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Castle Carcassonne (Multiplayer Only)
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Mar 18, 2017 @ 10:01pm
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Castle Carcassonne (Multiplayer Only)

Winner of the Chivalry Contest!:

I proudly present my participating map for the Chivalry Competition! Castle Carcassonne, the high seating location for the Chivalrous Virtue: Justice.

The Dukedom of Carcassone is a founding Dukedom that lies at the extreme south of Bretonnia. A highly marshalled Dukedom, even in comparison to other Bretonnian Dukedoms, Carcassonne is a heavily militarized land that focuses its efforts on the eradication of the Greenskin tribes that infest the Irrana Mountains in its southern border. Nearly all of its people, from the highest noble to the lowest peasant is a warrior in both skill and spirit. Being a warrior is considered an expected trait within most of Carcassone's communities.

Canon Layout reference: - Second Edition - Fantasy Roleplay book ~ Knights of the Grail

Castle Carcassonne is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Carcassonne. Castle Carcassonne stands on an island surrounded by the River Songez, the westernmost of the tributaries of the River Brienne that lie wholly within the dukedom. The attached town is small and exists to provide services to the large number of “shepherd” companies who come to the castle to take jobs with the Duke.

As a result, it is a very rough place. The castle itself is designed to be defensible but acts primarily as a base camp. There is only a single curtain wall, which encloses a large mustering area, and the keep is very small. The Duke lives in a complex of buildings that are less defensible but much more comfortable.

My View:

I wanted to represent the authority of the Duke of the kingdom by having the main castle as a centralized focal point of anybody that wishes to be under its protection or to intimidate its gloriousness against those who dares to oppose it. I made it so the Castle overlooks the entirety of the map, like a Seeker of Justice and like as all Bretonnia say; "The Lady watches over us".

The Map:

North Gate: North Gate lies to where the flood gate of the River Brienne inundating the River Songez, and a highway bridge toward neighbhouring ally Brionne.

West Gate: Path toward Estalia, it serving as a safekeeper for the peasantry citizens of Carcassonne.

South Gate: Leading down to the Irana Mountains, the Duke of Carcassonne uses this as the entry way down to Dragon Falls, waging Errantry war against the Greenskins.

Mid-Town: Nearing the Chalice Road from the South Gate, Mid-town serves as a commune residential for the people looking for a subtle life or within trades, most Knights and Squires reside here.

Market Square: Where outsiders bargains their tradings and dealings within the view of the ever so watchful Lady of the Lake.

Knight's Garrison: Serves as a Fortress Garrison overlooking both North and West gates, but mainly act as a place where official orders of the dukedom can be relayed to other allying Regions.

The Peasantry Residency: Located behind West Gate, this community attends to all peasants that would help Carcassonne through farming and provisions for the Duke's armies and also mainly acts for Shepherds to reside.

University of Carcassonne: In study cases; the greatest minds of Carcassonne studies not in technology but rather lore of magic (for Prophetess) and also places training for the brilliant minds of both strategy and tactics that can be used for any upcoming war.

The Lady's Bridge: A path leading to the Royal Castle of Carcassonne, it stands as a symbol of reach, that the Duke would always be connected to his people and vice versa (One could simply be purged by walking from one end to another).

The Castle Gardens: The Fey Enchantress wonders about the Castle gardens, seeking enlightenment and religious meditation for the Lady of the Lake, she watches over the city with grandeur and delightfulness, that it's prosperity would be eternal and forever plentiful.

Castle Carcassonne: Where the Duke of Carcassonne resides, he watches over the city with superior Authority and guidance, a martial symbol to protect those in need and a powerful signal to those who dares to siege it.

How it should be played out (Multiplayer)

Highly Preferable: 3 Defensive Vs 4 Defensive or 2 v 2.

WIP Bugs and fixes:

As you are well aware in the Updates link of this map, I've been almost simultaneously changing different things in the map. This map is huge and with some run-in with Height maps and terrain holes (I shoulda elevated the entire thing) there are obsticles that aren't suppose to prevent artillery fire, some places where no-go regions should be applied. Buildings being resized to meet unit size scaling. And many others (I can't control A,I pathing sowwie!).

