increases chances a wounded soldier will bleed-out rather than die and adds 1 turn to the bleed-out timers.

Emergency Aid and Quality of Care will also work with Stabilize Me!

Reposition and Emergency Aid are configured for the AWC and can show up on other classes.

Reposition should play nice with all other standard and LW2 abilities that grant bonus actions that it is allowed to be paired with. For example, if a soldier has both Reposition and Death from Above, if they take a high-ground shot at an exposed target and kill it, they will get the full bonus action from Death from Above, but if they fail to kill the target, they will still get the movement only action from Reposition.

Other Recommended Mods
Stabilize Me!

Thanks and Credits

Firaxis for a mod-friendly game. Pavonis Interactive for LW2 and all the code examples I pulled from within. xylthixlm and robojumper for LW2 ShadowOps class pack and XModBase, both also key resources to learn from. All other custom class mod makers - I've dug through just about all of them I think, trying to stumble my way through learning to mod for XCOM2...
Source for mod's main workshop image [ploscnicu.deviantart.com]

Version History
(See Change Notes for previous versions)
    • Quick update to maintain compatibility with Shadow Ops Class Pack.

Please let me know what you think of the mod, if you run into bugs, or if you have balance concerns. Thanks and enjoy!
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shiremct  [author] Mar 23 @ 3:53am 
If you swap out the Arc-Thrower skills and use the community highlander, it may work in vanilla. I haven't tested it myself but others have said this works.
kenanthebarbarian Mar 23 @ 12:10am 
Excellent looking mod. Think it would be difficult to convert for vanilla with LWPP? Maybe it would only require swapping out any LW2-specific abilities? (I know nothing about modding beyond basic .ini edits.)
xXBroconutXx Jan 28 @ 8:37pm 
In all honesty, I'm surprised you answered. Glad you still answer. :D Thank you!
shiremct  [author] Jan 22 @ 9:21pm 
Yes, the Field Medic has a Revive skill that can revive bleeding out or unconscious soldiers. They automatically get access to this ability once they reach proficiency level 2.
xXBroconutXx Jan 22 @ 7:45pm 
Is it possible to have it where he can wake up an unconscious solider, or is that just for the goblins can do?
Soupidity Nov 5, 2018 @ 3:56am 
Was so iffy about adding a class mod to my game, but after going through the OP I gotta say I'm pretty convinced you've made a balanced and interesting class mod :D Will give a try
UMebius ™ Jul 27, 2018 @ 7:34am 
@Shiremct thanks, that solved it. Great class !
shiremct  [author] Jul 27, 2018 @ 6:37am 
I think it is LW2_APA_Medic, but can't double check atm. You can find the class names in the classdata.ini file as well if that doesn't work.
UMebius ™ Jul 27, 2018 @ 1:11am 
Hey Shiremct, I wanna use the Console Command to change a soldier's class to field medic, however, I can't find the correct class_name for it, I tried Medic, FieldMedic, etc etc. Do you know whats the name for it ?
shiremct  [author] Feb 23, 2018 @ 8:41pm 
I wasn't aware of any issues with using the original one? Is something not working as expected?