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3CB BAF Vehicles
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3CB BAF Vehicles

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Vehicles of the British Royal Marines Commandos and other UK Armed Forces.
By 3 Commando Brigade[]

If you're over 17 and would like to try these mods on a MP server, our public server is open 24/7.

Land Rovers
Coyote - Tactical Support Vehicle
Jackal 2 - Light Patrol / Fire-Support Vehicle
Apache - Helicopter
Merlin - Helicopter
Wildcat - Helicopter

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License and Disclaimer
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The Jimbles Guy In The Sky Oct 19 @ 11:22am 
would be cool to see some logistics trucks that you can load smaller vehicles like land rovers on to kind of like how you can put a quad bike in the idap van in laws of war
SerJames Oct 17 @ 12:13pm 
They normally just leave them Green (or whatever colour they happen to be before being shipped into theatre) They just use lots of camo...
The Jimbles Guy In The Sky Oct 16 @ 4:50pm 
ill tell you guys if this glitch happens again, also i would love to see arctic variants of some of the ground vehicles :)
The Jimbles Guy In The Sky Oct 16 @ 4:49pm 
ok the glitch is gone now for no reason
The Jimbles Guy In The Sky Oct 16 @ 8:52am 
ok ill try to get them to you as soon as possible
SerJames Oct 15 @ 5:55am 
Hi Can you post an image of what you are seeing along with the list of mods you are running to here please..

The Jimbles Guy In The Sky Oct 14 @ 8:04pm 
Ive got a problem on the jackal/coyote as well as the land rover with the mounted gun where the gunner on the main gun just sits in the air about 4 feet above the actual gun, how can i fix this?
Nick Seafort Oct 4 @ 10:36am 
I'd recommend re-downloading the mod, and verifying the game files - it looks like something has gone badly wrong in your install!
SerJames Oct 3 @ 4:42pm 
Hi Larcenn, not something we've seen ourselves or reported anywhere else. Can you just confirm you still get this bug when you JUST run the 3CB mods with CBA on vanilla... Cheers - just trying to eliminate the chance another mod is causing somesort of weird conflict.

Also worth pointing out that these are not the best place to leave Bug Feedback. Official feedback best left here
Larcenn Oct 3 @ 4:35pm 

I have a problem with .50 on the JACKAL or COYOTE.

Look :

do you have a solution ?