Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Sukritact's Civ Selection Screen
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Mod: UI, Game Setup
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Mar 28, 2017 @ 1:33pm
Apr 29 @ 7:51am
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Sukritact's Civ Selection Screen



A custom screen that changes how you select the leader and civilization you play as:

Instead of a dropdown, you are now taken to a screen to select a civ and a leader. The actual leader you will be playing as are sorted under the civilization they control.

During civ selection you may jump to the civs starting with a particular letter by pressing the appropriate key.

The screen has no problem handling multiple leaders, or leaders with additional uniques. Mods are also supported with no issues.

You can also select specific Jerseys in single player now! Warnings will be displayed when you've picked conflicting jersey colors.

This mod is incompatible with YNAEMP. There are no plans to make it compatible. It would simply require too much of my time.
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blkbutterfly74 Jul 26 @ 4:23am 
Thanks again for great mod :steamthumbsup:

I use it exclusively for saving map seeds (to test map mods).

There is always an error at the start in SetupParameters. "attempt to index a nil value".
Stack traceback to AdvancedSetup.lua:1984 in function OnFinishedGameplayContentConfigure

Hope that helps.
Saku Jul 14 @ 12:41pm 
Easier than expected, thanks for letting me know! :AlmaHappiness: :chocolaova:
sukritact  [author] Jul 14 @ 11:02am 
@Saku, the old menu is still accessible via right-clicking on the button.
Saku Jul 13 @ 6:02pm 
Thanks for the mod.

Is there a way to get the vanilla map selection screen back? I prefer to see the map images when selecting.
Nizoulou Jul 4 @ 3:51am 
Hello I have something strange happening in my logs concerning your mod, but when creating a game the new civ screen displays correctly (in solo not multiplayer, probably intended) so I don't know if it is problematic :
sukritact  [author] Apr 25 @ 1:10am 
@TheGoldenDonut_ : It still works. Please check to make sure a conflicting mod didn't auto-enable itself due to updates.
TheGoldenDonut_ Apr 24 @ 3:10pm 
April update made it not work, it think.
Adriaman Apr 22 @ 12:43pm 
Hi, the following file has been updated, you might want to take a look:
BigMike96 Apr 14 @ 1:46pm 
This mod used to work for me some months ago but now it doesn't seem too. Any ideas ? It just displays the original civ selection panel.
Erazil Apr 10 @ 2:22am 
Hi, i think found a little bug ( maybe is nothing ) in the AdvancedSetup.xml
at line 862 and 863 there are two closure of the tag "container" (</Container>) and it seems to miss the closure of the tag "stack" opened at line 855
it would seem that the </Container> tag on line 862 should be </Stack> instead no?

(i am not dev maybe i wrong )