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Keyboard: A cure for double-tap dodge cancer
By A Certain Nepper and 1 collaborators
Dedicated to all console port survivors.
For anyone deeply grieving over double-tap dodge mechanic
  • Grab AutoHotkey[] from here and install it. Use latest v1.xx version, not v2.
  • Grab the script here[] and save it somewhere.
  • If needed, open the script in any text editor (Notepad, etc), and adjust its keys to your own preferences. All keys are listed in the very beginning of the script.
  • In the game, go to System -> Controls -> Customize Keyboard and rebind Fire 2 from Left Shift to the button used by the script (Tab by default).
  • To launch the script, just double-click on the file you've downloaded. AutoHotkey icon for that script should appear in your tray.
More features
  • Drone attack is toggleable instead of hold-to-fire, Tab by default.
  • Air dash can be quickly performed with Z (default).
  • Added ability to quickly use last selected item, such as Recoveries, by pressing C.
  • All these buttons can be changed by editing the script constants. For example, to change fire button to something else than Tab, open the script, find
    fireButton := "Tab"
    and change "Tab" to other button.
Script might screw with typing inside Steam overlay. Alt+Tab to a separate Steam window if that happens (not a big deal since fullscreen is broken anyway lmao).
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siil1979 Apr 4 @ 12:18pm 
(translated by Google)

I think it was best to make Ford shooting into a toggle type.
The point somewhat regrettable about avoidance is that you must always enter it with the direction key.
In a tense situation, entering key 2 is not as meritful as the fact double tap.
When there is no direction input, is it rewriting the script with the double tap of the w key?
Once in an emergency you can avoid avoidance in either direction.

That is, when entering with the direction key double tap in that direction, when entering alone, to the front direction.
siil1979 Apr 4 @ 12:16pm 

nk Mar 21 @ 7:34am 
nevermind i fixed it, just rebinded steam overlay to number pad 8 lol
nk Mar 21 @ 7:06am 
i have a problem with when im shooting, aka i press tab, and while not even holding tab anymore i press shift to dash, i open steam overlay. did i do something wrong in the download proeess or is this supposed to happen
_Noice_ Mar 15 @ 3:18am 
Thanks for the quick response! was helpful.
A Certain Nepper  [author] Mar 15 @ 3:05am 
Nier itself is a single-player game, you would be hard-pressed to get a VAC ban in a game which doesn't have VAC.

No idea about CS:GO. Normally, VAC would only react to cheats that directly modify something in the multiplayer game process. AHK doesn't do that - it simply simulates keystrokes and mouse actions, and the game reacts to all of them as it normally would.

This script sends commands only to Nier game and won't target anything else. I'm not a VAC developer, though, and I wouldn't give a 100% guarantee that it hasn't expanded to detect simulated keyboard events or running cheat programs like AHK. If in severe doubt, turn it off when playing something multiplayer.
_Noice_ Mar 15 @ 2:34am 
I won't get VAC banned using this? Just double checking.

Would i have to disable it afterwards, when i want to play CS:GO?
♫ MeoWHamsteR ♫ Mar 12 @ 4:51am 
1 more question, is there a way to bind fire to Mouse4/5? I changed the key in the script to "XButton1", but when I try to bind M4 in the game itself, the game doesn't respond to it. You got any solution?
♫ MeoWHamsteR ♫ Mar 11 @ 11:46am 
Alright, perhaps it's my mouse switching sensitivity randomally, it tends to do that occasionally.

Thank you for the help!
A Certain Nepper  [author] Mar 11 @ 11:44am 
No, there isn't anything in the script itself that sends any mouse movements or clicks. I won't exclude the possibility that AutoHotkey itself might have some buggy effect, but I think that's unlikely.