Some Air unit going through walls is one of the things I'm concerned with since in this map, air superiority is a must (because, y'know, narrow roads and city scape terrain).


Check out Jackie Fish's Battle Video here

A.I Compability:

A,I doesn't work in this current version of the Map.

I am up for any suggestions and feedback! Note: There is still A LOT TO BE DONE and FIX to cater for everyone to enjoy it!

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Aize  [author] Sep 24, 2017 @ 2:31pm 
@ardrej.01 the buildings proportion should be fixed, and what hills do you speak of? If you mean the slopes up toward the city centre, its meant to accommodate multiple units to make even ground.

Im going to safely assume you're basing your opinion from the (older version) of the map. And you havent played the updated version ive recently made. And yes there are few people preferring the vanilla sieges in terms of gameplay and mechanics, i respect that.
ardrej.01 Sep 24, 2017 @ 7:55am 
The map its pretty but gameplay wise is pretty bad, too crowded the hills are to steep, but what kills it for me is the proportions, the buildings are too big, more like a epic battle for the city it looks like if the smurf are fighting rats(not the skaven) totally inmersion breaking i actually prefer the vanilla version
Dr. Oz The Great And Powerful Jul 28, 2017 @ 2:41am 
Could you make a Vampire corrupted version of this?
KiTene!!! Jun 3, 2017 @ 9:01pm 
Hi Aize, i just played a game on this map vs AI in grand camp and it looks amazing. I got some thoughts and suggestions on some of the bugs and general map designs.
1. Arrows, missiles can fly through walls. Also Flying units, as u mentioned above.
2. i can't deploy units on the walls, which is kindda annoying.
3. No control point, which i think is pretty good actually, it avoids the limitation on the defending side.
4. A.I are not working well on this map, i was defending woodelves and their 4 siege towers were just running everywhere and the AI won't give them up. Probably because they can't find a wall to attach to lol.
5, the Gates are just open, which is a bit weird.
6, The bridge was really op. i deployed my throwers on top of that building behind the bridge and nothing could touch it lol. But If the units can be deployed on even closer to the edge it would be better tho.
Pls keep on working these and Thank you so much for your maps!
SpecTRe Rainbow May 31, 2017 @ 11:36am 
@aize Hard to do a siege in campaigne as the AI just deploy at the island on the West side where the connector does not allow units to cross to. Had to use flying spam to finish a battle. Otherwise its a pretty fun map in multiplayer.
chubbyninja89 (The Ninja Brony) May 26, 2017 @ 4:37pm 
Dude. It's a good map and all, but there's too much stuff on it to properly play a battle on it, let alone a multiplayer battle.
TuxedoPenguin May 18, 2017 @ 2:12am 
Awesome map, thanks!! :steamhappy:
Aize  [author] May 4, 2017 @ 2:34am 
Currently, as of now, I am collaborating with other fellow map creators to create Mousillon in all its glory, hopefully this time, we will eliminate problems straight off the bat as we make (saves time and have people play it stress free/error free as it is uploaded) so do look out for that.

Here is the map reference we're basing it upon:

So you might see this released (hopefully) by the next fortnight

I am also, after I've created Mousillon, looking forward to create my version of Brionne and Outskirts of Carcassonne Castle, so it creates a cohesive feeling with connected immersion toward the players that plays that part of the Campaign.

All these are possible ONCE I've updated Carcassonne Castle, which is taking longer as expected, so for all of you, thank you for being patient!
The Everkaptin May 3, 2017 @ 11:25pm 
@aize that is indeed the pathway of which I speak. I appreciate the responses good sir. Are you working on any other maps currently?
Aize  [author] May 1, 2017 @ 5:49pm 
@The Everkaptin thank you for your kind words, regarding the pathway toward the garden (which I think is what you implied to) I will adjust, since there was a terrain_hole that was blocking units to enter it.