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100% Achievements guide
By rogermorse
A guide that explains every achievement and, in some cases, how to get them.
Below you will find listed all the achievements, including the hidden ones, with their descriptions. Some are easy, some are not, some are also missable.

The game is great and I think, like most (if not all) games, that the first playthrough should be completely without any kind of guide. Maybe a look now and then to see if you are really missing something important, but not more. Have a look at the achievements once so that you decide how to play accordingly. DO NOT read the spoiler text if you want absolutely no spoilers.

Difficulty: 5/10
Time to 100%: 12-14 hours (without the guide)
Rushed playthrough: 2 hours (without using vehicles)
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (it is harder but is also less fun, so I recommend 2)

A Mari Usque Ad Mare
Complete the game.

Nothing to say really...

A star in the night
Shoot a flare at night.

Sooner or later you will find a flare gun After the treasure hunt. I am not sure if you can go right at the flaregun location without having to find all the other 'treasures'....I cannot say 100% sure but it would make sense that the flare gun only spawns if you do the whole treasure hunt, I doubt though that it's like that, you can still try to go straight to the flare gun location if you don't want to wait. You fill find flares much earlier than finding the gun itself. The game has the change from day to night scripted, it will change instantly after you will have found your 4th frozen body (inspected, so if you find it but don't want to go into the night, don't inspect it until you are sure you want to change the time of day)

Location of the flare gun on the map (hover on the black bars for small picture, click on the link to see the original size):




Activate the spaceship.

At Lamothe's house and garage, at the far southwest side of the map, you will find a 'spaceship'. There is really nothing much to do, you have to interact with it and see what happens. I am pretty sure you have to do this, if you want to take the headlight off of it and use it on the snowmobile. You will also need duct tape but that can be found practically everywhere

Shoot the Wendigo with the rifle.

You have two occasions to shoot him, because you will meet him twice. The only way you can get this achievement is if you equip the rifle in your inventory BEFORE triggering the final 'fight' sequence. Shoot him once and get the achievement.

Chess Master
End the unfinished chess games.

During your explorations, you will see some chessboards. You have to inspect them and your character will interact with them. They are not hidden, in most cases they are just in the middle of a room inside a house, so be sure to visit all the buildings and sheds. There are only 3 chess games in the map (see section below).

Fall of the Wall
Get rid of the ice wall.

You will get this by following the story. The wall will go away after you inspected all 4 frozen people and watched their respective 'illusions'

Firearms Registry
Complete the game without firing any firearms shot.

I suggest you never equip your firearms to avoid shooting by mistake. And always have one axe equipped, you only need two hits to kill a wolf. Make sure you have the axe equipped till the end of the game or you will not be able to finish the game (you can still reload a previous checkpoint and equip it). I did not try to shoot one flare with the flaregun, so I cannot confirm 100% that the flare gun is considered a firearm. Maybe using it will void the achievement, so better not. If you are aiming for the achievement about the rifle, you can just reload one checkpoint

Frosty Relationship
Complete Gisèle Lachance's vision.

You can find her in the Lachance house, below the General Store on the map.

Journey in the Hereafter
Complete Jean-Guy Lamothe's vision.

He is in his shed, trying to force the door shut

Last Stand
Complete Gilles Lachance's vision.

He is south of the general store: follow the wolf prints from the back of the store and you will see the blocks of ice, a couple blocks further will be his frozen body with the rifle on the floor

Lost Cause
Complete Réjean Blouin's vision.

He can be found in the ice cave: you need your warm clothes to enter the cave, and the cave is just north of the streets coming from Lamothe's house. It is above the northwestern corner of that lake shaped like Africa, at the edge of the forest (you can follow wolf prints as well)

Clear the boulders near the Lachances' house.

You will need dynamite to access that cave. The dynamite will be available right after Blouin's vision, in the Ice cave.

Find all campfires in the wild.

This can require a bit of time. There are many campfires scattered around. Some are next to tents, some are not, and they are far from the main roads. Some of them are connected all with lines of wolf prints, but some of them are more isolated. Remember that you can always follow the red prints with your photocamera, that sometimes lead you to places otherwise you would likely not find on your own. You don't need to light a fire in each spot, you just have to find them so don't worry if you don't have a log in the inventory. The harder ones are the ones past the ice wall, which are difficult to find in the dark. I will update this guide with a complete map in the next days.

Repair the snowmobile.

