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Environmental Resistance Treatments
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Environmental Resistance Treatments

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Allows the crafting of stimpacks that resist the environmental effects on certain planets, at the Medical Station crafting table.


Aerobic Treatment (Protect against Suffocation and Drowning)
x1 Syringe, x5 Water, x2 Living Root, x25 Moon Dust

Anti-Radiation Treatment (Protect against highly radioactive planets)
x1 Syringe, x5 Water, x2 Venom Sample, x25 Alien Rock

Anti-Hypothermia Treatment (Protect against low temperature planets)
x1 Syringe, x5 Water, x2 Scorched Core, x25 Magma Rock

Anti-Heatstroke Treatment (Protects against high temperature planets)
x1 Syringe, x5 Water, x2 Cryonic Extract, x25 Ice Block

Erchius Treatment (Prevents the Erchius Ghost from stalking you)
x1 Syringe, x5 Water, x2 Phase Matter, x25 Liquid Erchius Fuel

All-in-One Biome Treatment (Combines them all into a 30 minute version)
x1 of each kind of Treatment, x2 Diamond