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Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Historic Speed
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Mar 24, 2017 @ 5:47pm
Mar 21, 2019 @ 2:36pm
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Historic Speed


This mod adds a new game speed called "Historic." Historic game speed has Standard-speed production times and longer-than-Marathon research times.

NOTE: Historic Speed replaces "Standard." If you are playing a non-English version of Civ 6, this change will not be reflected, so just select "Standard."

To use this mod properly, you MUST set the game speed to "Historic"

Certain changes with this mod affect all game speeds, but it is intended to only be played with the Historic game speed. If you want to play a regular-speed game, you MUST deactivate this mod.

  • Research times that are longer than Marathon and increase with each era
  • Research penalty for Techs/Civics ahead of the current game era has been increased
  • Research boost for Techs/Civics behind the current game era has been increased
  • Eureka and Inspirations only boost 20% of the cost now
  • Adjusted Great Person Points costs
  • Adjusted Golden Age and Dark Age thresholds
  • Reduced Culture and Science per population
  • Standard production costs for Districts, Buildings, and Wonders
  • Standard production costs + 10% for Units (to reduce unit spam)
  • +1 to maintenance costs for combat units (to reduce unit spam)
  • Slightly slowed city population growth
  • Increased the movement benefit of roads
  • Adjusted calendar so the year better aligns with game progress
  • New project "Local Festivities" which provides Gold and +1 Amenity per turn.
  • CO2 output from resources has been reduced by half
  • The CO2 threshold for 1 degree of climate change has been doubled

This mod is FULLY COMPATIBLE with Rise and Fall AND Gathering Storm!
This mod is NOT compatible with 8 Ages of Pace or any other mod that adjusts research times or game speeds.

Special Thanks
This mod was directly inspired by the Civ 5 mod "Extended Eras" / "Historic Speed" (by Pastry and Chuck Findley, respectively)

I have also incorporated formulas and ideas from the 8 Ages of Pace mod. I am indebted to Olleus' code and cleverness. If Historic Speed is not to your taste, then I highly encourage you to get 8 Ages of Pace for an experience that is closer to vanilla in pace.

Thanks to In Fame for assisting with the in-game calendar tweaking.
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Megas Apollumi Nov 9 @ 6:27pm 
@3D Master. Just get "non-stop projects" mod and it automatically cycles which ever one you have chosen.
Lyzore Sep 26 @ 12:49pm 
Is this mod broken? What is the turn limit supposed to be?
3D Master Sep 7 @ 8:09am 
This is a great mod; there is one drawback though; late game when you have a lot of cities, and few things left to build, you have to go to the project all the way at the bottom, 'Bread and circuses,' 'Campus Research Grants' and the like. These have the normal building speed, aka 1-3 turns.

The result is that you sit there, going through 50-75% of your cities, every turn, scrolling down to one of these projects, and turning them on again.This makes a turn last 5 to 10 minutes easily. It also makes it more likely you forget that you were doing something else at a city, because it becomes such automated thing you're doing.

It would be so much nicer if these projects retained their marathon lengths.
thx1138 Jul 30 @ 2:12pm 
I love the idea of this mod but I think it conflicts with Babylon's special ability. I'm playing Babylon and as of 340 BC I already have Mass Production. I saw another comment saying Babylon had a big science advantage with this mod.
Kor Leonis Jun 12 @ 9:40pm 
Yeah, this does not work for me. Love Extended Eras (but hate the multiplayer desyncs it causes), but this is insane. It's barely the start of the classical era and 3 AI civs have an army strength over 1000. There are warriors and archers on every tile of their territory. Just a gruelling grind of never ending tides of enemy units. Love a lot of your mods p0kiehl, but not this.
Aud计oR May 18 @ 4:55am 
Games with this mode become very boring and unbalanced :steamthumbsdown:
FunnelVortex Apr 29 @ 12:09am 
Eh, tried it but wasn't really a fan. I was able to plop down 8 cities and get 8 campuses with libraries going and was already producing a lot of science while still in the ancient era which honestly felt kinda broken. Production should be raised slightly to "Epic" standards or something similar.
Norse Zeus Mar 28 @ 4:00pm 
Came back after looking through my mods, turns out there was another conflicting mod screwing things up, this mod is fine. Thank you, Pokhiel!
Norse Zeus Mar 16 @ 11:03am 
Did something change with this last update? This has been one of my all time favorite mods, and I've been playing it since 2019-2020, but I went to play a game today and the techs are soooooooo much longer than they used to be. I don't remember it taking 150 turns to research pottery, or 300 just to get to astrology. You're out of the ancient era having only researched one tech, and you can't get any campuses to speed it up.

I know this sounds like a Berenstein vs Berenstain Bears Mandela effect, but I swear the tech costs were tied to epic speed, not marathon. This mod was a lot more fun and perfect when I last played a month ago. It's the only "pace changer" mod I've ever used. Did the devs increase the tech costs with the new update?

750 science for pottery? What the heck? Something threw this mod out of balance recently. Is there a setting I screwed up?
Papa Ours (le vrai) Mar 8 @ 3:52pm 
Malheureusement pour moi encore un MOD, qui ne marche pas ! (ou qui n'est pas compatible avec TOUS des Mod's officiels : Civilization VI)
Malgré les recommandations du créateur, se MOD est plus rapide que "MARATHON"
Ma question, es qu'il existe un MOD qui ralentie significativement le jeux et qui est compatible avec tous les MOD's officiel ?
Es que cela existe ?

Merci de votre réponse !