This vehicle can be found shortly after the beginning of the game, if you wanted you could even rush to it in a second playthrough (or even the first). It shares the same inventory as with the truck, is a bit slower, you can't read the map on it (unless they will patch it), but you can go in the soft snow and travel through the forests. To repair it you will need some items scattered around Lamothe's properties. They are quite easy to find. Remember that you need the headlights mounted on the spaceship and the plug that is in the mailbox, next to the entrance (where the wall with unfriendly wooden planks is). Some other items that may escape your attention: the seat is used as a 'seat' where the sun umbrella + chair are, on the cliff, watching the lake. The handlebars are a bit hidden, on a shelf inside the shed. The tracks, the skis and the rest are easy to find.

Nature Lover
Get rid of wolves without killing.

You can find meat steaks quite early in the game. If you equip them, you can throw them near wolves. If you are lucky, they will stop attacking you and run away with the meat.

Onwards on foot!
Complete the game without using vehicles (past the Store).

For this one I suggest you rush to get the warmer clothes.

Take a picture needed for the investigation.

No explanation required

Achievements (continued)

Take all pictures needed for the investigation.

Normally the game suggests to you when it's time to take photos. You should take photographs of all the frozen bodies you find, the arrows, and the main evidence that build the main story. Check the section "Journal Pages" to see which photographs you didn't take.

Pink lungs
Complete the game without smoking any cigarettes.


Complete the game without drinking any alcohol.

Easy as well, I suggest you do the no ciga-alcohol-arms run in one single playthrough.

Find all documents.

This can be tricky. I've put a list of all the documents in the game (see section below). Remember that some documents have more than one page, you can turn page with A and D or the left stick on the controller. I don't think it really counts towards the achievement, but it counts for adding entries in the journal.

Reach the General Store.

This happens at the beginning of the game.

Find the rifle.

The rifle will be available right after you complete Bluin's vision, in the Ice cave

Send a radio message with a big antenna.

Near Lamothe's house you will find his secret workshop. When you find that big antenna, you will have to turn it 90 degrees. If you carefully jump and stand very close to its back, you can see a little black radio. Interact with it.

Sorry, eh?
In typical Canadian fashion, Carl left $10 for the cutoff chain.

This is the first achievement that you can get. If you missed it, you only need 90 seconds if you begin a new game. When you arrive at that chain before the wooden bridge, cut it and then interact with that marble on the counter of that kind of security post.

Find three talismans.

This is not hard, eventually you will find them. To reach the talismans you will need sometimes a magnet with a string. When you find a magnet, keep it in the inventory, it will happen that you come across some wire/thread, you can interact with it to attach the thread to the magnet.

Find all talismans.

You can check the locations of all the talismans on the complete map below or follow the other text guide on steam, there are 6 talismans to find.

The Hunt
Find all crossbow bolts.

There are 6 bolts in the game, plus one seventh just before you finish the game, which does not count for the achievement. The 6 bolts have a dedicated page in the journal, with a photo of each one (see section below). I didn't get the achievement because for one bolt, first I took the photo and then I interacted with it, so somehow it screwed the achievement. It is one bug that the developers promised to fix. So for now make sure you interact with the bolt first, and then take the photo. The locations are marked in purple in the map.

The Murderer
Find Hamilton's killer.

Story related

Treasure Hunter
Collect the 10 letters from Martin Blais' treasure hunt.

This is not so hard but takes time because the maps from Martin are not very precise. You have to start the hunt from the letter that you find in a mail box in one of the first houses on the main road. After that, you just have to follow the maps step by step. It will always be a new map in a wooden trunk in the woods, at the base of a tree. Easy to notice if you keep your eyes open. There are 10 maps, I will update the guide with the map locations and the screenshots of each map. When the wooden chest containing the map is not at the base of a tree, it will be below some trees shaped like this, easy to spot:

Throw a steak at a strange creature.

You will know which one is the 'strange' creature. Use the steak on it just like you used it before with other animals.

Winter is Coming
Find a winter coat to keep you warm.

This will be traded by Rosaire. You will need to give him Caribou liquor to trade for the winter coat. For the Caribou liquor you need an empty bottle and a bottle of wine. You can find the wine in the general store: enter the store, go left, you will see a ladder leaning to the shelves, interact with it, it will slide to the right. Climb on it and it will automatically take the wine bottle. After you have these things, you can distill Caribou at the white whisky copper thing in the Blouin's house just at the upperleft edge of the 'Africa' lake.

Carl Faubert, Private Investigator
Find all evidence tied to Hamilton's death.

You should get this when you get to the strange beast.

