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Patrum Scuta


Current version 3.05 [GDAY] for Crusader Kings II 3.01 [CDYZ]

• Consistent and historically coherent heraldry for western Europe. Designs and colours are adapted from real historical frequencies (ca 1200-1250, craddle of heraldry).
• Thousands of dynasties with their historical arms, including additionnal ones for randomly generated people (regular/ck2+ versions only).
• Anything can be used and combined within the ruler designer : hundreds of random designs, dynasties, plus ruler designer specific ones (reasonnable requests can be made).
• Additionnal templates and shield frames for other religions : Islam, Tengriism, Germanic, Slavic, Baltic & Finnic pagans, Zoroastrianism, West Africans and even Aztecs.

Original idea and concept by Keanon
Graphics and Implementation by Solo
Graphics by Birger, from his Wappenwiki website

Special thanks :
Measter for his Coat of Arms Builder tool.

Compatibility :

Should work with anything that doesn't change the flag folder, emblem coding/shield frames (coat_of_arms.txt, coat_of_arms.gfx, general_stuff.gfx) and dynasties.

Ironman & Achievements :

The dynasty file changes the game's checksum. Sadly this is the core of the mod, and what I consider to be the mod's true improvement to immersion. That said if you need to play ironman+achievements I've made a lesser version of the mod that removes the common folder content :

Still covers dynasties from the first two dynasty shields DLCs as a bonus but that's about all I can do : dynasties other than those included in the dynasty shield DLCs would require a modified dynasty files.

CK2+ version :

A CK2+ specific version including most of the content can be found here :

Known issues & limitations :

- Workshop related : if you have any graphical issue (black flags, glitched graphics, etc) at installation and don't seem to have an obviously incompatible mod, try verifying the integrity of your game files. This resolved a few weird bug so it's the first thing to try in such a case. If it doesnt fix it, you can also try the manual installation link provided in the discussion topic.

- Muslim and pagan shields are displaced vertically (lower) in the dynastic tree and gameover windows. This is due to having higher resolutions frames and templates (128px instead of 84px), combined with the hardcoded behaviour of the interface when it comes to swapping emblems type (basically there's one placeholder file that determines where and which size, and that's it). Small price to pay in my opinion for not having christians be the only full resolution religion.

- Emblems and earlier starting dates : nothing I can do without heavily modifying things to prevent rulers 500 years apart to use the same emblem systems. No heraldry before 1125, which is most of the game's timeframe : it's that simple.

- Another limitation : the game's colour coding can't follow heraldic rules which makes tricolour random emblems impossible.

If you appreciate the work remember to rate the mod.

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Solo  [author] Feb 21 @ 11:11am 
Yes, there is. Look into the discussion topics.
Tzeentch Feb 21 @ 8:43am 
Is there a manual download link?
Amaranth Feb 20 @ 8:06am 
@BBJoey Thanks a lot mate, it's exactly what I needed!
Amaranth Feb 19 @ 11:25am 
Is it possible to get a list of flags with numbers in order of their appearance in the editor? I love the designs and all but I'm afraid that clicking through over 1k of them is gonna give me carpal tunnel...
von Hohenstaufen Feb 19 @ 11:02am 
Hi, what happened to the Coat of Arms from the 3rd CoA DLC (Solomonid, Gideo, Trpimirovic etc.)?
The Gideo CoA is a purple fish, Solomonid is a Red Cross and the Trpimirovic dont have their crown but the red-white chess board
It this just me or?
Solo  [author] Feb 14 @ 3:37am 
Well if you need older versions than what's in the direct download topic I can look if I still have them but it's really not a sure thing. You'll have to tell me which specific version of CK2 though.

There won't be a HIP version of this mod, sorry.
Could you make a direct like to older versions? Im running old CK2 for compatibility with some old unupdated mods..
Also, is HIP compatible version even considered?
Solo  [author] Feb 10 @ 8:09am 
@General Hux
They use heraldry with eastern designs, minus any christian symbolism.

@Rabid Bogling
Not sure what you mean. There won't be any new version of the mod in any case.
Rabid Bogling Feb 9 @ 8:15pm 
Any chance of a version that doesn't change flags?