Carl the Explorer
Find every house and cabin in the village.

This is also easy to get if you like exploring the map. As far as I can tell, you get the achievement by visiting all the places that have a 'name' on them when you zoom in the map. I got this achievement when I arrived at the cabin in the forest, after the Ice wall (and the cottage, which I think doesn't even count). If you don't get the achievement when you arrive at the cabin after the cottage, you missed something. Make sure you visited the cabins and lodges on the eastern part of the map. Check the complete map below to see if you missed something.

Cozy ambiance
Light a dark area with the lantern.

You can light areas with your flashlight and also with your lantern. You can find a lantern in more than one place I think. When you equip it in the dark you will get the achievement.
Treasure Maps 1-10 (+1)
Below are all the map from 1 to 10 + final reward. The first map can be found in the Bedard's family mailbox. Their locations will be added on the big high resolution map with updated icons I'll post in a few days.

SPOILER FOR WHAT YOU FIND at the last coordinates: hover with the mouse cursor on the black bars. You should also find a 'reward', look carefully.


Talismans (6)
Below are the locations of all the talismans. You will need the crowbar and the magnet+wire to get all of them.

(This one is close to the water, if you go to Lamothe's house, and find the snowmobile seat, you can see the hole far in the distance, on the 'beach' down there, but you have to go around the whole fence of the property and climb down.

There is the fence, find the piece of fence with only one wooden stick, in those places you can go through the fence without even jumping.

Chess boards

Journal pages

Crossbow Bolts photos
One arrow will be at the end of the game and is not in a photograph, and it does not count towards the achievement progress. The locations of the crossbow bolts will be marked in purple in the map below.

List of all documents (Reader achievement)
Article about P. Blais
Article about the store
Caribou recipe
Cash reg instructions
Communist manifesto
Compromising file
Crazy thought
Customer credit
Doctor's note
Draft letter
Gilles' wallet
Gisèle's diary
Hamilton letter
Isabelle photo (+ back)
Letter for Gilles
Letter for Lamothe
Letter for Marie
Letter for Wilfred
Letter from gilles
Letter to Pierre 1
Letter to Pierre 2
Louise's diary
Marie's diary
Medical files (all)
Mysterious Journal
Mysterious journal B
Note from Martin Blais
Novel page 1+2+3+4
Package note
Parts manual
Police letter
Ranger manual
Rejean's log
Rejean's note
Rejean's wallet
Spaceship blueprint
Stub Alexandre Blais 1
Stub Alexandre Blais 2
Sylvie's diary
Tales and legends
Toolshed note
Treasure maps (10+1)
Full Map
Here is the map with campfires, talismans and some treasure hunt spots (some spots may be a little off because of other icons)

Remeber that clicking once you can zoom in in the image, but clicking on the URL of the window that just opened gives you the original size image (2000x2000)

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Ateszkoma Jul 26 @ 6:02am 
If it would say driving it's clear, but using? Not cool
rogermorse  [author] Jul 26 @ 5:27am 
I am not sure what voids the achievement but I think it is only the driving part? I would not risk though.
Ateszkoma Jul 26 @ 3:25am 
Not using vehicles means I cant even stash items in them?
Ilya_Shevchenko Jan 29 @ 9:56am 
@ rogermorse: Ok, thank you very much
rogermorse  [author] Jan 28 @ 2:17pm 
I don't think you can avoid using the vehicle earlier. But from the store on, you should only walk till the end of the game
Ilya_Shevchenko Jan 28 @ 1:59am 
Can anybody explain me what means "past the store" in the achievement "Onwards on foot!". I mustn't use transport after I arrive to the store or I must not use it earlier?
Atomninja Sep 3, 2021 @ 4:25am 
@ movax: I could open all treasure maps in documents: Circle at the bottom, next to the game-starter-letter from the mailbox, then arrow keys to scroll through.
[smp] movax Apr 13, 2021 @ 4:02pm 
Nice. The Talismans map is helpful, as is the tresure points. The issue with tressure maps, is that you only see them once. Once you close them, they are gone - they don't appear in your documents.

Also, I think you should add details where are the other ski jet parts. I was looking for the second ski for an hour.
Nene Nov 3, 2019 @ 4:14am 
Thanks @ciliorkun! I found the book. It is a definitive read to better understand the ending!
ciliorkun18 Nov 2, 2019 @ 3:07pm 
I don't think you can go to the Hamilton's house. And the Tales and Legend book should be in the same house you get the coat in. It is on the table to the left.